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Alchemy or Culinarian for first DoH?Follow

#1 Oct 06 2013 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello, just a quick question about whether I should do Alchemy or Cooking first. I have two classes in the 20s and I dont play everyday do to work/life but I do enjoy it. The main reason im asking is gil wise, I have around 20k saved after upgrading gear and repairs/potions. Id like to level Alchemy for the potions/ethers and food so I can supply my own +vit / +str dishes for my gladiator and archer. Id like to level both but perhaps one would be better to do first?

Although I dont have alot of gil to throw around, not being able to play as much these past couple weeks along with spending my time doing dungeons, quests, fates and hunting log has let my levequests accumulate to 100, as I found out when I checked today. I read levequests are the best option for crafting but im not entirely sure how so, as even though I played 1.0 awhile back I still only got into DoW and Botany at the time, no DoH leveled. Any advice/tips are welcome, thanks.
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Hmm if you're stretched for cash, I'd go and do a bunch of quests. By level 50, you can have around 300k g if you're very strict with your spending habits.

If questing isn't your thing, perhaps take up botany. It's the perfect thing to level with culinarian. If you harvest shards/crystals, you can make some respectable income AND allows you to farm for ingredients you may want to use in your crafting!

I would prefer an actual alchemist or culinarian answer your questions directly but I can tell you what I've seen.

There is currently a vendor in the three major cities that sells basic level food and potions. Usually, people buy this low level food for leveling purposes to obtain the exp bonus. The stats, though, can be a nice boost. As a gladiator, you could go buy the bread-type food (name escapes me at the moment..maybe flatbread?). It offers up parry, vitality, and accuracy.

I haven't seen much of a demand for potions. The only time I've seen them mentioned are when healers talk about ethers. They are apparently pretty good for certain encounters or when certain jobs are absent from a party. Good enough to make money off of? Perhaps. But then you're just leveling a craft for one item. There are also +stat potions that you could make. Again, haven't seen much talk about them. When people are trying to min/max their characters, however, I assume the demand will be a little higher.

For now, many people are seeking to improve their performance at level 50 through food. Culinarians can make some really nice dishes when you get up there. Since this doesn't restrict you to just leveling a healer (for, say, alchemy) and can potentially supply you with all your food at 50, I'd recommend culinarian to just about anyone.

I will allow someone more knowledgeable to answer your leve questions. The general idea is to accept these leve quests that require a turn-in of some item. When you go to make that item and turn it in, the NPC will ask you if you would like to contribute more. The more you contribute, the higher your exp bonus goes. They're called triple leves, IIRC. I think turning in HQ items further increases the reward. This is how people can skyrocket in level on crafts. The downside is that I've heard it can be expensive so it may not be the best option.

Again, someone more knowledgeable will be able to help you with the rest. :3

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#3 Oct 07 2013 at 1:49 AM Rating: Good
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If you have them both at 20 already then I can tell you it's not that expensive to get Culinarian to 40, I did it easily and quickly.

Level 20→28 do the Levequest Brain Food (Limsa Lominsa): Triple Turn in Walnut Bread x3. You can get/make the Table Salt, Maple Syrup and Buffalo Milk from the Guild Vendor and the other stuff is cheap on the Market Wards.

Level 28→33 do the Levequest Fever Pitch (Limsa Lominsa): Triple Turn in Chamomile Tea x3. Again Mineral Water and Honey are easily bought/mde from Guild Vendor, meaning you only need to buy (or farm) the chamomile.

Level 33→40 do the Levequest Sole Survivor (Costa Del Sol): Triple Turn in Baked Sole x3. Again Table Salt is easily made from Guild Vendor, the Spinach and Gil Bun are dead easy to farm meaning you only need to buy (or fish if you can) the Black Sole. The additional advantage of this dish is it's a crafting bonus food, so you can eat any NQ's (plus it sells really well).

