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Have you ever considered just how terrifying it would be...Follow

#1 Dec 05 2013 at 10:19 AM Rating: Good
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To fight a Summoner?

There he stands, in his shiny green armor, motioning at you with his book light. You grab your weapon and get ready to move in. The SMN starts charging a spell as you approach. Then another. Two more come out as you're closing the distance.

And then the TICS START.

Bio II. Oh god, you're losing your lunch. Your muscles are inflamed and your whole body feels like it has been poisoned. Its vomiting, diarrhoea, and nosebleed all wrapped up into one and coming out every ******* you've got.

Miasma. You're choking. You can't breathe. Your natural stamina is being sapped away and your vision is blurry. The whole world is spinning and your lungs are on fire. And you somehow know that healing magic is no longer able to save you....

Bio. You're pushing a fever of 103 almost instantly. You're already dehydrated and you have a migraine that could kill a bull elephant on top of all the other symptoms.

Thunder. You feel like you just got Tazed. Your muscles are convulsing wildly and your skin is blistering off from the heat of the current.

You're finally up on the Summoner, axe in hand, and you can already barely move. Your body is a wretched hive of agony from which the sweet release of death is barely minutes away. You struggle to lift your weapon as the whole planet whirls around you in a blinding haze of rotting flesh, diseased fluids, and medical depravity..... If you can just get in one swing! He has paper for armor, come on!!!

The Summoner is looking at you..... He's pointing his left index finger out at you like a gun. And he's grinning.


From the POV of the enemy, a SMN must be about the most terrifying job in FFXIV. The others all just kill you in various ways. Not rot you to death from the inside out in a thousand horrible ways. Even their "burst" damage move just accelerates the rotting for a second to eat chunks out of you. Jesus Christ.
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DarkswordDX wrote:
To fight a Summoner?.
Not really, my m24 sws has far better range than their spells.
George Carlin wrote:
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Not to mention that pet is acting like a brick wall of hate.
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close the gap and stun the first cast with shatterspine dive. Feint, Leg Sweep, and burst him down while completely ignoring the pet.
#5 Dec 05 2013 at 2:08 PM Rating: Excellent
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Yes, OP, I know how terrifying it is to fight a summoner. I must have done that 100000 times in FFXI, and there's a particularly nasty one in the Shrine of Ru'Avitau. I have been shown(or rather, demonstrated on) what it really means to be in a "Cold day in hell" in Dynamis-Windurst(no surprise here). I have FFPTSD because of being Bart Simpson'd by so many of them, that I have no desire to go through that again in XIV.

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I really liked this post and the way it makes you think of the actions summoner uses, and how that would feel in real life. Very funny and intriguing to think about!
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Yeah, the descriptions of the DoT spells in this game are hilariously cruel.

Firestream in Coil Turn 2 melts the flesh off your bones >_______>

Edited, Dec 5th 2013 8:49pm by Kirby
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#8 Dec 05 2013 at 9:55 PM Rating: Good
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Kirby wrote:
Yeah, the descriptions of the DoT spells in this game are hilariously cruel.

Firestream in Coil Turn 2 melts the flesh off your bones >_______>

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