The Track to Enlightenment

Racing games are not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s easy to forgive the average gamer for having little concern about the completeness of their trophy collection in Mario Kart, let alone their individual car manufacturer XP levels in Forza. Given their hyper-focused gameplay with often little or no story, there are plenty of perfectly acceptable reasons to keep it casual with racing games.

That doesn’t mean there is nothing to gain from a deeper proclivity for virtual racing. The genre has valuable wisdom to impart. What follows is a look at just a few life lessons from the track.

7 Great Remakes To Play Besides Final Fantasy VII

Like many, you're probably excited (and maybe a little nervous) about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remaster. Thankfully, there are already quite a few other remakes of older games out there which prove it’s possible to be both faithful to and exceed the original. Even better, these are games that you can play right now to hopefully make waiting for HD Cloud and Aerith a little more bearable.

Note that this list is about games that have either been remade entirely for more modern hardware, and/or have received additional content or other tweaks to go along with the upscaled graphics. So no straight HD re-releases here.