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The Agency is a former DCUO league that has migrated to the world of Eorzea. The Free Company plans to continue the tradition of excellence previously established in Metropolis and Gotham. At the height of the game as well as the league, we were considered top PvE raiders. When PvE became tedious we turned our attention to PvP, and later we became well-respected in that arena. But when the flaws of the game became too prevalent, the Agency chose to take off the last suit we would ever wear and turn off the light to the lair.

Now we are Reborn. Renewed by the beauty that is Eorzea, the FC impatiently waits. Planning. Discussing. And now recruiting. Will you join our company? Will you put on the last suit you will ever wear (again)?

Looking for PvE raider eager for Server Firsts…
Looking for PvP players eager to own the Arena…
Looking for gents and ladies…
Become part of this family of gamers,
Become an Agent.

Apply at the FC website

The Agency at a Glance

Recruiting: We currently have a balanced core, but we are looking to flesh out every single role with capable Agents, and as such we are looking to recruit any and all exceptional players.

Bard: OPEN
Black Mage: OPEN
Dragoon: LOW
Monk: LOW
Paladin: LOW
Scholar: HIGH
Summoner: OPEN
Warrior: OPEN
White Mage: HIGH

Raid Times
Days/Times are still tentative and will more than likely be altered to fit the needs of our Agents.

Tuesday: 5:30pm PT
Thursday: 5:30pm PT
Friday: 5:30pm PT
Saturday: 4:30pm PT

**The stated schedule is merely the times all current Agency members are available. We do not plan on (necessarily) raiding that many days per week, but those are times of overall availability**

Whether playing on a PC or PS3, we require voice chat for raiding.
Mumble (West US Server)

Ideal Type of Player
As I have previously stated, we consider ourselves a family of gamers. Most of us met in other games and have thus been together for years. But that should not deter anyone, as we love introducing new players to The Agency.

We want want a comfortable environment where people can set aside their work day and get lost in the game. We strive to never make your time in Eorzea a chore. After all, it is a game. That is not to say, we do not strive for Server First as well as other notable achievements, but we will never lose sight of the fact that our players have lives beyond the virtual realm.

Casual or Hardcore?
When you hear the term "hardcore", often times you think of guilds/leagues/free companies that spend days upon days and dozens of hours a week smashing your face against bosses and end-game content. Being veteran MMO players, we are very familiar with guilds like Method and Dream Paragon (WoW) and Odyssey (DCUO) whose World First/Server First kills are derived, not only by skill, but by pure will power. More specifically, they can spend an entire day raiding only to sleep for a few hours to wake up and raid again.

When "The Agency" thinks of hardcore, we think of quality of play and quality of players. We are most certainly going to be pushing hard for serious progression not only on our server, but we look at ourselves being capable of competing with Free Companies around the world. Are we going to need five or six nights a week to do it? Absolutely not. We plan on playing hardcore and taking our progress seriously while also enjoying what we do.

So to answer the above question: We are casually hardcore. We plan on having fun, PvPing, group questing, exploring the world and overall engrossing ourselves in the FFXIV:ARR experience, but we also plan on being big-time movers and shakers when it comes to competing in the end-game raid scene. If you would like anymore information than that, feel free to check out our website and ask us any questions you like.

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