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Contest: Design a Primal Fight, win a Before Meteor OST!Follow

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Hello everyone,

If you're as into XIV as I'm am you've probably spent some time daydreaming about what would make an awesome primal fight. So I'd like to hold a contest so everyone can share their great ideas and have a little fun in doing so!

Contest rules (all of these must be met for your entry to be considered valid):

1) Pick a summon/esper/ediolon/ from a previous FF title and design a battlefield style fight around it (think hardmode level of difficulty). In case you're unfamiliar with old FFs or need a refresher: (Caution: spoilers ahead!)
2) Do not choose any primal that is currently in the game, or has been mentioned at any point in the story (won't say them specifically because trying to avoid spoilers). There can be duplicate submissions for the same primal (ex. if someone has submitted an Alexander, you still can too).
3) Provide some lore for the fight- background and the primal and what it's supposed to represent in Eorzea. Go into as much detail as you like. :)
4) Provide a detailed breakdown of all phases of the fight and mechanics the boss would use.
5) Include some type of image to show the battlefield shape/better explain how the mechanics will work (MS paint skills- go!).
6) Feel free to include any other information you wish to add. :)
7) Once this is all completed, post your entry in this thread. Winner will be announced November 23rd at 12:00 am.
8) A minimum of 10 entries is required for me to justify the reward, so please tell your friends! For those who don't know what it is, a link to the reward:

Feel free to ask any questions you have. I will probably design one just for fun and post it here.

Good luck everyone!

Edit: Wow, awesome work guys!!! There are some really great ideas.
Edit 2: You can submit more than one entry if you're so inclined. :P

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Leviathan hands down for me but I have no idea how to make the fight for you. I would love to see that as HM.
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The Dark Party, phase one would be trash moves and the primal would randomly mimic a party member. Phase two the primal splits and randomly mimics three party members. Phase three would split into eight and mimic every role in the party. You would have to time your final lb in any phase perfectly or suffer the same one from the primal in return. The fight would change depending on job breakdown and possibly gearing ( though this would be easily exploited until the minimum gearing system is implemented). The drop would be a gear piece mirroring on members own gear with randomly improved stats except Relic. *edit* This is based of Cecil's PLD fight loosely.

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The Garleans unknowingly awoke a powerful spirit after they exhumed an ancient castle and called it Castrum Alexandrum.

The Fight:
The first phase of the fight would be entering Alexander itself, which would be a castle-like structure with animated/robotic enemies. This could be as long as Prae, with enemies you could purposefully avoid or fight. There could also be random "Holy beams" that you'd have to avoid, which would be a primer to the boss mechanic. You would fight to at least one elevator which would take you to the Central Core.

Once at the Central Core you would see Alexander's soul stone pulsing in the wall, as soon as the party steps toward it Alexander (who really is the full castle) would imbue himself into a huge robot (more gothic looking than the big sword-swinging guys in CM, with two large column-looking forelimbs) with angel's wings. This would probably be done with a cutscene.

Alexander will have the following abilities:
Steam Vent--Alexander jets a cone of searing steam at his target, which will sear and hinder them. High-damage ability that would lower defense.
Pound--Alexander rears up and slams the ground with his forelimbs causing instant death to all but the heartiest of player in a large round AoE centered on Alexander and cover all melee-able area. 3 seconds cast time.
Swipe--Alexander uses his massive forelimbs to cleave and knock back anyone in front of him. He will not pursue.
Divine Light--Alexander targets a random party member and unleashes holy wrath! The beam has a 2 second cast time and will follow the target until the target is dead or is avoided for X seconds.
Soul Stain--Alexander marks the evil in you and adds a Soul Stain stack, stacks infinitely.
Divine Judgement--Your sins shall destroy you, Alexander unleashes a room-wide flash of holy light doing damage multiplied by the number of Stain stacks.

First stage of the fight would see Alexander: Vent, Pummel, Swipe and use Divine Light. Mostly a minor mobility fight, but with Vent and Pummel could lead to impressive melee casualties.

If Alexander is not engaged by a tank he will not follow, he will use an amplified Divine Light at targets until re-engaged.

Second stage would be an increase in Divine Light and Pummel, with the introduction of Soul Stain. Stain can be cleansed at one stack per cast, or one stack removed by kneeling for 5 seconds. Divine Judgement is cast at the end of this stage.

Final stage: Alexander's presence in the robot expires and returns to his soul stone. Soul Stain and Divine Light are cast increasingly faster in this burn stage. Divine Judgement becomes an instant kill with more than 1 Stain Stack for most players.

All timing is arbitrary, but that's a rough idea of a fight. I really like the idea of fighting your way inside Alexander the Castle and then defeating him at his core.

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I could see Leviathan, and anyone who has seen the old 1.0 video will know what I'm talking about.

Leviathan, primal god to the Sahagin. Battle is revenge for Limsa ships invading his domain.

Leviathan HM:

Stage 1: Party is on a ship deck and Leviathan rises out of the sea on the left or right alternating side of the ship. Tank would have to move back and forth and healers/dps would have to occassionally hide behind masts, boxes to avoid his water based directional gale attack.

Ship begins to break apart, w/ parts of the battlefield ship deck destroyed between stages. Must now avoid these holes or fall into the sea (instant KO)

Stage 2: Leviathan dives below the ship, flies above the ship and over where only ranged attacks or magic are able to hit him. Sahagin adds pop at this point in waves of 3 mobs on deck so the party has to deal with melee range adds and also do damage at ranged to bring him down. (A potential problem in DF would be if there were no ranged DPS members. So could be 3 waves and once they are defeated the next stage starts.)

Ship begins to break apart, w/ parts of the battlefield ship deck destroyed between stages. Must now avoid these holes or fall into the sea (instant KO)

Stage 3: Repeat of Stage 1, but attacks are more damaging and also include 2-3 tidal wave attacks that are impossible to avoid (think Titan Tumult)

Stage 4: DPS race. The boat rolls and is nearly capsized. Hidden timer of 3 minutes to win or the ship sinks and its over!
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Doomtrain/Ghost Train

Premise: At the train station in Ul’dah a strange occurance has been happening. The residents have been hearing the sound of a train’s whistle in addition to the noises of a train pulling into black rock station. However, no one ever seems to see any train pull into the station.
However, there have been rumors circulating about a phantom train that shows up to a certain few late at night. Entranced by the sight of this train they board without though or reason. At first it was nothing more then drunken rumor at the local taverns. Though to be made up by the train workers of the station. That is until the missing person reports started showing up. All they had in common was a recent trip to Black Rock Station.
Whispering Sands: The revived order seeking to find a solution to this problem discovers a book about an ancient primal that took the form of a train. The order forces the player to go on a merry quest to find/make a Solomon ring. For it is said that only those who possess this ring would be able to board the train.

After a climatic cinematic of our heros on their mounts catching the train at the last second the dungeon loads.
They are greeted by a ghostly moogle. The moogle gives the players some basic information. The ultimate run down is they have X amount of time before the players will never be able to return to the land of the living.
The Dungeon:
It starts off with some awesome music of course and the players quickly find themselves needing to race against the clock or perish.

The monsters will be packs of ghosts some monsters, some soldiers, some just random construction workers. The party will need to change their strategies based upon what’s in the packs of mobs. Workers can just be aoed, monsters and soldiers will have kill/tank orders sometimes requiring a dragoon to help the tanks tank.

While this is going on however the train will whistle every so often which pierces the spirit of the party inflicting status effects on the group, some curable others not.

The players quickly make it to a dining cart where they are greeted by a waiter and a chef. These are two mini boss like monsters. The chef will occasionally cook a dish which will pull the waiter over to him. When he does he forces a player to sit for their dinner randomly choosing one target to be trapped at a table as a monster spawns off his plate. The player is forced to eat this monster if it is not killed quickly by the party, IT TASTES REALLY BAD! The mobs themselves also do some silly attacks based around the kitchen and waiting.

Once these have been defeated the players move on to the royal cars, which are just some, more trash monsters.
Then they reach the engine. The conductor and his two guards are waiting for the party. The two guards must be killed before the players can attack the conductor. All the while the conductor is shoveling coal into the furnace making the train go faster and blowing the horn which is causing status effects. Some of these effects reverse healing and damage making the white mages do damage to the targets and bards and black mages heal. Once the two guards die the conductor can be killed he swings his mighty shovel which can occasionally stun the tank forcing an off tank to pick him up.
Once defeated the players quickly pull the emergency brake before the timer lets up stopping the train. The players think they have defeated the phantom train. Disembarking and looking happy at themselves for their victory they as a few passengers groggily get off the train. However they quickly notice their timers are still counting down. And that’s when they hear the whistle as little tracks of fire light up in front of the train.

Detaching from the rest of the train the engine spurs up again and takes off into the sky and the players watch the fire rails shoot off, and then turn back on them. The fire shoots off past them. They are trapped in the fire rails, and the path of the Doom Train.

