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(PS3) I can't seem to dodge Twintania's Divebombs (Turn5)Follow

#1 Nov 16 2013 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
Hi there!
I just started playing turn 5 this week with a serious group. I'm on PS3 and don't have any problem dodging any other mechanic in the game like Titan HM or Twintania's other attacks, but it seems that there is incredible delay when coming to Twintania's Divebombs. I move when I hear the beep and sometimes even more that, but I get swooped every time! I feel like I'm holding my Coil group back because I can't dodge this seamingly easy mechanic. I feel like PS3 users are already at such a disadvantage and I've overcome so many difficulties with this game already (HM Primals, ect). But this seems impossible. I've looked over the internet and can't find anything.

Any advice?
#2 Nov 16 2013 at 10:52 PM Rating: Good
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They are making that more forgiving but making something else harder to compensate, just be patient I guess.
#3 Nov 16 2013 at 10:55 PM Rating: Excellent
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Hm where I could offer advice to you like, "Battleping has solved many issues I've seen for many users." or "LogRep might be able to help you out in this phase", I can't really say that to you on the PS3.

However, I can tell you that if you dodge the very first divebomb, you can dodge the other 5 just fine. There is a very short delay after the first one goes off. She'll pick a target in between these pauses (well before you see the actual circle/beep go off) so you can easily move up early without fear of having the divebomb trigger in an area you do not want. Make a macro like...

Use this right after the 3rd divebomb has gone off:

/p Divebomb macro used! Next in 45 seconds <se.9> 
/wait 35 
/p Divebomb in 10 seconds <se.11> 
/wait 5 
/p Divebomb in 5 seconsd <se.11> 
/p <se.11> 
/wait 1 
/p <se.11> 
/wait 1 
/p <se.11>

It personally helped me. I used an echo command instead of a party wide notice. But what really helped me the most was when the tanks stopped tanking crap on top of us during the 2nd set of divebombs. I feel if you can get your tank to sit up and to the right with the adds, then you all can practice dodging the divebomb for a while till you get the timing down. THEN maybe revert back to the strategy with the tank tanking the adds on you guys as you dodge the bomb.

In fact, if anyone is hit by a divebomb in our group, we tell them to stay outside until the next one goes off (and then they rejoin the group). Even if it kills you, you can still recover at this point by having your mages use a battle raise.

Alternatively, you can actually sit far away from your group (on the other side of the arena or in the middle) so that your group is not hit. What class do you play? Any melee should have enough HP to survive one divebomb with no problem. BLMs can negate divebomb entirely by using manawall. PLDs can negate the pushback by using tempered. ETC! There are a ton of tricks for it.

It really depends on what role you play. The hardest part of this fight is, without a doubt, hammering out the divebomb mechanic and dealing with the adds so that they die before aetheric profusion goes off.

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