Film Friday: 18 New Flicks (Part One)

Eighteen New Flicks (Part One)

The first Friday in April has clocked in with a blazing amount of trailers! For the first half of Film Friday we have videos from Assassin's Creed Chronicles, Defiance, Dark Souls II, Evolve, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Hearthstone, MU Online, Son of Nor and SpeedRunners.

MU Online Item Pack Giveaway (All Gone!)

MU Online Season 9 is here!

All codes are gone, enjoy!

To celebrate the Season 9 update for MU Online, we've teamed up with Webzen to give away free item keys to our community! Season 9 features:

  • 4Lv Seed Sphere (Tetra)
  • New Map - Urk Mountain
  • Upgraded Muun System - Normal / Mount type of Muun
  • Game and Class Setting change / UI & Control Change / Wide Screen Mode

Webzen Announces Halloween Event Lineup

Webzen has released their lineup of Halloween events for Archlord 2, MU Online and Continent of the Ninth Seal!