The boss is like the demon wall of AK it cannot be tanked. However, throughout the course of the fight the train whistles will cast a series of debuffs changing player’s roles. Healing spell cause enmity, fire cures, defense and mind stats switched, I could go on for a while but you get the ideas.
The boss will also do attacks called Acid Rain & Saintly Beam which are simple damage abilities that must be dodged.
Every 25% the boss will spawn ads that will need to be delt with. Which will require coordination from the players as their roles will constantly be switching. People will have to switch between killing the ads and killing the boss all while dealing with the role swapping.

I might add more but right now i didn't want to think about all the ads and what they do.

Hope it sounds like fun to people, also nothing said it had to be a single arena styled boss fight so i turned it into a dungeon like event. Also hope new members were ok i saw this on Reddit and it sounded like fun. :D

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Doomtrain, Primal of Despair

A thick fog hangs over Ala Mhigo. The fall of the Black Wolf left a void in the Garlean seat of power in the Western Theater. A new, brutal governor has arrived to do the cruel bidding of the emperor. The people of Ala Mhigo are beyond hope. The twelve have been forgotten- now they only pray for death.

And now, Death has arrived.

Alongside Cid and Y'shtola the party was tasked with protecting a group of Ala Mhigan refugees. The plan was to take the Enterprise to airlift the group and their charges by making use of a Garlean airstrip. As the group reaches the Enterprise, the deity of despair bears down on the airship, unwilling to let even a single Ala Mhigan escape.

Mechanics of the Fight
The fight is carried out aboard the Enterprise with the Doomtrain in hot pursuit. Players must jump back and forth between life and death while protecting the airship from the primal's assault.

Healing: Doomtrain and its minions are vulnerable to the curative magics of healers!

Death: Slain party members do not collapse to the ground, they are transported to a car on the Doomtrain. Party members must complete challenges based on their class role to free themselves from the Doomtrain and return to the Enterprise. DPS must slay tortured spirits, Healers must redeem lost souls, Tanks must protect innocent souls within their respective cars.

Win/Loss: The entire 8-man group could theoretically die and still complete the Doomtrain battle if they are successful in their own challenges. Instead, defeat only occurs if the Enterprise is too damaged by the Doomtrain to continue flying. If all party members are dead, the Enterprise cannot be protected, and will therefore sustain extensive damage.

Phase 1 – Pursuit
The Enterprise races along the runway as Doomtrain pursues.

Hand of Death – Doomtrain summons two hands of death which apply damage to the Enterprise if not tanked. They possess a certain threshold of threat that increases as the fight goes on. If each tank cannot stay about that threshold, the Hand of Death will attack the Enterprise instead.

Spirit of Despair – Occasionally Doomtrain will summon a Spirit of Despair, which will spawn at the head of the train and move towards the Ala Mhigan refugees at the head of the Enterprise. If a Spirit of Despair reaches a refugee, they will throw themselves from the Enterprise. For every refugee lost in this way, the damage of the Hands of Death increases. However, players who are killed will find the refugees in the same car as themselves, and completing their car trail successfully will return both the player and refugee to life, reducing the damage dealt by Doomtrain.

Death Knell – Doomtrain prepares his dread horn. After a long period of channeling the attack, Doomtrain releases a note that instantly kills all party members aboard the Enterprise. A party member must activate the Enterprise's own sound system (which blares a loud Final Fantasy Victory chime) to drown out the noise of Death Knell.

Phase 2 – Liftoff!
The Enterprise rises into the air... only for the primal to follow!

Rail to the Underworld - A spectral railway will connect Doomtrain to the Enterprise, and Doomtrain will begin to charge an attack! The party needs to focus the railway, as the more of this pathway is destroyed, the less distance Doomtrain will cover when he slingshots himself to the Enterprise. When this attack is completed, some damage to the Enterprise is inevitable, however, the Doomtrain will now be partially buried in its hull, giving the players a chance to strike at its face!

Lost Conductor - Two Lost Conductors will spawn occasionally, casting Doom on random party members. Doom cannot be avoided or removed, and will kill the victim after a short time. It's not such a big deal though, as slain party members can return from inside the train! The DPS should be split between the Conductors and the Railway.

Phase 3 – All Aboard!
The phase begins with an announcement that the Doomtrain has detached its cars. The plating on the face of the beast falls away to reveal burning red eyes set against an inky void. Half the party must handle Doomtrain's attack on the Enterprise, while the other half must fight Doomtrain from the inside--- by choosing to die!

Spirit of Death – A Spirit of Death appears aboard the Enterprise. It must be handled by the main tank. The Spirit of Death will occasionally cast Doom on a random party member aboard the Enterprise. Doom cannot be removed and will shortly kill whoever received it. Doom cannot be cast on the main tank. The Spirit of Death cannot sustain damage, though the more DPS the Spirit of Death receives increases the cool down time on Doom and decreases the rate at which the Wall of Death moves.

Wall of Death – Doomtrain summons a wall of purple fumes that consume the back of the Enterprise. Any creature that comes into contact with the wall will be killed instantly. The wall slowly moves to engulf the entire Enterprise.

Heart of Despair – With the destruction of Doomtrain's carriage section, slain party members are teleported directly into the engine compartment of the primal. There they face a horrid, beating heart that powers the dread eikon. The party must split at this point, half choosing death to face the interior of the beast while the others continue to fight the Spirit of Death aboard the Enterprise. Protecting the heart is a Spirit of Life, whose Life spells return party members to the Enterprise.

Doomtrain's heart collapses, and the locomotive falls from the sky. The Enterprise pulls away, battered, but safe!

All party members receive a 1-3 Phoenix Downs. Doomtrain drops multiple accessories for every job/archetype to complement the weaponry dropped by the likes of Ifrit, Garuda and Titan.

Congratulations, you beat death!

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wow two doomtrains wasn't expecting that lol
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Primal: The Magus Sisters

It is possible, although rare, for the woodland creatures of Eorzea to be accidentally tempered by one of the primals worshiped by the beastmen, A ladybug here, an elk there, and pretty soon you have a whole cadre of confused woodland creatures who think fire is a great idea.

The Magus Sisters are the patron saints of these lost beastkin and vilekin. They have the ability to erase the tempering of the other primals in the lesser creatures, and replace them with a tempering of their own. Before long, squirrels will start hoarding crystal shards and the whole place has gone to pot.

The Magus Sisters cannot be summoned solely by the beasts. Like all other primals, they need tempered humans to achieve full strength. In the Central Shroud, behind the waterfall east of The Bannock, the creatures will begin to gather KO'd adventurers who messed with the wrong fungus. Once they have collected enough humans, in a big pile.... the Magus Sisters will come!

1. Access to the fight requires a full party to get KO'd in the area east of the Bannock after speaking to an NPC who was concerned about the way the squirrels are acting . The easiest way to achieve this would be to sync down in the FATE "Some Enchanted Evening" and go splat that way.
2. Once all four party members are dead with the quest active, they'll have their Return to X? option replaced with "Duty Commenced" and go into the Magus Sisters battlefield.
3. Magus Sisters are a 30 cap fight. The three sisters are a party of a gladiator (Cindy), a lancer (Sandy), and a conjurer (Mindy.) They most closely resemble their X appearances - Cindy is dressed in a ladybug costume, Sandy is dressed like a hornet, and Mindy is dressed like bee.
4. The fight is 4 vs 3. The three sisters are all bosses in their own right, although Mindy never attacks directly until she is below 25% health since she's busy curing the other two. The tank will have to hold off Cindy and Sandy will the DPS knock down Mindy first. Once Mindy is down to 25% health, the three sisters will use a Limit Break that could be one of three things:
- Cindy's Canonball does light AOE damage and inflicts Heavy
- Sandy's Final Sting inflicts critical damage and poison on a single target
- Mindy's Pollen grants an AOE cure to herself and her sisters, and drops gobs of sticky goo on the floor that cause massive MP drain. Honey gobs remain for the rest of the fight.

If the party survives the sister's first LB, they can probably kill Mindy.
5. They should focus on Sandy next, since she does more damage than Cindy. The two remaining sisters will once again use a limit break when one of them hits 25% health. (50/50 chance of Final Sting almost killing your tank - probably a good idea for everyone to have antidotes macro'd.)
6. After killing Sandy, Cindy will gain a major defense boost and will summon woodland creatures to throw at you in place of her sisters. They are trash mobs and really just a distraction (like all trash mobs on boss fights are.) Cindy does not use any more limit breaks since she no longer has a party.

Kill all three sisters to finish the quest outside. As a reward, you are given the stash of crystal shards the woodland creatures gathered up that were not close enough to power up the sisters. (E.g. defeating this fight is meant to be a reliable way of farming crystals.) You also have a chance of obtaining the sister's gear, such as Sandy's iconic arm-lance, or Cindy's ladybug shell as a shield.

- If Sandy is the last sister standing, she gains a massive offensive boost and will probably wipe everyone.
- If Mindy is the last sister standing, she gains a massive regen and becomes pretty hard to kill.


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Leviathan, the Dragon of the Deep

Admiral Merlwyb and the Maelstrom report that the seas have been incredibly violent as of late. Ships are lost at a rate of nearly one a week. Two days ago a Maelstrom vessel discovered a half-dead sailor afloat in the ocean, clinging to a piece of their ship's hull. This survivor confirmed what Maelstrom scouts have suspected, due to increased Sahagin activity--Leviathan, Dragon of the Deep, has been summoned.

