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#1 Sep 13 2013 at 8:12 PM Rating: Good
So I've assumed there are 3 level paths, due to 3 GC. Maybe it is just my FC (we all seem to be Twin Adder) not knowing, but I can't find info on a different "path."

I'm level at, standing out in the field near Aleport. I've already done the quest for this area because when I started the game, I was a Marauder. Upon lv 15 or so, when I was sent off to Gridania I changed to Lancer. I started doing the side quest until I had leveled up to where my Marauder was and then was able to do Story/Class/Side-Quest quests for exp. @lv30 I stopped. I now have been working on a CNJ for the last few days. I'm level 17 and figured I could/would go do side-quest in a different region, get to see the world a little :p (Shroud is cool, but I can only take so many trees at a time!).
Where is the next "hub" in the La Noscea region for level 20s?

Someone suggested a town in FC, I thought it sounded familiar..because it was somewhere I've already been when leveling LNC (Quarrymill, but that is "Shroud" land).

Also for the sake of information, maybe the path (hub towns) for people who start in Ul'dah. I like mixing it up :D
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#2 Sep 13 2013 at 9:03 PM Rating: Decent
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First off, do yourself a favor and get a single class to 50, you get a bonus on XP for classes below that.

Second, I'm not sure what you're asking? You should be able to level 1.5 classes on quests mainly... everything else is gonna be fates, dungeons (my preferred methond as you get something out of it), and mob grinding... well class quests too, but they aren't enough to level you up.

Are you asking about switching GC for more quests?
#3 Sep 13 2013 at 9:34 PM Rating: Good
No to changing GC. Just Hub towns.

Here is an example:
Gridania starters: Center Shroud (1-10ish): The Bannock > Bentbranch Meadows > East shroud (10ish-20ish): Hawthorne Hut > Little Solace > South Shroud (30-?): Quarrymill/Buscarron's Druthers

This is the path my Lancer went. I did Story Quest, Class Quests, Hunt Log, and FATEs while doing all the other quests.

I'm aiming for 50, I like Lancer/DRG but I decided to change class. So I'm either stuck grinding on mobs (already done current Hunt Log), doing fates, and/or dungeons until I get back to my 30s where I can pick up where my Lancer/DRG has stopped (Story and Quests) or if I was in a different GC..the path (town/zone/hub/etc) they would go (just no story quests, due not being in the GC).
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#4 Sep 14 2013 at 6:13 AM Rating: Good
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Just off the top of my head, but Upper La Noscea could be a good place, but it's 22-26(with some other higher level mobs). The hub, or rather the sanctuary is for 30+ so there's some running involved.

Lower and Upper the only 2 I've visited so far.

Edit: Western La Noscea = 15-20(around the center of map), Upper = 20-25. (will need to take boat from southwest when in the 35-40 area to get there)

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#5 Sep 14 2013 at 6:24 AM Rating: Good
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Are you doing Battlecraft Leves? Those give you a good chunk of XP. Hammermill I think is lv20/25 leves.

Also, there's Guildhests for small groups.
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#6 Sep 14 2013 at 8:41 AM Rating: Decent
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Do second jobs only get bonus exp if your main is level 50? or just below your main's level?
#7 Sep 14 2013 at 9:03 AM Rating: Good
Just below.

From what I understand, the farther the gap the more of a bonus you get.

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#8 Sep 14 2013 at 10:08 AM Rating: Decent
I found out the hard way that letting the main story line lag behind your class level will eventually catch up with you and greatly reduce you options 35+.

Apparently (from what I've been told/read) the main story line unlocks a number of side quests at higher levels while quest "hubs" basically vanish.

You're left with FATE grinding as the only really efficient time versus XP option. Dungeon runs (PUG type) are too slow/long for reward and Levemetes and Guildhest XP drops exponentially as you level.

So now I'm going back to the Main Story line and catting it up from 26ish to my current level (41) in hopes it opens up more options.

In retrospect I wish I had invested a few hours a day to keep it up as opposed to having to spend a whole weekend+ of grinding it out to catch up.

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