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#1 Sep 24 2013 at 10:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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The other day, I was grinding FATEs near Drybone in Thanalan when I saw someone shouting for a Raise on Highbridge. I was levelling THM at the time so I switched over to my level 50 PLD to Raise this guy. He was also shouting about the level 30 GLA quest, "The Rematch." I remember having difficulty with this quest, so I offered my help in not only re-raising him after failed attempts and wipes, but each time he came up, I popped a Protect as well. I tried my best trying to recount how and what to kill and in what order (as instanced fights normally are), though it took awhile. But I honestly enjoyed taking this budding GLA under my wing and helped him out until he successfully finished. He added me to his friend list and I offered to help him if he got caught up on any upcoming quests as PLD.

Thing is, I've rarely had the opportunity to do this and I really enjoyed it. It really brought me back to when I used to play FFXI and people were to willing to help and were patient, because back then, it took time to complete quests, particularly farming for testimonies and items for breaking the level cap.

One of the reasons I found this so fulfilling to do, is because I never was a "top player" in FFXI, or any MMO for that matter. I wouldn't even consider myself one in FFXIV. I was never high enough of a level to really pay back for all the help I had recieved and it's nice that I had the opportunity to do so in XIV.

So I was hoping that this thread could serve a place where people can post there "little moments of win" when they went out of their way to help another player succeed.

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#2 Sep 25 2013 at 8:22 AM Rating: Excellent
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I like doing things like this. If I'm out mining and see a player with a lower level pickaxe I'll craft up an HQ one then and there for them and hope desperately they are not RMT. I'll never forget the random guy on my server in XI that spontaneously helped me get all the items for my airship pass. I'm a firm proponent of pass it forward.
#3 Sep 25 2013 at 8:40 AM Rating: Excellent
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I've had that same moment during the level 25 (or was it 20?) CNJ quest where you had to protect the other CNJs fight a wave of mobs, eventually being helped by elementals. Two players and myself were waiting on each other, giving each other tips, waiting to raise, and cheering each other on. Moments like these makes me miss the FFXI community that I grew with over the years and sorely want in this XIV community. I know, new game, new breeds, but I am going to uphold a hubris of trying to maintain that "friendly" community with every person I meet.
#4 Sep 25 2013 at 8:41 AM Rating: Excellent
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It doesn't even have to be a grandiose gesture. Even the smallest of gestures is very well appreciated. For example, I recently picked up the quest where you gain the ability to dye stuff, and of course the quest giver asked for something in return beforehand. In this case, orange juice. Someone nearby noticed I picked up the quest and just gave me a spare orange juice they had. No questions asked. Nothing asked for in return. They just gave it to me, saluted me, and ran off to continue what they were doing. That was really, really cool. :) It was nothing big, nothing grandiose, but it was still very cool and gave me a feeling of the warm fuzzies for the rest of my gaming evening.

Coincidentally, take a BIG guess as to what I happened to be drinking in real life at the time. Smiley: smile I'll give you three chances, but you should only need one.
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#5 Sep 25 2013 at 5:38 PM Rating: Good
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before i get into it, i'm not going to lie. Ive been doing a metric ton of CM runs, so explaining things to people every single run has started to get on my nerves a little because now i just want to win quickly.

However last night during one of the runs i was doing on my PLD, another PLD happened to be there who was new. I'm not ntirely sure why, but i decided to take this guy under my wing and show him exactly what to do in CM. Before each boss i gave him a rundown on what to do, and he took to it rather easily not making any mistakes at all despite it being his first time. I had him picking up adds during the boss fights not because tanking was hard, but because it was the more difficult job. I wanted him to learn how to manage the adds because when a party wipes it's usually because of that. I showed him all the pulls, to stun the collosus as they get into range of turrets. Basically everything to make his future runs efficient.

I felt proud after we finished because he had taken to what was supposed to be done very quickly.

I'm not sure why i decided to help this guy out in particular, but he appreciated the time i took with him as well as the parties patience (which i was a little surprised since theres usually at least one of "that guy", but thankfully everyone was cool).

Don't get me wrong though i don't mind helping people, but CM is getting really monotonous to the point that i just want to get in and out asap.
#6 Sep 26 2013 at 8:34 AM Rating: Excellent
I was mining in Upper Lo Noscea last night when another miner ended up at the same node. I was in ninja mode because of the wolf hanging about, he was not...

Me: "Hey man you might want to stealth, these wolves seem to have a long aggro range."
Him: "Nah, I'll be fine. Mined here before no problems."

Two seconds after he says that he catches aggro. He takes off to zone the mob and I move on. We end up at the same node a few minutes later, this time he's in ninja mode as well...

Me" So..."
Him: "Yeah."
Me: "How about this weather, huh?!"

We both had a good laugh. Not really a helpful Win Moment but still a good one Smiley: lol

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#7 Sep 26 2013 at 9:18 AM Rating: Excellent
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Did a Brayflox run as SCH last night looking for a Battlemage Robe. I got into a pickup group with the craziest Taru PLD I've ever seen in my life. He and one other member were were from a static on Faerie. The last guy was a newbie trying to clear it for the story. Turned out the three older of us were all FFXI vets. We breezed through the dungeon in just a few minutes before wiping repeatedly at the boss. We tried some different strategies and got him to <10% a couple times but kept dying from the Poison + AOEs since SCH doesn't have Esuna. We were having a great time though - everyone talking and basically running the dungeon like it was Sastasha. Total EZ Mode.

After wipe number 6 or 7 we had about 13 minutes left and the others wanted to quit. The newbie guy lamented that he would leave and try a different group, sounding really disappointed. So I offered to try one more time or until time ran out. We went back in that one last time and not only did we kick the bosses *** totally with no KOs, but the Battlemage Robe dropped and everyone passed on it for me, and the new guy got to advance on to Titan. That's a hell of a feeling!
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#8 Sep 26 2013 at 10:46 AM Rating: Good
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Was also in brayflox last night on my BLM and helped a tank on his first run through, No one died, we one shotted every boss, and he did an excellent job tanking the last boss. I think he told me thank you like 20 times. I don't mind helping people that will listen, and its nice to know that hopefully he will move on to become a better player.

On the flip side, I've been joining blayflox runs already in progress, trying to get the battlemage robe. Got into a group last night that was stuck on the last boss. Paladin tank couldn't hold aggro at all, I tried to help him out, but after 3 wipes and with only 8 mins left, I just left the group. It didn't help that I have never played a paladin so I didn't know much about what abilities he should be using.

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