The Admiral requests the aid of the adventurer that vanquished Titan--will the call be answered?

Phase One - On the High Seas

To defeat Leviathan, first his attention must be gained. Admiral Merlwyb offers the use of the Maelstrom's proudest ship to chase down the great beast.

As the ship sets out and draws closer to where Leviathan was last spotted, Sahagin warriors begin to assault the party, climbing the hull onto the deck.

Sahagin mobs include casters, healers, and melee damage dealers. Tanks must gather these up as they climb aboard, allowing the dps to kill them. Healers must be interrupted, and casters stunned or silenced to prevent them from casting their heavy AoE water spell.

Once enough Sahagin are slain, their elder will call out to Leviathan, who rises out from the sea and crashes a Tsunami into the party, driving them into the ocean.

Phase Two - Dragon of the Deep
This begins the hard enrage timer--your party will drown if Leviathan is not slain within the allotted time.

Phase two is the bulk of the fight and requires high DPS and tank switching. During this phase, Leviathan uses the following abilities:

Torrent - Leviathan opens his jaws and sprays his target with a jet of superheated water, melting their armor by x%. This ability stacks and can reduce a tank's defense to zero. Tank switch is required.

Impaling Spine - Leviathan will target a random party member and fires a spine at them, stunning them and dealing damage. The spine is left behind on the target and must be destroyed by the ranged DPS quickly to remove the stun. Cannot be cast on main tank or second person on aggro table.

Whirlpool - Leviathan breaks away and begins to swim in rapid circles around the party, creating an enormous whirlpool. All players are sucked into it and spin around in it helplessly for x seconds. Abilities with a cast time will be interrupted, through instants can be used. Leviathan cannot be targeted during Whirlpool, but continues to take damage from DoT effects.

Water Pressure - A constant, low damage AoE DoT. (Similar to Vacuum Wave from ADS, though it ticks a bit less frequently.)

Crushing Wave - Leviathan casts this on a random party member not afflicted by Impaling Spine. Triples the DoT from Water Pressure for x seconds, requiring increased healing on the target. Cannot be cast on his current target.

Tail Swipe - Moving behind Leviathan will trigger this, knocking targets back and damaging them. Can be avoided and has a short CD, allowing MNK and DRG to get in parts of their combo between cooldowns.

DPS down Leviathan while maintaining health up until 35%. At 35% Leviathan casts Tsunami, dealing 50% of everyone's max health to every target and driving the party to the sea floor, starting P3.

Phase Three - Blood in the Water

Phase three is the burn phase. Water Pressure continues to tick, though the damage is increased from phase two. Leviathan continues to cast Torrent until 20%, after which he frenzies and increases his attack speed and damage. This requires a Virus rotation near the end.

Leviathan no longer uses his phase two abilities besides Torrent.

Madness of the Depths - Leviathan frenzies and increases his attack speed and damage dealt. Tanks must continue to swap him off.

Water Pressure - AoE DoT that deals double the damage of phase two.

Serrated Scales - Attacking Leviathan with abilities and spells has a chance to inflict this bleed that deals 1% of max health damage every 3 seconds. It can stack, but can only be removed by Cauterizing the wound with the steam vents littered around on the sea floor. Cauterizing deals instant damage but stops the DoT from Serrated Scales.

If Leviathan is not defeated in x minutes, he casts a final Tsunami that deals 100% of max HP, killing the party instantly.

Upon his defeat, the Maelstrom rescues the party and takes them back to LL to recover. SMN learns Leviathan-Egi, a hybrid pet that deals water damage and has a minor HoT/direct heal.

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Context: With the Sahagin still being unable to summon their Primal God Leviathan, Lord of the Seas, the seas surrounding Eorzea have been at peace for some time. However a new threat has recently surfaced that has begun to wreak havoc amongst the sea-farers. The Scions of the Seventh Dawn quickly recognize this to be the work of a Primal, and suspect Leviathan to be the cause. Fearing the safety for those on the high seas, the adventurer is dispatched to investigate the Sahagin and seek out their Primal God, Leviathan, and stop him. The adventurer soon discovers that Leviathan has yet to be summoned, but beastmen are frantically trying to gather crystals in order to summon their God, as if in preparation for some unknown event
After giving their report, Milfinia, now unsure of the source for these recent troubles decide to send an investigation party, and asks the Adventure to spear head this new task. Y'shtola demands that she accompanies the Adventurer, for the sake of Limsa Lomisa. Y'shtola suggests they head to Aleport to find out any recent activity by the unknown threat and if there had been any survivors of any recent attacks to help point pinpoint the source. On arrival they, a heavily damaged ship sits in the docks and Y'shtola runs off to look into it. After more investigation the Y'shtola learns of where they might locate this “Beast of the Sea,” and suggests they might find more clues at the Ship Graveyard. On arrival Y'shtola and the adventurer witness the end of a frantic battle between the Sahagin and a giant Aquatic whale-like-beast. Arriving on the shores only after the monsters turns and leaves, Y'shtola quickly searches for any survivors. A mortally wounded Sahagin washes up on the shore, and Y'shtola attempts to heal its wounds, but it is too late. Before the beastman perishes, he utters the name Bismarck.

Y'shtola and the Adventure finally have a target. Y'shtola and the Adventurer head back to the Waking Sands to report their findings. At first the Scions have no information on Bismarck, but after a short discussion Alisaie enters and quickly provides what little information she knows on the newly awakened Primal, Bismarck. The Sahagin used to worship Bismarck as their Primal God in ages past, before they had started to dwell on the land, and come into contact with Leviathan. After a time Leviathan was somehow summoned, and the Sahagin first thought this to be a sign of prosperity, two deities watching over them. But it quickly escalated into war, with each of the primals enslaving the Sahagin. Leviathan eventually came out the victor, and seals Bismarck away, but now, Bismarck has returned.

Phase 1. 100~90%

Waterspout – A frontal cone attack that deals medium damage and gives a debuff “Pressure” that lowers water resist by 10% that continues to stack with every hit. This does debuff does not decay.

Blowhole Blast – Shoots water from one of its 4 Blowholes at a random target player with a radial AoE on impact. Stuns target for 4 seconds on impact.

Tidal Crash – Bismarck will Target a random player that is not currently at the top of its threat list and slam his tail into the water, sending out a wave of water in a straight line. Players hit take moderate damage and have heavy for 8 seconds.

Phase 2. 90~70

Bismarck begins this phase by shooting 2 Piercing Barbs at two random targets that are below the highest threat target. The targets hit receive “Peircing Barb” bleed debuff which leaves a faint red trail behind the target, and an effect named “Scent of Blood." The DoT from "Peircing Barb" increases in potency every tick.

Killer Pugils – After Bismarck shoots his barbs, he summons two Pugils which appear as a shadow underneath the surface of the water. Each Pugil begins to move slowly towards one of the targets marked with “Scent of Blood” gaining movement speed with every tick of the DoT. If the Pugil reaches the target, it will cast “Screwdriver” and deal very heavy to lethal damage to the target and disappear if there are no more targets marked with "Scent of Blood." In addition Players that touch the trail also receive "Scent of Blood".

Blowhole Blast
– Bismarck now shoots two AoE shots every cast in this phase

Cleansing Waters – Bismarck quickly submerges, while casting and surfaces blowing water from one of its blowholes removing all debuffs on it as well as sending out a radial AoE which deals light damage and also removes “Scent of Blood” and “Pressure” from players hit.

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The awakening of Bahamut has stirred much more dangerous forces than the primals of the beastman. A evil force unknown has taken hold of the Shroud. The creatures of the forest act unusual and scared. Some turn on each other. Some refuse to leave their homes. Others collapse into a deep slumber.

The spriggans have dug too deep and breached the lair of Diabolos who slumbered heavily. The evil force of bahamut has awoken Diabolos who now seeks to fill as many hearts with fear as he can find.

After completing a mini-quest series that involves sleeping and having Diabolos enter your nightmares in cutscenes you will be led to the Spriggan cave in South Shroud where you will find Diabolos Aetheryte and unlock it for Duty Finder.
The arena would be the interior of a cave with six pillars evenly placed around the arena. The walls and the ceiling of the cave will be covered in a purple hazy mist created from Diabolos.

Phase 1:
Toxin - Diabolos instantly casts Bio, Bio 2, Miasma and Poison on two random players.
Demi - Takes either 10%, 25%, 33% or 50% of the targets max health away.

After reaching 80% Diabolos casts a map wide ability called Dream World. The entire map shifts to a darker purple fazed version of itself and your line of sight shifts so you can only see a little area around your character. Diabolos walks a pre-determined path around the arena trying to catch players. You must keep a pillar between him and yourself. If you are seen he instantly drops you and everyone around you to 1% of your health, mana, and tp. After finishing his path the area reverts back to before and he enters phase 2:

Phase 2:
Toxin - Diabolos instanstly casts Bio, Bio 2, Miasma and Poison on three random players.
Demi - Takes either 10%, 25%, 33% or 50% of the targets max health away.
Nightmare - Places black puddles on the ground randomly at three players feet, like Titan's Plumes. These activate at the same time plumes explode and remain on the ground for 15 seconds. Players inside after activation or that step inside fall asleep for 30 seconds and receive a powerful DoT that cannot be removed.

