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#1 Oct 28 2013 at 9:56 PM Rating: Good
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So first off, I will start by saying that what I am suggesting is possibly 'non-comformist' in approach and could go against the perceived norms of the game, but its just a concept. I'm not advocating its use or implementation, just curious to see what the group hivemind here can do with it (assuming they/you/us actually considers it).

So, I am part of a small FC and we are in the process of forming a pseudo-static party formation for helping each other out with story content and such and for all around shennanigans.

I recently achieved lvl 30 ACN and promptly unlocked SCH (and SMN... but alas, I am a healer at heart). Anywho, I was looking at the jobs abilities and the mechanics of SCH and how they might be used to most efficiently. I had the idea of having a (Light) party set up of a Tank, DPS and 2 SCHs. One of my other FC members and I were discussing my idea and he wasn't confident about how they would work together, stating that SCH + WHM would compliment each other better. And I can't really find fault with his arguement and not really looking to anywho.

My thinking about the 2 SCH set is that the Faeries can be used to 'double-tap' cures while the SCHs contribute to DPS, of course, maintaining party heals as needed as well. In my head, it seems as though the use of DoTs would cover for the times when the SCHs have to cast physick/adloquium (sp?), maybe even be able to have both faeries out to have both sets of abilities available.

The whole purpose of this little thought experiment is enhanced group survival. And if it weren't two SCHs, it would definitely cut into the groups overall damage in my opinion. I've run the idea through in my head as many ways as I can think of and it seems solid, but I will be the first to say my understanding of the games mechanics is not the most complete

And so I put forth my question: How would you make this set up work?

(I chose the wording specifically, because I know that just asking "what do you guys think" is an invitation to just telling me what is 'known' and not really considering the puzzle)

PS: I don't know if this has been considered/used/brought up before, so forgive me if its already something and I didn't know about it. Also, before the know-it-alls jump down my throat, Read the top of the post.
#2 Oct 28 2013 at 10:15 PM Rating: Excellent
It's times like this that I miss Kachi. I can already see him talking about effective HP, how much damage a mob(s) can do in a period of time vs how much hp a healer(s) can heal in that amount of time vs how much damage a DD(s) can do in said time... Smiley: frown

For trash mobs, no problem. Honestly, that set up would work for any mob that does not have a "DPS race" or rage-timer mechanic. However, once you get into these type of fights that do have the aforementioned mechanics you will probably run into problems. A couple DoT's and Ruins aren't going to make up for a another DD spamming combos/rotations. Encounters with a lot of adds (Garuda feathers) could also prove problematic, in my opinion.

Now that I've thought about it and typed it out, it makes me think Yoshi was purposely trying to avoid this sort of party build. Perhaps he was trying to stay away from the "slow pace" of XI, which a pt setup of this kind would most likely be similar to.
#3 Oct 29 2013 at 1:00 AM Rating: Good
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i have a similar way of thinking with you. I also have come up with the idea of having multiple scholars in a party. I'm going to test my 1 Tank, 4 DPS, 3 Schs on Titan HM this weekend. The biggest complaint you will get is that schs low aoe cure plus not stacking. Like someone said. Regular dungeons would be find but primals and such might be harder. I hope I prove them wrong this weekend
#4 Oct 29 2013 at 1:50 PM Rating: Good
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I may be wrong but I think you can only summon eos if you queue as scholar.. If I'm wrong it's worth looking into, so I'll check back as I play a scholar/ summoner hybrid myself
#5 Oct 29 2013 at 2:34 PM Rating: Excellent
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ACAardvark wrote:
I may be wrong but I think you can only summon eos if you queue as scholar.. If I'm wrong it's worth looking into, so I'll check back as I play a scholar/ summoner hybrid myself

You can summon Selene, not just Eos
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