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#1 Sep 16 2013 at 2:33 AM Rating: Excellent
~Bloo's FATE Leveling Guide~

I've seen many FATE leveling guides out there, but most of them tell you a bunch of different places you can go to at your level. My guide is going to tell you where to go and why to go there at what level. These locations are usually flooded with people who want FATE parties or that are forming FATE parties and the experience gain in these locations are well worthwhile.

Basic's of FATE Grinding:

1) A FATE is a Fully Active Time Event, an event area will appear on your map and you will allow to enter that area to join a quest of sorts to complete objectives and earn experience.
2) Always and I mean always, join a FATE party! With a good group you can earn long "Chains" that will allow a added "%" bonus of experience for each chain you stack up.
3) Certain FATE's can be farmed for experience if you don't complete certain objectives within the FATE. (An example of this would be the Dark Devices FATE chain located near the camp Ceruleum Processing Plant in which the first part of the fate will allow you to kill "Lunatic Priest" for about 12m if no one kills the main objective targets "Lunatic Lambs")
4) You DO NOT have to stay for the whole FATE to earn a Gold Medal for that FATE. So upon completing a FATE you are given either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medal that gives you and adjusted amount of experience, gil, and grand company seals, I'm not sure of the formula to earning these but I do know putting in about 50% effort will grant you a Gold Medal every time. I have even earned Gold Medals for joining the tail end of a FATE and only landing two hits on one enemy.
5)When you can "Teleport" (AKA Porting or Port), to get to a FATE faster, do it, it usually will only cost a party member 200 gil or less to teleport the entire party to a camp in the map your in and being the first ones on the scene is always beneficial to your party and helping start the biggest chain you possible can. (NOTE: You can not teleport while on your Mount)
6) Don't spoil the fun for everyone, if your in a FATE that will allow you to farm experience for 10 minutes, let them, your only hurting yourself and everyone else by not getting that experience. (I know this is kind of a repeat but I think it should be added again.)

Levels 1-10 (Basics)

Ok so I'm going to be honest with you guys, the first 10 levels, even if this is your alt class and you already have finished the story quests should be spent completing your hunting log and doing your beginning class quests, if you bump into a fate while out hunting, join the fate and earn that bit of exp, but by the time your done with your hunting log and doing your beginning quests you should easily be able to reach 10 within a couple hours at the most.

Levels 10-20 (Aleport - Western La Loscea)

Alright So lets start doing your first FATE parties, I recommend one place and one place only to do this grind, Aleport. Here you have many FATE's that pop all over the map and you can earn 1k+ experience from most of them. There is one FATE in particular I would like to mention in this area which involves farming exp. I'm not sure of the name but when I do play again I will update this guide a little further, the FATE involves killing Goblins and collecting and item called "Contraband". The Goblins at this fate will give you around 100~300 experience per kill for 12 minutes if no one turns in the Contraband before the time limit reaches 1 minute left. I've earned a whole level just farming this fate for that period of time and recommend this fate for these levels.

Levels 20-30 (Quarrymill - South Shroud)

Now there is a bunch of different FATE's here, most of them will give you 8k+ experience. There are two notable FATE chains here that earn very good experience. The first is what I like to call the "King" FATE chain, which involves you collecting "Poached Skins" (If this item is named wrong please tell me) and turning them into the NPC, this quest gives about 10k experience. The second part of this FATE chain involves killing a boss named "The Coeurl King", this FATE gives you about 25k experience for completing it. The second FATE is a fate that involves an area of the map called "The Hive", there are two different fate chains that will occur here by my experience. One involves you protecting 3 gates from waves of enemies headed to destroy them, the second makes you and everyone else destroy all 3 of the gates and enemies as you reach the top of "The Hive", both of these quest lines give about 20k+ experience.

30-35 (Costa del Sol - Eastern La Noscea)

This area is full of FATE's that will earn you 10k+ experience for most of them. There is one noteable FATE which involves you killing a boss named Cancer, a huge crab, this FATE gives about 25k experience. Other then that, most of these FATE's are like ones you have already done before just with larger experience amounts.