After reaching 65% Diabolos re-enters Dream world changing the path he walks and moving slightly faster. After the path is completed he enters phase 3.

Phase 3:
Toxin - Diabolos instantly casts Bio, Bio 2, Miasma and Poison on four random players.
Demi - Takes either 10%, 25%, 33% or 50% of the targets max health away.
Nightmare - Places black puddles on the ground randomly at four players feet.
Gravity - Places black pillars rising to the ceiling on the ground. Activate at the same time titan's plumes would after appearing. Players caught inside take damage and receive a 30 second gravity effect.

After reaching 50% Diabolos uses his signature attack Ruinous Omen. Unavoidable AoE that removes a random percentage of every players Health, MP and TP, capped at 95%. Immediately after using Omen he enters the dream world state and walks a new pre-set pattern. If he catches you in this dream world state you die instantly. After the dream world Phase 4 is entered.

Phase 4
Toxin - Diabolos instantly casts Bio, Bio 2, Miasma, and Poison on four random players.
Demi - Takes either 10%, 25%, 33% or 50% of the targets max health away.
Nightmare - Places black puddles on the ground at four players feet that persist for 15 seconds.
Gravity - Places black pillars rising to the ceiling on the ground. Players inside take damage and receive gravity.
Noctoshield - Diabolos covers himself in a black pulsating veil. DPS that damage him receive 50% of the damage they dealt back to themselves and heal Diabolos for 300% of the damage they do, does not apply to DoTs. Lasts 15 seconds.
Ultimate terror - At 25% Diabolos casts a black ball at one of the corners of the arena. The black ball melts into the ground and slowly starts consuming the arena. Players that step inside that black ball take 10% of their max health every second (or 30% every 3 seconds since the game updates every 3 seconds) the ball eventually consumes the entire arena after 3 minutes if Diabolos doesn't die. The smaller the arena gets the more difficult the other mechanics become to dodge.



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**LOL After writing this it was brought to my attention that the lvl 30 marauder quest already has kujata in it... Not sure if he dies in that duty so I'm going to assume he doesn't for the sake of entry.

Kujata: Tetra Disaster

Kujata. Legends speak of a bull with 4,000 eyes charged with the task of holding the heavens in place on top of the mountain which erupted on his back. After underestimating the Marauder of Light... he is back with a vengeance. Reports from the Aftcastle are urgent. Report with a party of eight adventurers before Kujata charges the gates of Limsa Lominsa looking for blood.

Upon intercepting Kujata before the gates of Limsa, you find yourself entrapped in bubble of raw elemental power. The arena is morphing around you as Kujata charges....

Kujata has four phases, each one focusing on one of his four elemental styles. Overall Kujata is a medium to large sized beast, with surprising speed and agility.
Basic attacks found in every phase:

-Basic auto-attack: Slow but powerful attack. Auto-attack varies slightly during each phase.

-Intimidate: Kujata will auto target and turn to a party member (any but the current target of attacks); staring into the red eyes of this monstrous bull will put the fear of god into you for a dozen seconds... unable to move or speak all you can do is cry and wait for the image of hell to pass from your mind. Dodge-able by turning away before the move is cast.

-Charge: Kujata's tastes for blood are like a 12 year old with ADHD. The blood from one tank is not enough and if Kujata holds hate on any one person for longer than 120 seconds he will tire of them and charge a random party member, nearly unavoidable causing massive damage to target and moderate damage to those in the way. The longer the fight lasts, the quicker he loses interest. The timer drops 15 seconds every phase.

-Steam Blast: Kujata is pissed. To let you and your party know, Kujata will use a frontal-cone AoE which is like a combination of a french inhale and a steam whistle in the basement of a sweatshop in Bangkok.

-Backwards Pummel: Sheep shaggers beware (bull shaggers whatever). Kujata doesn't appreciate the party sneaking up on his rear. To stop the advance, Kujata kicks out behind him causing massive AoE damage + stun to anyone in his dangah zone. As he comes back down and plants his massive hoofs into the ground (or face of any monk still in his way), 2 shockwaves shoot out to the edge of the map from his landing point (long rectangular AoE originating from the landing point). These shockwaves, if hit cause a different status aliment depending on the phase you're in. Oh. And each further phase you reach adds another shockwave on.

Phase 1: Lightning phase

-Similar to ADS style stunning, Kujata will cast a voltage spell which will hit the party for moderate AoE paired with paralysis attack.
-Random red circles will appear on the ground throughout this phase. Bang. Lightning. Paralysis.
- Auto attack occasionally spawns chain lightning hitting up to 4 party members for diminishing damage.
-Pummels cause paralysis.

Phase 2: Ice phase.

-The arena turns to ice, anyone standing in one spot for longer than 15 seconds will start to take damage + slow effect.
-The steam of the pierced nostrils of Kujata starts condensing towards the top of the arena, raining icicles randomly over the party. Small AoE circles, dodge-able yet quick to fall.
-Auto attack causes a slow type effect on the tank (affecting all skills/abilities), which can be passed to other party members. Lasts 3-5 seconds.
-Pummels add slow.

Phase 3: Fire phase.

-Fire starts raining from the heavens causing a burn style DoT to all party members. DoT damage is unavoidable unless stacking on the areas where icicles fell from the previous round. This cold spots negate damage until they melt 15 seconds after stacking.
-Auto attack occasionally causes stacks of a special burn. Burn can be relieved after time or can be forced off by stacking on an icicle area.
-Pummels add stack of burn.

Phase 4: Earth phase.
As the heavens finish disintegrating above your heads you can feel the elemental power of Kujata fading. However, feeling backed into a corner with all but his raw strength left...

-Kujata has a moderate haste on his CDs in this phase. Six shockwaves stretching out into the ranged and healers, charge on a 60 second (plus whatever haste takes off) CD, and intimidate freezing people in their tracks are the major threats of this phase.
-Auto attack deals 20% more damage
-Pummels cause instant death to you and three surrounding members
-Kidding. Pummels knock you backwards, generally knocking you out of range.

Key Points:

Each phase lasts for 25% of Kujata's HP. The major DPS check is the third phase. The DoTs are not meant to be huge damage threats, but more of a danger to Healer MP. Important to note that icicle spots do damage during the Ice phase, but relieve DoT damage during the fire phase. So letting the ice phase go on for a little extra time will set up for icicle 'stations', but you can overdo it and get overwhelmed before the fire phase pops.

I'll wake up and edit this tomorrow perhaps if I think of anything to change/modify.
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After achieving all the primal weapons from beastman's primals a master smith tells you of a legend that involves combining the weapons to create an ultimate killing machine. You must have a primal weapon from each primal of the class you wish to participate in the fight for. High in the mountains in Coerthas Central Highlands lies a master of weapons, Gilgamesh. He is neither primal nor human, something inbetween. He sees that you have collected the weapons and offers you a deal. If you can beat him in combat he will give you the ultimate weapon, if you lose he will take the primal weapons for himself. (Not really just for story).

Phase 1:
Gilgamesh has six arms. During phase one he keeps four of them behind his pack at one time. He will randomly bring two arms forward. Each arm carries a different weapon. Lance, Axe, Sword, Fist, Staff, Scepter. Each arm has a 'mind of its own' and use abilities separate of Gilgamesh himself but cannot be targeted. Having two tanks in front of him will divide the damage from the left and right side between the two tanks.

Lance: Left Hand
Penta Thrust - Attacks target 5 Times for heavy damage
Impulse Drive - Single target heavy damage, reduces armor by 50%
Thunder Thrust - Line attack covering whole arena. Does damage and causes paralyze.

Axe: Right Hand
Steel Cyclone - AoE damage causing bleed to every target hit.
Sturmwind - Creates a tornado on the arena that persists for 30 seconds dealing damage and causing bleed.
Raging Rush - Throws the target to the other side of the arena setting their threat to 0.

Fist: Left Hand
Asuran Fists - Hits a random party member 8 times dealing critical damage.
Tornado Kick - Hits a random party member and spawns a tornado at their feet damaging increasing damage and growing bigger for 10 seconds.
One Inch Punch - Deals damage to a random party member removing all beneficial effects from them.

Sword : Right Hand
Shining Blade - Deals large light based damage to target
Red Lotus Blade - Deals fire damage to target and damage over time
Savage Blade - Deals Earth based damage to the target stunning them.

Staff: Right Hand
Firaga - Casts a red circle under a random party member dealing AoE fire damage.
Blizaga - Casts a red circle under a random party member dealing AoE ice damage and causing gravity.
Thundaga - Casts a red circle under a random party member dealing AoE lightning damage and causes paralyze.

Scepter: Left Hand
Cure III - Cures himself 15% of his life, stunnable.
Brainshaker - Drains random target of 50% of their max MP
Silence - Casts silence on a random party member.

Upon reaching 60% Gilgamesh will get angry and jump out of the arena and give you some dialogue, giving you moments to cure, then jump back in the center, doing a moderate unavoidable AoE to everyone and now use 4 arms at once keeping 2 behind him.

