Site Maintenance starting 8-26-2020 at 10am

We will be taking the site down starting Wednesday 8-26-2020 at 10am PT for a move to another provider. This move might take up to 24 hours.

You can join our Discord at for updates during the downtime. You can also follow my twitter at for updates.

Account Pruning

Folks, if you haven't logged into your account in 7 years on allakhazam, we are about to prune old unused accounts. If you want to save your account, then log in and that will save it from the pruning.

Site Migration

Tonight at 10pm PST we'll be bringing all allakhazam domain sites down for the migration to its new host. We plan to be back up by at least 3AM PST but may take longer. You can keep in touch with me on my twitter or in our discord channel to get updates/news on the whole process.

Site Migration Postponed

The site migration has been postponed until further notice. We'll let everyone know when we can set a date and time for this.

Site Migration

All sites will be taken offline around 10pm PST on October 17th 18th to migrate over to the new host. If this schedule changes, I'll let everyone know. Downtime will be a few hours, I don't have a specific time when everything will come back up but you can follow me on twitter at for updates or join our Discord channel at as well to get updates during the move.

Backend Authentication/Login Update

Please be aware that around 10:00 AM Pacific, on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, we'll be implementing a backend change to our authentication/login systems. Your session should be maintained after this update until you close the browser/tab.

When you next visit the site you will be asked to log in again. Your original authentication details will still work and be retained on our new system. If, in the future, you change your email or password you will now be required to log in again at that time.

If you should have any issues with your account as a result of this update, please reach out to me directly at or via our support portal:

Thank you! Have a great day!

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