35-40/45 (Camp Dragonhead - Coerthas Central Highlands)

So some people like to stay here in till 40 and some like to stay here till 45 and even to 50, I don't recommend this because past 45 the experience you earn will be not nearly as good as the next area in my guide. I have leveled one class to 40 here and another to 45 here with both good results. There are tons of FATE's in this very large area, and sometimes running to them all can be very time consuming, remember to pick your fates here, because you most likely won't get them all. There is one notable 3 part FATE chain here that has you kill a dragon named Svara, the first part of the chain has you walk from Camp Dragonhead and escort and NPC and kill enemies while you walk to the very top of the map directly north of the camp, this FATE gives you about 10k experience. The second part involves you killing more enemies, after a certain amount of deaths the FATE will complete and you will earn around 15k experience. The last part as noted before has you up against Svara, a huge dragon, completing this will give you about 25k experience.

40/45-50 (Ceruleum Processing Plant - Northern Thanalan)

Now its time for the final stretch, this place is amazing for experience! There are tons of bosses here that give you 20k+ experience for each being completed with a gold medal. There is also one other notable FATE here which is called "Dark Devices. This is a 4 part FATE chain, lets break it down, the first part as I was saying earlier has you kill "Lunatic Lambs" for completion but I highly recommend you don't kill any of them in till the timer hits around 1 minute left from completion, doing this properly can you earn you 100k+ experience from farming "Lunatic Priests" alone, this fate only gives about 10k experience by itself. The second part of this FATE chain involves you killing more Lunatic enemies in till a certain amount of them have been killed, this quest gives around 10k experience as well. The third part in this chain involves killing two boss enemies named "Milburth" and "Twin-tongued Addison", this FATE gives you around 25k experience. And finally the last part of the FATE involves you killing a enemy named "Milburh the Malicious", completing this gives you around 25k+ experience.

Remember guys there are tons of ways to level in FFXIV: ARR, you don't have to do it the FATE grinding way, just know that in my experience, this was the fastest way for me to level a alt class from 1 to 50, I could get a class to 50 within a week doing this method. I hope this guide helps you all as you level all your classes and most of all enjoy the game ! :D

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#2 Sep 18 2013 at 8:38 PM Rating: Good
Fantastic. Adding info:

25-30 Highbridge Eastern Thanalan

I have found this spot to be a little better. There is a 4 part FATE, and 3 others that all spawn in this small area.
As for the EXP reward, I did not take note, but I do know the "Part 3" to the 4 part one will give you around 15k.

10-20 can also be done in E.Thanalan, but near and around Drybone (just West of Highbridge). Many FATEs in the area, but they can be spread out to run between (chocobo makes it so much better).
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#3 Sep 19 2013 at 4:58 AM Rating: Good
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Another farmable one out of the processing plant is the one with the Earth Sprite cores. If you all (sadly it only takes one or two to spoil it - and boy were they out in force last night!) keep the turn-in till the end you can exp farm the mobs. Set the turn-in NPC as a focus target when you zone into the fate to make it easier to target him at the end when he's surrounded by player characters.
#4 Sep 19 2013 at 6:01 AM Rating: Good
I think I might make a macro for the Turn in Fates. I don't think most know that you can farm the mobs for 12min rather then make the timer drop to 30sec if you quickly turn in a bunch of w/e
I usually skip these FATEs if there is any kind of travel of more then 30sec.
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#5 Sep 19 2013 at 9:29 AM Rating: Good
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I play on a jp server and theres barely anyone that leaves camp dragonhead which is sad because getting to 50 is going so slow cant wait for the server transfers really want off my server almost thought of rerolling just so i can play with peeps when im on
#6 Sep 19 2013 at 10:23 AM Rating: Excellent
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This seem like an appropriate thread to mention this tip I found out yesterday. If like me you play as a healer on PS3, sometimes no mob will show up, and you can't AOE your way to Gold. What to do? Heal and raise of course. But what if you see nothing but full health bars?

Spam Regen on everyone you can see! The healing ticking for the entire duration of the spell will generate threat to everything they fight. It's not necessarily always enough to get you gold, but with a little luck a monster will spawn here and there and you can boost your participation a little with actual damage.

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