Upon reaching 30% Gilgamesh will get angry and jump out of the arena giving you some comical angry dialogue and then leap back in doing moderate unavoidable AoE damage to everyone and will now use all 6 arms at once.

Each arm will use abilities every x seconds on separate timers so something is happened almost all the time. Every xx minutes Gilgamesh will run to the center of the arena and pick a random weapon and use a special ability for that weapon until he is dead.

Sword - Spirits Within: Drops everyone in the party to 50% life.
Fist - Final Heaven: Instantly KO's a random party member preventing them from being resurrected.
Lance - Raiden Thrust: Will shoot a channeled line attack of lightning covering the length of the arena and slowly spin in a 360 degree circle. Causes paralyze and heavy damage every second.
Axe - Ragnarok: Causes a red firey AoE to form under every player that activates after 3 seconds and instantly kills anyone inside or who enter. Remain on the ground the entire fight.
Staff - Meteor: Does massive AoE damage to everyone in the arena, only survivable with stoneskin/sacred soil.
Scepter - Holy: Creates 3 massive red circles on the ground leaving 2 safe spots that deal AoE damage and stun for 10 seconds.

Upon defeating Gilgamesh he will agree to give you the ultimate weapon forged from all the primals.

Side Bonus: Having a tank equipped with Zantetsuken will trigger a cutscene with Odin appearing and some funny Dialogue from Gilgamesh on how he is better than Odin and Odin will retaliate by removing one of Gilgamesh's arms.

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I hope there wasn't a limit^^: This is fun.

Magic Pot

Many items around town have gone missing. Its your job to figure out how they are being stolen and who or what exactly is taking them!
After completing a mini-detective themed quest you will have all your armor stolen in a cutscene and the battle with Magic Pot begins.

All players enter the fight with their gear locked out with a big X over each piece for the exception of their weapon.
Each player will appear naked.

Phase 1: Oh no you caught me!
The magic pot is not interested in fighting you because you have nothing it can steal. It turns its back to you. Attacking the Magic Pot will cause the creature inside to retreat to his pot and then he uses an ability called "Leave me alone!" From the opening of his pot 10 tiny versions of the Magic Pot erupt. Each add is either Blue or Red. The blue magic pots can only be damaged from magic. The red magic pots can only be damaged from melee. Each of the mini-magic pots cast weak magic. After each of the mini-magic pots die a chest spawns in their place. 3 of the chests unlock a gear slot for everyone in the party while the remaining 7 are mimics that are much more difficult than the mini-magic pots. The mimics will not attack until they are 'opened' After 4 minutes the chests disappear whether they have been opened or not and Phase 2 enters.

Phase 2: Ooo you have shiney now!
After acquiring some of your gear the Magic pot has a slight interest in you. He will cast random debuffs on random players. He will heal himself if not interrupted. He will also cast weak magic on his main target. Upon reaching 75% the Magic Pot will lose interest and turn his back to you once more. 10 more powerful versions of the mini-magic pots will erupt from him being either blue or red. These adds will now cure each other and cast weak magic. When they die more chests spawn and 3 will unlock gear slots, 7 will be mimics. They will vanish after 4 minutes and phase 3 begins.

Phase 3: I want your shiney!
Seeing that you now have more gear the Magic pot decides to extend more effort in acquiring it. His debuffs will now create AoE on the ground while also hitting a random player. For example he will create a red AoE at someones feet that causes paralyze when it goes off and paralyze a different player. His damaging spells will do the same effect. His cures now add regen to himself if they go off. Upon reaching 50% he will once again lose interest and spawn 10 more adds. These adds will now cast enfeebles, cure and do damage. They will spawns chests, 3 that have gear and 7 that have mimics.

Phase 4: Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!
From 50% to 0% the magic pot will now use abilities of his own. He will cast Thundaga on random players that hits everyone around that player. He will cast paralyza which will be an AoE paralyze on a random player as well as many other debuffs including sleep, miasma, blind, slow. His cures will become more powerful and apply regen. He will also use "Steal" which can be stunned but both cure and stun cannot be stunned or he will become immune. Steal will block off a random equipment slot to all players. He will also use Ether bomb on the tank which causes heavy damage and drains their MP. It will cause more damage the lower the tanks MP. Throughout the fight 10 adds will spawn like before periodically, while fighting the magic pot and spawn chests which can spawn mimics.
The challenge of this phase is the DPS will have to keep the adds down and unlock the right chests before the Magic pot removes too many gear slots and the tank dies.

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The stage is a central platform, not unlike Titan's, only rectangular in shape, surrounded on all edges by water. You're in a giant cavern (think Titan again, only filled with water with a large opening out into the ocean proper).

General idea of it's shape:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
|             | 
|             | 
|             | 
|             | 
|             | 
|             | 
|             | 
|             | 

Phase 1
The first phase starts off with a fairly standard tank and spank, with Leviathans head at one end of the arena. He has your standard single target attack, with a water jet skill (line aoe, instant, short range) he uses occasionally. He has a pair of face tentacles that attack targets on his aggro table independently of his normal aggro (similar to the Demon Wall's Murder Hole attack in AK).

Head here
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
|             | 
|             | 
|             | 
|             | 
|             | 

About 5% into his life bar, his tail surfaces at the other end of the platform, opposite his head. The tail appears with a large line aoe that must be avoided. Usage of this attack splits half of the platform down the middle (so now it looks like half of a capital H).

Head here
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
|             | 
|             | 
|    -----    | 
|    |    |   | 
|    |    |   | 
|----|    |---|

Tail here, in the gap created

The tail continually casts a skill with a long casting time. Once enough damage is dealt to the tail, it briefly staggers it, resetting the cast time. This becomes a soft dps check, as you will be able to survive a few hits from the tail's attack, but repeated attacks will drain healer mana. Combined with the other elements of the fight, this will make for an attrition loss to Leviathan.

Following another 5% damage to Levi (life now at 90%), two Sahagin adds will spawn, and must be OT'd and killed. They each provide a damage buff to the tail, which now can no longer be interrupted by damage when it uses it's skill. The adds must be killed before the tail finishes powering up the big slap, or else the damage will likely kill anyone besides a tank. Killing the adds weakens the tail enough that the slap hurts no more than a decently powerful aoe attack in any other primal battle.

End of phase 1

Phase 2

Following this, Levi's tail retreats, leaving only his head as a target. At 80%, another pair of heavily armored Sahagin adds spawn, both of which must be off-tanked, and both of which are VERY meaty, but do little damage, making them impractical to kill with normal methods. Shortly after they spawn, Levi's tail reappears, this time stabbing across the short width of the platform in an effort to push people into the water. This functions in a way similar to Titan's Landslide, with a random non-tank (except the OT) target being chosen for each push. The tail push will damage the adds, and the heavy armor of the adds will serve to stop the tail from pushing anything that is hiding behind the add.

Meanwhile, Levi's head disappears underwater (is no longer attackable), leaving the two tanks to deal with the adds, while the raid group dances in and around the adds to avoid the tail. Each tail hit damages the adds by about 10%, and each time the tail hits an add, it takes about 15% of it's max life in damage. This means you have 20 attempts (10 for each add) to damage the tail 7 times, thus disabling it.

Successfully navigating this will bring Leviathan's health from where it last was (probably the mid-to-high 70's) down to 60%. Leviathan will roar in pain, and proceed to circle the platform a few times, launching balls of water at the party. After four rotations, Levi will retreat to the entrance of the cavern off in the distance, and begin drawing the water forward for Tsunami. At this moment, Y'sthola will teleport into the center of the arena and urge the player to gather around her while she channels a powerful protective spell.

This marks the transition from phase 2 to phase 3, the Tsunami phase

Tsunami phase
Shortly after she establishes the protective shield, three Sahagin shaman will appear (one at each of the arms of the platform, and the third where the head was) and begin channeling their own counterspell towards the shield. Each of these shaman reduces the power of the shield by 33%. If all three are up when Tsunami hits (approximately 60s after the shaman first appear), then it will instantly kill the group. If one is down, then Tsunami will leave all but the tanks severely hurt (high HP and keeping everyone topped off might be enough to survive it). Two shaman killed will mean the party takes damage, but nothing that can''t be healed through. Three down means that Leviathan effectively rams into Y'sthola's shield while it's at full strength, staggering himself in the process. This would add a debuff where Levi would take an additional 50% damage from all sources and be stunned for about 30 seconds.

The trick here is, Y'sthola's protective bubble can't cover the whole arena. It covers maybe a third of it. The three shaman deal no damage and have no aggro; they exist to give their lives in the service of their god, and that service is to kill you and your meddling friends. The positioning of the shaman is such that hitting the two at the broken end of the arena is easiest, and likely the safest, as melee and range won't have to venture far out of the bubble. Being able to take down the third shaman means a coordinated group that performs well is rewarded with an amazing opportunity to DPS the boss while suffering no damage (as long as they are smart).

