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#1 Sep 23 2013 at 11:32 AM Rating: Excellent

We finally got our 2 week site update plan out today, almost everything made it in on time. We're just finalizing the front end details for Quests and Leves and those will be in early next week, for now, lets talk about the good stuff!

Issues/Downtime on Sept 20th
Due to new updates (listed below) a single feature caused extremely high stress on the database and cause the site to not work, additionally attempts to relief database interaction, foreign search functionality broke and caused more issues. This has hopefully been resolved with new features working and maps back in action. We have disabled "Wardrobe Comparison" for now.

  • An CDN implementation has been done, this basically means any Images, JavaScript or Stylesheets the site uses, it will now download those on a server closest to you. This is especially good for non-US visitors so they do not need to connect to the US Servers for these basic files and instead will connect to a closer server which you will download much faster from. This makes the whole site faster!
  • The "Previous History" of what you've visited on the left side of content pages will now be grouped, so instead of only showing 8 item icons for item pages and 8 skill icons for only skill pages, it is now shared so you can easily swap between different pages. It will also remember the language url you were on.
  • Maps no longer runs under Google API, while the API was nice it has its limits, Google Maps is commercialized which means you have to pay license fees if you get heavy traffic and XIVDB does, beyond the limits for free usage, so a ZAM Developer made the effort to get our maps switched over to a little something called "Leaflet", its nice and for me its a lot faster, especially when it comes to massive amounts of icons turned on at one time!
  • Developer copies of FFXIVAPP are now submitting information to XIVDB, this will be public soon as its still under testing, this means that a whole lot of NPC and Monster information has been plastered, for example lets have a look at Demon Wall, as you can see he has 52k HP! fun! Another friendly face: Svara, this guy is very popular in Coerthas, you can see his giant HP pool of 767,250 and it shows him been listed as part of a Fate (known issue with icon)
  • Relic +1 will show their correct requirement items as part of their Obtain information: Curtana +1 as you can see requires Curtana x1 and Thavnairian Mist x 2
  • You can now compare items, you can do this by either going to "Misc > Compare" or clicking the scales icon on search results top-right. Drag the icon of stuff you want to compare so for example: I want to compare some of the best Paladin swords, I go to "Items > Weapons > Paladin", click on the scales icon to open the compare. I drag the icon of several weapons onto the box (it will glow green to confirm) and then click "Compare", it will do the math and print you out a comparison results page. Here you can see all the stats, if you click an icon for an item it will set that item as the "Main" or "Pivot" and all stats from all other items will compare against it and either show red for being worse or green for beeing better, or blue for being the same. The page will tell you which item is best per stat and which is best overall for the highest number of best stat value. You can then share the link, eg: Paladin Swords Comparison. Please give gearsets a little time to load as its calculating the stats of all items in the gearset and then comparing them.
  • Item Sets! Ever wanted to just look at the gear, view its stats, even a 3D Model of just some iconic gear? We have the Item Sets Page, here you can see all AF1 and AF2, and Allagan, we plan to add more for all types of sets from all different dungeons, this is just the first draft. Clicking on a itemset will equip that set and render a 3D Model from XIVModels and you can view the stats. Very simple little page :)
  • Item Result tooltip has been appended onto the Recipe tooltip, the recipe tooltip has been made a little shorter. This allows you to see the item the recipe makes!
  • Category filters for item "Types" have been added, under "Item Filters > Category" there is now: Medicine, Ingredient, Mael, Seafood, Stone, Metal, Lumber, Cloth, Leather, Bone, Reagent, Dye, Part, Furnishing, Crystal, Catalyst, Miscellany, Soulcrystal, Other
  • Stars have been added to recipes to reflect their difficulty, we do have the dat mined level shown on recipes so this is just an additional benefit to represent what the game shows, as I am not a crafter I am counting on your guys to let me know any mistakes! :)
  • Minor fixes around the site to translations and features.

Hope you guys like these changes, a lot of hassle getting things all synced up! But things should be smoother in future, so I'd like to print out a small little list of what we have in the works for the next couple of updates!

  • Guildleves!!! Quests!!! They're just about done
  • FFXIV-APP will allow you to submit drop rate information to XIVDB! (Optional if you want to or not) HQ stats on items for wardrobe, comparison and displays.
  • The very demanded shopping list!! This will be so great, you can add items to a cart and be given a page of where to get the items, how much it will cost you, where to go, you can even put in your own prices if you plan to factor in AH costs and Teleport costs!
  • Materia attachment on items in Wardrobe
  • A complete rehaul of content displays to be better suited for sharing information, guides and viewing data in sortable lists! Better comment controls, this will make the display look more similar to WoWHead/Guildhead so it will be very familiar. It will of course have our XIVDB fabulous trend on it :P
  • Control requirements on Recipes
  • Skill tree fixes that have pleague the menu for a long time!
  • Updated view for the news! It will be much more easier to read and comment on
  • Fixes for donation supporters and ads

Hope you get excited, hope you're enjoying FFXIV! and thank you all for the support, it means so much and we are so proud of where the site is and how things are going.

Enjoy!! -PV

Known Issues:
  • When searching an item that is in a recipe, only a few will show. This is being revamped!

Edited, Sep 23rd 2013 12:34pm by Wint
#2 Sep 23 2013 at 11:37 AM Rating: Good
660 posts
Isnt Svara part of a FATE anyway? I swear I fought him at the end of a multi-part FATE event...

Also, Android app when?
#3 Sep 23 2013 at 11:44 AM Rating: Excellent
reptiletim wrote:
Also, Android app when?


Just kidding, I don't think a mobile version is even on the radar at this point, but I can create a ticket for it and we'll see how it falls in the prioritization.
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