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#1 Sep 13 2013 at 8:59 PM Rating: Excellent
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So I have been doing a bunch of gathering lately trying to grind it out until I can harvest Flax for Weaving. We all know that you get better rewards for giving up HQ GC daily supplies than with NQ. Also, most of the class quests involve harvesting HQ items as well.

I decided to take a look at the statistics as to how to best use my CP to get the best HQ Gathering Rate. I just did some quick calculations using Microsoft Excel and don't really know how to format it well here, if anyone knows how to clean it up <please> <help me out!>. I was trying to put the data side by side for better comparison.

This assumes that
Overall HQ Gathering Rate = Gathering Rate% x HQ Chance%

Examining two skills to start: Field Mastery (50CP cost for +5% Gathering Rate) and Leaf Turn (100CP for 10% HQ Chance) with a base HQ Chance of 12.

The table on the left is for Field Mastery and on the right compares Leaf Turn. The columns in order are Base Gathering Rate, HQ Chance, Overall HQ Gathering Rate. All units are %s
60	12	7.2	60	22	13.2	6.6 
65	12	7.8	65	22	14.3	7.15 
70	12	8.4	70	22	15.4	7.7 
75	12	9	75	22	16.5	8.25 
80	12	9.6	80	22	17.6	8.8 
85	12	10.2	85	22	18.7	9.35 
90	12	10.8	90	22	19.8	9.9 
95	12	11.4	95	22	20.9	10.45 
100	12	12	100	22	22	11 

Looking at this data it seems to show that using Field Mastery will always give an overall better HQ Gathering Rate due to the fact that Leaf Turn costs twice as much GP to use and therefore can only really be used half as often.

Also interesting to note that this still holds true even when harvesting from a tree with the 5% fortune bonus. See table below:
60	17	10.2	60	27	16.2	8.1 
65	17	11.05	65	27	17.55	8.775 
70	17	11.9	70	27	18.9	9.45 
75	17	12.75	75	27	20.25	10.125 
80	17	13.6	80	27	21.6	10.8 
85	17	14.45	85	27	22.95	11.475 
90	17	15.3	90	27	24.3	12.15 
95	17	16.15	95	27	25.65	12.825 
100	17	17	100	27	27	13.5 

If the math is incorrect I’d be open to discussion. What do you guys think?

#2 Sep 14 2013 at 12:33 PM Rating: Good
I saw a table with figures and I came in my pants.

I'll look at it and verify things after work tonight.
#3 Sep 14 2013 at 6:00 PM Rating: Good
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Thanks for taking interest. I knew I couldn't be the only mathematically inclined gatherer out thereSmiley: lol

So far it seems useless to actually use Leaf Turn if you are going for the best overall HQ rate over time.
#4 Sep 14 2013 at 10:19 PM Rating: Good
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There are several other factors that go into this as well. What about Field Mastery II (+15% success for 100GP)? Also, how about building up GP and using both at the same time? There's also the exp gained that can be thrown in the mix.
#5 Sep 14 2013 at 11:10 PM Rating: Good
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I find that neither skill is wholly effective at providing a noticeable results given the small scope of typical gathering and a wildly streaky (some would say churlish) RNG. I don't believe you can simply halve the resulting gathering rate like you did, you have to do quite a bit more math including: Harvesting duration, GP cap, GP regeneration (100GP/min), speed of gathering (travel time between nodes included), and factoring the relative value of the Whisper skills (is 5% gather relatively useful if my base rate of gather is 95%?).
#6 Sep 15 2013 at 8:14 AM Rating: Good
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Krycis you bring up good points that I had thought about. Mostly in regards to GP regeneration on successful hit. The time between nodes and GP regeneration per mode still doesn't make me feel like the CP cost factoring divided by half do Leaf Turn is incorrect.

Most gathering sessions, especially at higher levels, are long sessions. Maximizing your overall HQ rate should also lead to maximizing your overall exp rate due to the huge exp multiplayer for HQ gathering. Also, if you are gathering continuously, leaf turn uses up too much GP. You can regen 5GP per successful strike which means a max of 20GP for four successful strikes or 25GP on a +1 attempt node. That means by using Leaf turn once you will need twice as many successful strikes over Field Mastery in order to recoup the GP cost (travel time between nodes does regen GP but would be equivalent for both skills).

Eventually spamming leaf turn every node you will run out of GP because GP used is much greater than the GP regained. It is much easier to keep up Field Mastery on every node because the GP used is muh closer to the GP regained.

Field Mastery II would be an interesting comparison, but again suffers the issue that it cannot be used continuously due to high GP cost.
#7 Sep 15 2013 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
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The problem I find is that the math doesn't balance, if you go from a typical 85% to 90% gather rate you will still blow streaks of gathers. I typically will use the +10% gather skill for MIN/BTN when the conditions are right and almost never use rank one mastery as the value has not proven itself over many uses.
#8 Sep 15 2013 at 3:26 PM Rating: Good
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My limited testing made it seem fairly obvious that the displayed HQ % is not a % of successful gathers but a % of gathering attempts. In other words, with a low chance to gather but a "standard" 15% HQ rate, you'll wind up with much more than 15% of your successful gathers being HQ. This is based on ~3000 successful gathers of iron ore, of which about 25% ended up being HQ without the use of any HQ boosting abilities.

Given the oddities of RNG in this game, it's possible that there are non random or buggy mechanics obscuring the "real" function of gathering abilities, but I dont know how to adjust for the unknowable and dont want to put such deep effort into understanding a video game.

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