Consequences of being hit by the Tsunami outside of the bubble are equivalent to being knocked off of Titan's arena with a Landslide. You're dead and no one can bring you back. Being hit by Tsunami in the bubble deals damage, but does not knock back (unless of course all three shaman are dead). The nature of the bubble is that nothing inside the bubble can affect the outside, and vice versa. So to damage the shaman, players need to expose themselves. No healers or ranged hiding in the safety of the bubble while DPSing the shaman, although ranged still have an advantage over melee when it comes to seeking cover. For this reason, the Shaman have an innate 20% resistance to any attack made towards them from more than 10 yards away (An unnatural fog surrounds this Sahagin, reducing damage from distant attackers).

Assuming the party killed all three shaman, Levi is down around 45-50% now. Assuming they didn't he's still up around 60%. Either way, there is a short 10 seconds or so following the Tsunami before Levi resumes his attack. He brings his tail down with full force, splitting the arena clean in two, with Y'shtola barely escaping the impact via teleportation.

End of Tsunami phase
_ _ _      _ _ _ 
|    |     |    | 
|    |     |    | 
|    |     |    | 
|    |     |    | 
|    |     |    | 
|----|     |----|

Final phase
This forces the party to split into two smaller groups, ideally fitting the normal setup for a 4-man party (one tank, one healer, 2 dps). After splitting the arena, it breaks free from it's base, and becomes a pair of free floating platforms. Levi begins to churn the waters round and round, creating a gigantic whirlpool. Levi splits his attention between each of the parties, with head and tail alternating as the attacker. the platforms run parallel to each other, meaning players on both platforms can hit Levi at the same time, but Levi will only focus on one platform or the other, determined at random.

While the head is attacking, the tail is delivering Sahagin to the opposite platform. These adds each bring a buff to Levi, greatly increasing magical and physical resistances (similar to sisters in Garuda). It's the responsibility of the add party to burn the adds so the main party can continue DPSing Levi. The tail will also lash out in a line aoe on the add platform every now and then, dealing moderate damage to players caught in it's attack. Once the adds are dead, Levi waits for another 8% damage before swapping to his tail OR Levi waits until he takes about 8% total damage before switching to the tail phase. Levi's head attacks are identical to the first phase, minus the aoe line water spray, and adding more random tentacle attacks. You can stretch this phase out by removing one resistance add and leaving the other up, while the appropriate damage type of the party focuses on Levi's head. You want to try to avoid being in tail phase as much as possible because....

While the tail is attacking, Levi's head sits in the middle of the whirlpool, lobbing magical aoe attacks at both platforms. During the tail phase, the tail wraps itself around both platforms, squeezing them together. The effect of the squeeze serves to damage the platforms (who now have a collective life bar). Should the tail reduce the platform life bar to zero, the platforms crumble and the party falls into the whirlpool and the eager maw of Leviathan. The players must DPS the tail while avoiding the aoe sent out by Levi's head. Once 6% damage is dealt to the tail, it relaxes it's grip on the platforms, and the head phase resumes.

This repeats until Levi dies or the party dies.

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One more for tonight XD
I'd love feedback on the ones I created!


Spoilers: Gaius van Baelsar believes he can trap and torture the primals without consequence. The pain the primals have sustained has awoken a beast far darker and malevolent than even Garuda herself. The primal essence has leaked into a cave in western thanalan causing the plants to rot and water to turn to poison. A Aetheryte has been activated and from that Aetheryte, Anima has awoken.

The arena:

A floating flat platform floating in darkness.

Every 10,000 damage received Anima receives a stack.

Phase 1:
Pain - Does damage proportional to the amount of stacks on Anima.
Agony - Places a Unavoidable dot on every party member that ticks once for every stack on Anima. Clears Anima's stacks.
Cleaves - Frontal cone attack.

At 70% Anima turns the ground into blood and everyone gets sucked to the other side of the arena. On the other side Anima's appearance changes to a much more aggressive looking monster bound with chains. The entire arena has a red aura to it and the ground is covered in blood or a red goo. Phase 2 now begins.

Phase 2:
Chains - Chains erupt from the ground binding 2 random players. These players take light damage over time and cannot act. These chains must be destroyed to remove the effect.
Share my Pain - Anima creates shadow doubles of two random players. These players take the same damage as their shadows. The shadows have access to all skills their partner has and attacks random players/heals anima. Killing the shadow without healing the player will kill the player as well.
Omen - Anime hits his target for critical damage.

After reaching 40% Anima removes his shackles and releases a black aura on the ground. Half the party including 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 DPS are transported to the other side and Half the party remains where they are. Phase 3 now begins.

Side 1 Phase 3:
Damaging anima now applies stacks to Side 2 that cannot be seen by Side 1.
Chains - Binds 1 random player on each side, causes damage over time and prevents the player from acting.
Share my Pain - Creates a shadow double, one on each side.
Onslaught - Attacks the target multiple times causing critical damage.
Fear my pain - Places area effect clouds around the arena that explode in the opposite order they appear. Explosions do damage and apply a dot to party members nearby.

Side 2 Phase 3:
Pain - Deals damage based on the number of stacks.
Agony - Places an unavoidable Dot on all party members on this side that ticks once for each stacks, clears stacks.
Pain and Pleasure - Fills the arena with green and black balls of energy. The green ones provide a percentage based heal, the black ones damage. Occasionally anima will switch the colors of them. They last 30 seconds and slowly move around.
Creates a statue look-alike of all four people on this side. If statues aren't destroyed they will switch spots with someone on the other side of the same type, DPS will switch with DPS, tank with tank.

Animas on both sides must die within 30 seconds of each other or both will be healed to 40%.
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If I don't drink myself into stupidity this weekend (I don't live in Toronto, and I'm not a mayor, so I can do this), I should have something for either Phantom or Ragnarok by next week. Phantom has more possibilities, but I'm really liking the thought of Ultima magic returning to Ragnarok after the Ultimate Weapon's demise in Prae to come back as a real threat, not something I completely missed the first time I went through. After all, the other absorbed primals came back with a vengeance, why wouldn't the source of Ultima?

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The One and Only Onionthiefx wrote:
Hello everyone,

If you're as into XIV as I'm am you've probably spent some time daydreaming about what would make an awesome primal fight. So I'd like to hold a contest so everyone can share their great ideas and have a little fun in doing so!

Contest rules (all of these must be met for your entry to be considered valid):

1) Pick a summon/esper/ediolon/ from a previous FF title and design a battlefield style fight around it (think hardmode level of difficulty). In case you're unfamiliar with old FFs or need a refresher: (Caution: spoilers ahead!)
2) Do not choose any primal that is currently in the game, or has been mentioned at any point in the story (won't say them specifically because trying to avoid spoilers). There can be duplicate submissions for the same primal (ex. if someone has submitted an Alexander, you still can too).
3) Provide some lore for the fight- background and the primal and what it's supposed to represent in Eorzea. Go into as much detail as you like. :)
4) Provide a detailed breakdown of all phases of the fight and mechanics the boss would use.
5) Include some type of image to show the battlefield shape/better explain how the mechanics will work (MS paint skills- go!).
6) Feel free to include any other information you wish to add. :)
7) Once this is all completed, post your entry in this thread. Winner will be announced November 23rd at 12:00 am.
8) A minimum of 10 entries is required for me to justify the reward, so please tell your friends! For those who don't know what it is, a link to the reward:

Feel free to ask any questions you have. I will probably design one just for fun and post it here.

Good luck everyone!

Edit: Wow, awesome work guys!!! There are some really great ideas.
Edit 2: You can submit more than one entry if you're so inclined. :P

Edited, Nov 8th 2013 11:42am by Onionthiefx

When is the deadline for submission? I see the announcement date but when is cut off? Also, how will the winner be picked and who picks it? Will there be a vote or will you narrow it down and then have a vote or will you pick the winner yourself? I am going to enter but I think these are valid questions.
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WFOAssassin wrote:
The One and Only Onionthiefx wrote:
Hello everyone,

If you're as into XIV as I'm am you've probably spent some time daydreaming about what would make an awesome primal fight. So I'd like to hold a contest so everyone can share their great ideas and have a little fun in doing so!

Contest rules (all of these must be met for your entry to be considered valid):

1) Pick a summon/esper/ediolon/ from a previous FF title and design a battlefield style fight around it (think hardmode level of difficulty). In case you're unfamiliar with old FFs or need a refresher: (Caution: spoilers ahead!)
2) Do not choose any primal that is currently in the game, or has been mentioned at any point in the story (won't say them specifically because trying to avoid spoilers). There can be duplicate submissions for the same primal (ex. if someone has submitted an Alexander, you still can too).
3) Provide some lore for the fight- background and the primal and what it's supposed to represent in Eorzea. Go into as much detail as you like. :)
4) Provide a detailed breakdown of all phases of the fight and mechanics the boss would use.
5) Include some type of image to show the battlefield shape/better explain how the mechanics will work (MS paint skills- go!).
6) Feel free to include any other information you wish to add. :)
7) Once this is all completed, post your entry in this thread. Winner will be announced November 23rd at 12:00 am.
8) A minimum of 10 entries is required for me to justify the reward, so please tell your friends! For those who don't know what it is, a link to the reward:

Feel free to ask any questions you have. I will probably design one just for fun and post it here.

Good luck everyone!

