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Tiamat Server <KUPO FC> Recruiting members for coil!! GMT +8Follow

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What Does a Kupo Say <KUPO> FC
A Play on the Viral Song – What Does the Fox Say?

We’re a chill group of 4 looking for new players who wants a group to do end game content with!! We do runs almost every night – be it CM/Praed/AK.

To split our members into teams of 4 in order to ensure all our members have the ability to do content with a constant group of players

Current Objectives
Our Core members have recently completed coil turn 1 with players from other FCs, however, we’ve recently recruited quite a number of players and we are now looking at the possibility of forming a second Coil group.

We are currently looking to recruit geared healers and bards to complete our fixed coil group.

We are also hoping to recruit 20 members who have already hit 50: 10 DPS, 5 Healers and 5 Tanks, and as many non-50 players as possible! As mentioned earlier, we will be splitting you up into teams of four; a Tank, a Healer and 2 DPS. You will initially be grouped according to the date of your application: meaning the 1st 2 DPS will be grouped with the 1st Healer and Tank who applies for our FC. However, since we are currently trying to clear Bahamut Coil, anyone who is geared enough to attempt the Dungeon will be grouped together in order to facilitate the run.

This recruitment approach is done to group our members up in 4s as quickly as possible, and thus, we expect unbalanced groups with different expectations of the game. Some of you may spend more time on the game than the others, and may be placed in a group with members who do not put in the same amount of time. We want you to know that we have taken that into consideration and will therefore be reshuffling our members at a later time which will be discussed in the following section.

Current state of recruitment:
Tanks: 4/5
Healers: 2/5
DPS: 8/10

In order to group players who have the same objective and goal in the game, we will be conducting a full FC reshuffle after a period of time - this period of time is given to allow newer players the fair opportunity to catch up with existing players in terms of gear. During the reshuffle, we felt the most fair way to judge how committed a player is to the game would be to judge them solely on his or her gear. After all, certain content can only be cleared after acquiring a certain level of gear.

Our founding members have concluded that this would be the fairest method to sort the members of our FC into groups. We will obviously allow our members to opt to be in the same farming group as their friends even if their gear differs significantly. The other members in your group would however have the about the same gear level as the lowest of your group of friends in order to be fair to our other members. Of course in an ideal situation we would like everyone to be on the same gear level! You will also be able to swap group members within the FC, but it would be greatly appreciated if you did inform Ashley Ctj, since he will be the one monitoring our progress.

8/24 Man Raids:
Since we are split into 4 man groups, we will be combining groups when it comes to 8/24 man raids! These raids will be organized in advance, and members will be notified of the date and time to gather to participate in these raids. Of course to be fair, the more geared your group is, the more priority your group has to be a part of an organized raid.

Apart from these organized raids, groups are still encouraged to come together to do such raids together during other periods!

Catch Up Runs:
We understand that coming into an FC being under geared is a challenge, especially in the case of relic quests! As such, our guild will aim to host weekly catch up runs for our members to help them clear the Hard Mode Primals as well as Chimera/Hydra quests!

We’re truly hopping to recruit more members as soon as possible! Do contact us if you are interested in being one of the founding members of KUPO FC!

IGN – Ashley Ctj / Piyu Lao
Email –
Face Book -
Or just leave me a PM via the forums :D

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