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Final WHM AF fightFollow

#1 Sep 15 2013 at 2:21 PM Rating: Good
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What's the trick to this?

I kill the mobs, cure the tree, but even with no mobs, the tree's HP goes down faster than I can cure.

What am I missing? I've tried /sooth ing it too, nothing.
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#2 Sep 15 2013 at 3:29 PM Rating: Good
stoneskin, it's hp% based, and the tree has a lot of health. SS, pop Divine Seal if you have, regen, presence of mind, Cure II spam. should win

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#3 Sep 15 2013 at 4:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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I pretty much killed all the adds than healed the tree a few times during down time. and i won the first try
#4 Sep 15 2013 at 6:04 PM Rating: Decent
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pics or it didn't happen ^^
#5 Sep 15 2013 at 7:02 PM Rating: Good
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KissMyPixel wrote:
pics or it didn't happen ^^

sry no pics. Maybe I just got lucky
#6 Sep 15 2013 at 7:43 PM Rating: Good
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Holy is amazing too. It's really, honestly, just a great test of your whm skills.

you have to debuff/DOT mobs, while curing the main tank (Tree) and keeping other party members upright. Regen is also the BEST spell in your ******** It's so MP efficient.
#7 Sep 15 2013 at 10:14 PM Rating: Excellent
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Healing the tree is a losing battle since the spawns do way more damage to it than you can cure the tree for.

Best bet is to go on the attack as quickly as possible. Try to use Aero to run and grab hate on the invaders as soon as they appear, and gather as many as you can to one spot and Holy them to death, then pick off any stragglers.
#8 Sep 16 2013 at 2:39 AM Rating: Excellent
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+1 on Stoneskin for the Tree, great for Chocobos as well.

I holy'd the easy mobs early, to give me room to not waste Shroud of Saints MP returns, and to get it's timer ticking for round 2 quickly. Wipe out each round as fast as possible, spam heal the tree in the lull, use divine seal, Regen, restore Stoneskin if MP isn't too abused. I can't remember in the blur if I used Repose at all.

Elixirs are dirt cheap lately, 6 minute cooldown, but good returns on Mp for a single shot.

Good luck, only took me 2 tries, first time I kept healing the NPC's and the tree died horribly. It's a workout of all your skills.
#9 Sep 16 2013 at 5:20 AM Rating: Good
Like other posters said it use stoneskin on the tree, this helps a lot. What i did was basicly holy the first adds that come, close to the tree.
Cure the tree the couple of seconds you have before second pack comes.
Kill the bees asap and from distance. They die really quick i believe a normal earo would kill them after a few ticks but not 100% sure about that since it is already been a while since i did that fight.
#10 Sep 16 2013 at 11:14 AM Rating: Excellent
Spam the crap out of HOLY.

Use Caster's Stance to start with INT build, then switch to MND during the healing part, then switch back.

HOLY will take out that last big group of enemies that's giving you trouble.
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