Edit: Wow, awesome work guys!!! There are some really great ideas.
Edit 2: You can submit more than one entry if you're so inclined. :P

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When is the deadline for submission? I see the announcement date but when is cut off? Also, how will the winner be picked and who picks it? Will there be a vote or will you narrow it down and then have a vote or will you pick the winner yourself? I am going to enter but I think these are valid questions.

1) Anytime before the winner announcement, if there are some last minute entries I'll look at them then.
2) Hmm... maybe a vote is in order. Lots of time yet so I'll think about it. :)
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Has a chance to spawn (1 in 10000 chance) as any chest in AK + WP. On Opening the Mimic, Party would be transported to a maze-like structure with no known objective and a 3m timer. This is meant to scatter the pt across the maze looking for some objective. As time runs out, tiles fall into what appears to be a black abyss. There are 4 objective tiles to reach by the set time limit which players must find. All over the floor tiles will be pictures of different mob types that will randomize themselves every time. Depending on the zone you entered from, the correct tiles will be the 3 bosses. The last tile will be a mimic tile. There will be no means to interact with the tiles to confirm these are the right ones or in any way activate them. As time progresses tiles will fall randomly, including the objective tiles, after 1m. The Maze will have a false end, which will have a chest at the end of a hallway. I saw false end because the trigger for those specific floor panels to drop will always be someone entering the hallway. The chest be a mimic that hits for No damage and cannot be killed. It will however laugh at you from a distance should you manage to perform some sort of action on it. There will be enemies located throughout the maze, /pray will disable all of them.

Activating the tiles, via having 4 people on the correct platforms as they drop, will send you into a flashback of how Louisoix used cursed chests to lock the secrets of eorzea from the world and even himself. You come to in old gridania, filled with a purple miasma and the meteor still in the sky, watching Louisoix run into what seems to be a crack in normal reality. You see many more around this one, but they appear inaccessible. Walking towards the portal brings you to a unoccupied space where you see a chest. Of course it is a mimic, A beast master mimic. Louisoix calls you to aid in the prevention of all life being lost and the battle begins.

Before you are 4 chests that act as a combo lock. Each player gets 1 chance to guess the combo. Failure to guess the combo correctly will result in a Mega-Buffed (and very large) Mimic that will just one shot everyone. If 2 people are killed a trigger will occur that will force the Mimic to "Call" a small bunny to the field, who will assist in the murder. The combo can be bought from the wandering NPC Cid for 5 million gil. The combo also changes every 24hrs.

Once the combo is input correctly, A normal sized mimic will appear, and the real battle will begin.

Since it is a mimic, one will have to option to open the "chest". This will result in a full wipe. It must be attacked in some form.

The mimic has 5k hp, is immune to magic, and only takes 1 dmg per hit.
Draw in (passive) : Whoever has hate will be forced next to the mimic.
Eat: Consumes hp and % of targets defense.
Death Trap : Aoe stun & poison
Greed : Forces 2nd on hate list to slowly walk towards Mimic
Plunder: Small forward cone, will disable 1 random armor slot.
Gil Grenade : Targets 1 person with aoe circle that will follow them. Damage can be dispersed among party members.
@ 25% will disable 2 random gear slots on everyone in instance no matter what (all the floor is red)
Security Node : @ 10% Will summon PROTOTYPE ADS High Voltage time will be reduced and use every node attack from turn 2 once between 75% and 40%.

Every 10 seconds it will "call" Either a bunny, crab, or squirrel.
Every 2m a "King" version shall be spawned instead of the normal version. King mobs will have increased hp, and the ability to gain revenge stacks. If all 3 kings are up revenge stack on all 3 increase triple.
While a King is alive, mobs of it's type that die will give it revenge stacks, resulting in a slow % lifesteal aura that ticks every 15s.

If a King is up after the mimic dies, it will instantly gain 25 revenge stacks.
If Security Node is up after the mimic dies, It will explode wiping the party.

Once defeated, he will them ask you to pray to the mimic, who will then show you the secret of the 90k error. But seriously it will somehow explain how 1.0 ended with more details.

The numbers are all obviously all made up since all these times would need to be tested. Meant to not be easy or allow for much info on the fight to be gathered quickly.

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No one has submitted any entries I like in a while so I thought I'd make anoooother one.

Cerberus and Fenrir - Guards of Bahamut

The keys to unlocking Bahamuts power have been guarded by two very powerful beasts, Cerberus and Fenrir. These beasts have been tempered by an unknown primal and their sole duty is to prevent anyone from approaching Bahamut's soul separating device. What primal has so much power it can temper beasts far greater than any found in the wilderness? What are Cerberus and Fenrir? Perhaps confronting them in battle will answer the many questions before us.

Arena: The arena is a large circle with mini circles within the circle and different runes spread evenly across the sections created by the circle. You start the fight with Cerberus in the arena in battle position and Fenrir just outside sleeping. A changing moon can be seen above, growing fuller depending on which phase.

Phase 1 - Cerberus
Roar - The three Cerberus heads roar in sync scaring the target, dropping their defense 25% and removing their ability to parry or block.Raises the targets HP 25% Duration 30 seconds.
Acheron Flame - Cerberus pulses an AoE Fire nova that is unavoidable. Does moderate fire damage and causes burn on all targets without Scholar shield or stoneskin.
Sulfurous Breath - Three consecutive cone attacks that rotate between the three heads.

At 75% Cerberus will roar in pain and retreat out of the arena. The party is given 10 seconds to recover while Fenrir wakes up, snarling and leaps into the arena. Cerberus can be seen outside licking his wounds.

Phase 1 - Fenrir
Lunar Cry - Fenrir releases a howl so majestic it leaves its target in awe. Decreases the max HP of the target by 25% but increases the targets defense by 25% and restores ability to parry and block. Duration 30 seconds.
Lunar Roar - Removes all buffs from the party, not including stances.
Eclipse Bite - Fenrir snaps his jaws at his target binding them in place for 15 seconds and doing critical damage.

At 75% Fenrir will leap out of the arena onto a cliff howling at the moon.

Phase 2 - Cerberus
Roar - Reduce defense 25%, remove parry block. Raises max HP 25%. 30 seconds.
Acheron Flame - Pulses an AoE. Burn on targets without Sch shield or stoneskin. Damage slightly increased.
Sulfurous Breath - 3 Consecutive cone attacks from each head.
Ululation - Two of Cerberus heads change their gaze to two other targets. Each target has three consecutive balls of lightning appear underneath them. These lightning quickly expand and when reaching max size (About the size of Titan's Plume) they activate causing damage and paralyze.

Fenrir - Crescent Fang - During this phase the runes around the outer circle will start lighting up. Each rune signifies a different class. After a rune has lit up that particular class has 5 seconds to stand on the rune or Fenrir will charge at that player doing an unavoidable line attack covering the length of the arena. These runes activate during each Ululation but will never be the same class as player they are targeting. If more than one of the same class is in the fight, Fenrir will charge each player that fails to reach the rune.

Upon reaching 40% Cerberus will run to the center of the arena and slam his three heads into the ground. He will use an attack called Gates of hades which has a 1 minute cast time. During this time all three heads will be separate targets. The team must DPS each head down. When one heads health reaches 0 it pulls its head from the ground and starts casting Uluation on a player. When a second head reaches 0 it will do the same. During this time Fenrir is also lighting up runes and using Crescent fang. After the one minute Cerberus cast Hellfire which does 20% damage to everyone and an additional 30% for each head in the ground when its cast.

After casting Gates of Hades Cerberus will be exhausted and leave the arena giving the party a few seconds to recover. Fenrir will now enter the arena entering phase 2 mode.

Phase 2 - Fenrir
Lunar Cry - Fenrir releases a howl so majestic it leaves its target in awe. Decreases the max HP of the target by 25% but increases the targets defense by 25% and restores ability to parry and block. Duration 30 seconds.
Lunar Roar - Removes all buffs from the party, not including stances.
Eclipse Bite - Fenrir snaps his jaws at his target binding them in place for 15 seconds and doing critical damage.
Ecliptic Growl - Deals damage to everyone in the party, damage is reduced based on how many buffs each player has on.

Cerberus Lava Plume - During this phase the runes on the middle circle will start lighting up. Each rune signifies a different range of HP from tiers of thousands. One rune for 0-1000, one for 1000-2000, 2000-3000, 4000-5000, 6000-7000, 8000-9000, 9000+. Every player must move to the correct rune where their max HP belongs. Players who do not reach the rune in time will have a ground AoE attack instantly hit them and cause burn. This ground attack persists for 2 minutes and causes burn and damages anyone who enters.

Upon reaching 40% Fenrir will rush to the center of the arena and begin Howling at the moon. He will howl at the moon for an entire minute. While he is howling he will start filling a bar above his head. Curing and Buffing fenrir will reduce the bar. Stunning him will stop it momentarily. During this time Cerberus will cast Lava plume and Fenrir's howl will change colors. If the howl is blue he will cast Lunar Roar on everyone, moments later it will change to red and it will cast Ecliptic Growl on everyone. After the minute has finished Fenrir will cast Howling Moon and it will deal damage to everyone proportional to how high the Full Moon bar has filled. The bar can fill to up to 110% to prevent people from curing at the last second and surviving it. Damage fenrir takes during this phase will fill the bar faster.