This is how I got Culinarian to 37 in two sessions and it was really easy on my purse, it also gets you one of the most important crafting skills: Steady Hand II.

Unfortunately my Alchemist is only 20, so I can't advise on leveling it .... yet. Smiley: wink
#4 Oct 07 2013 at 2:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the detailed replies. Just to clear up any confusion, I meant my gladiator/archer are in their twenties, I havent leveled a craft yet.
It sounds like leveling culinary would be the more beneficial of the two. Im open to leveling botany, although I did get it to 30+ waaay back on my old 1.0 character. Havent had a chance to check out the new system yet though. Fishing may be a good match for cooking too id assume.

In my limited experience potions can be a great help but I understand that at level 50 they probably wont do much. Ill have to find that food vender though, ive just been eating what Ive gotten for quests so far :p The "triple leve" thing is probably what I read about before, but it may be smarter to take it slower in order to save gil then huh. Still, having alot of levequests to use should be of good help no?

I'll make sure to keep this bookmarked so I can use those recipes for 20-40 in the future, Thanks again.

edit- lol @ Beaker :P

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#5 Oct 07 2013 at 2:32 AM Rating: Good
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It really depends when it comes to potions. If your raid doesn't have a BRD, your healers won't be able to get ballad (MP regen). In this case, ethers, elixirs, etc are pretty nice. But that is only for one role. I haven't seen a DPS besides BLM pop an ether and ethers are just an emergency in a very rare situation on our rotation. I don't know if tanks have the time to pop potions or if they even really help. Basically, low demand except for healers. This may change, however!

I think fishing is also a nice thing to level with culinarian and botanist. You can make some nice +crafting skill oysters with botany, culinarian, and fishing at no expense to you. They sell for a decent amount on Migard. Might be something to look into.

The food vendor in Ul'dah can be found near the marketboards. There's an apothecary there too who sells many of the things you can make as an alchemist. The food is relatively cheap, too!
#6 Oct 07 2013 at 2:36 AM Rating: Good
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No problem!

The cooking guild is at Limsa Lominsa (Upper Deck). If you are starting from scratch I'd recommend crafting Salted Butter to level 9 (Fire Shard x1 and Buffalo Milk x2), even though the recipie caps at 7 you'll still level quick as it's Tier a 1 recipie, and at 9 you'll get access to Tier 2 recipes. The milk you can buy from the guild vendor.

If I remember correctly I then leveled Salt Cod to 15 and then Grilled Warmwater Trout until 20 and sold them at Market. If you have Botanist at 30 you can farm most of what you need.

I'd also recommend throwing in the odd guildleve to speed things up if you can - keep checking them every rotation, you sometimes get leves that will reward 30+ shards. I always do these as the extra crystals help.
#7 Oct 07 2013 at 3:54 AM Rating: Decent
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I would say level both to 15 first, then cooking to 37 first (mainly for the abilities). Neither class makes a lot of useful stuff, culinary has some good foods, but the better the recipe, the more ingredients there are. Honestly though, alchemist potions are a waste in this game. Alchemists for the sch/whm weapons is their real use.

I would say level your DoW jobs to 50 first, and just do all the quests on the way. You should have 300k gil, and a full suit of armor all the way cause of quest rewards being really nice at gearring you up. Then at 50 when you have a small gill pool to start with you can start crafters.

Also as far as how to level them. 1-20 do discoveries (make one of each item). 20+ use tripple hand in leves (

While eel pie gives more exp, the milicorn one is far easier to make, so its a trade off. At 40+ you get 270k per leve hand in
#8 Oct 07 2013 at 5:44 AM Rating: Good
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Cooking will be murder on your inventory if you do it by doing every recipe in the log. Alchemy isn't as bad, but in having everything else at 30+ right now, these two crafts are oddly inventory hogging for what they offer to the economy overall. From the ability perspective, Alchemy to 15 first for Tricks. Expect to be swindled on anything that requires umbral jellyfish, though.
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