After casting Howling Moon Fenrir will leave the arena and collaborate with Cerberus giving you time to recover. Then they will slowly walk towards the arena together, furious.

Phase 3 Fenrir + Cerberus.

Fenrir and Cerberus will possess all the attacks they did in the previous phases minus the runes. It will be required for tanks to switch tanking depending on which debuff they have. Their damage will be increased on all attacks. Each beast will have one new attack.

Fenrir - Lunar Marking - Marks one player at random with a phase of the moon. That player has 10 seconds to step on a rune in the inner circle indicating that phase, if the player steps on the wrong rune first or fails to step on the rune, both Fenrir and Cerberus lose all threat on their current targets.
Cerberus - Magma Hoplon - Grants either Fenrir and Cerberus stoneskin and a fire damage shield, removable with One Ilm Punch. 30 second duration.

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Contest closes soon! Get those entries in!
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We have been lead to believe that Ramuh is why there are Tempered Sylphs. Little do we know that there has been a hate building in the hearts of some of the Sylphs. So much that it has spawned a destructive force deep in the twelveswood. Deep in The East Shroud, the secret fields of Moonspore Grove is housing the real threat that the Tempered Sylphs have been summoning, the creator of all Sylphs, Great Mother Sylph. She was summoned by the fear and destruction brought on by the calamity, five years ago. The tension, hate, fear, death and destruction that followed the Garlean invasion of the Black Shroud changed the hearts of the sylphs, causing them to become tempered sylphs.
As the tempered sylphs began to increase in number the mother’s presence became more apparent and more sylphs crossed over into the darkness. Once the hate and destructive nature of the other primals were released and summoned by the other beast tribes, the tempered sylphs summoned the mother crystal for protection, deep in Moonspore Grove. The crystal gave them strength and hope, also summoning more sylphs to the darkness. However, this was only a summoning to become tempered sylphs. The actual embodiment of The Great Mother Sylph was actually materialized when Garuda was summoned into the world. The Mother felt the hate, darkness and destruction that Garuda brought forth and materialized to protect her children.
Although the Mother poses no immediate threat to the twelveswood, or Gridania, the fact that she was created to help protect her children and her home, creates a huge risk to the safety of not only Gridania but its way of life. All traveling adventurers, merchants, untempered sylphs, and the twelveswood itself could fall victim to the destructive nature of the Great Mother Sylph’s desire to protect her children.

Battlefield: Moonspore Grove
You Gain Access to the Primal Fight by obtaining two rare drops from the following FATEs (one drop from each FATE. The FATEs are: Breaking Dawn (Located in East Shroud, Coordinates 32-14, recommended level is 47. The item dropped is a Large Tempered Sylphic Jewel) and Collecting Keepsakes (Located in East Shroud, Coordinates 26-24, recommended level is 40. The item dropped is a Small Untempered Sylphic Jewel).
Not everyone has to have the two key items but each member has to have completed the corresponding FATEs. However, to enter the fight at least one person needs to have the two items to initiate the fight sequence.
The Large Sylphic Jewel is a piece of the Primal’s Heart. Having it proves that there is something more sinister going on in the twelveswood and that there is a very large tempered sylph in the area. The Small Untempered Sylphic Jewel is an untempered sylph’s heart. This sylph was killed for not wanting to join the cause and threatening to expose the dark secret that the tempered sylphs are hiding. The actual FATE claims that it was because the sylph refused to join in the effort to summon Ramuh, but that is the misconception.
To initiate the fight the Adventurer has to trade the two key items to the sylph elder, Frixio. She becomes suspicious of her fellow sylphs and begins to realize why some have become tempered. She begins to suspect something going on in the Moonspore Grove and sends you there telling you to examine a mysterious sound and light coming from the hidden valley of Moonspore Grove. She gives you the key item, Small Untempered Sylphic Jewel back, which draws you into the battle field when you are close to the area.

Boss abilities:
HP Drain, Tornado, mini-tornado, stun via electric shock or mini-tornado, bind, normal attacks, Silence. There are ads which all have normal attacks and the ability to heal the Boss (This occurs in the later stages of the fight).

Phases of the Fight:
At 70% HP the boss will target a party member that is outside of its immediate vicinity. This means the mages or bard need to be ready to run. The boss will target one of these individuals and send a mini tornado after them. This essentially takes the member out of the fight for 7 seconds. The tornado cannot be destroyed or pulled from the targeted person. This happens three times. If you are hit with the tornado you are spun around in a small circle and stunned for 15 seconds. It also has a Silence effect for 20 seconds (5 seconds more than the stun)

At 50% HP Sylph will attempt a series of HP drains on the Party. The boss will perform a wind attack that draws the whole battle area closer and then an AoE HP Drain is initiated. This attack can be stunned but it needs to be timed right. You can also move outside of its AoE however, it’s unlikely that everyone will make it out. The Sylph does this five times. The HP Drain only heals the Boss for 0.5% HP, per person that is hit. That can give the Sylph a total of 20% HP if everyone is hit each time, with full HP, and didn’t die. Anyway, there are five attempts which can kill a few members if they are in the AoE range and hit with an attack. Not a huge threat but bad timing, status ailment, or low HP can cause some issues.

At 33% HP The boss becomes invulnerable to attacks and a pack of five purple sylphs come to help. There are two healers and three DPS. Two healing types pick up the boss and move her to a designated area that overlooks the battle field but is still accessible by the adventurers. (Perhaps in the middle of two ramps) The two healer types will begin to heal the Boss. **Leaving summons or items up gives more healing power or speed to the assisting sylphs**
*They cast a healing barrio with 4 pegs that grant additional healing power.
*The pegs must be destroyed before the healing sylphs can be attacked.*
Then the remaining three sylphs begin to attack the adventurers. The three sylphs are: 1) A BLM type that stands closer to the healing ones and AoE/DoT attacks and assists the other two DPS who use cone attacks. They are not particularly powerful but the BLM one has a powerful poison and binding ability that draws vines from the ground. The BLM likes to Bind and then AoE Poison.

Scenario 1: Boss is healed to 50% HP and begins to assist the remaining sylphs (If this is the case the healing ones are still alive and will act as WHMs as the boss attacks, this is BAD news for the party.
Scenario 2: Boss is healed for 40% HP but healing sylphs are killed before boss gets to 50% HP. In this situation the boss will immediately pick up where she left off an attack the party. **If there are any sylphs left, no healers, there will be a RAGE or BERZERK AoE Buff for the ones remaining**
***At 40% HP the boss will stand and prepare herself to fight however she will not attach unless the healing sylphs are killed **OR all sylphs are killed.**
Scenario 3: Healing sylphs are killed before boss HP reaches 40%. In this situation the boss will remain on the platform for a short period of time. This will allow the party time to kill the remaining sylphs or rebuff before the boss rejoins the fight. Once the boss regains her wits and courage she will jump down. She will then Perform an unavoidable push back AoE that also stuns all members to allow the boss to perform a RAGE or BERZERK AoE Buff for the sylphs remaining. Hate will be directed to whoever had it before the AoE Pushback.
Scenario 4: All sylphs are killed before HP reaches 40% - If the boss does not reach 40% HP and all the sylphs die, you will have a few seconds to zerg the boss and get the HP down. **A goal is to get it down to 30-33% so you don’t have the illusion of wasted time.** After a set time or the boss reaches 30% HP there will be an unavoidable, low damage AoE pushback and stun. Hate will be directed to the person with hate before the pushback AoE.

At 15% HP five ads will come and assist the boss. These are all DPS enemy. This should be very easy to handle if the party is not dead.

At 5% HP the boss will try for one last effort to wipe the party. Purple sylphs will enter and surround the battlefield but not attack the party. They will instead lend the boss their power and energy, goku spirit bomb style, if the boss is not killed within 60seconds of this happening, there will be an unavoidable energy blast that moves extremely slow from the middle of the battle field to the end, this gives the BLM or BRD one last shot at a kill. If you are hit with this energy, you instantly die. This blast is avoidable until the last second, everyone can range attack the boss as a last ditch effort. In all honesty, unless two or three people died before this phase, you should be able to kill the boss. If you have LB and MP it shouldn’t be an issue at all. You will however feel the pressure and a mistake or fumble in attack pattern will cause this to be a last second win.

At the end of the fight the energy that was building will explode and force outward. A light will overwhelm the field and cover all members and purple sylph. The screen will go white and slowly fade back to the original screen. As that happens you will notice the sylphs that were there are now normal color and surprised almost as if they didn’t know how they got there.
Upon completing the fight you will go back and speak with the sylph elder, Frixio who will thank you for destroying the evil sylph and returning her people back to their former selves. This is when she will give you the Rare/Exclusive Sylph mask. Put it on and have the face of a Sylph in addition to hearing (reading) exclusive conversations between other Sylphs and the mask wearer.

Of course there will be a few other possible rewards like an earring, necklace, rings. No major weapons but the supporting items will be very good.

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Contest closed! Reviewing all submissions now and will announce before the weekend is up!

Thanks everyone!
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