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#1 Sep 13 2013 at 1:34 AM Rating: Decent
So I decided to level Marauder, this will be my first time levelling a tanking class in any MMO I've played (Normally play DPS, fancied a change), levelled up to level 15 last night and I was quite enjoying the mechanics of a tank, did my first guildhest went all guns blazing towards the mobs with Foresight/Bloodbath throwing in Overpower whenever possible to keep enmity? All went well no one died and it went really smooth, tonight I'm going to be doing my first dungeon as a tank.. Which leads me to my questions.. Although they may be stupid lol;

1) When using Bloodbath is it a case of higher strength = higher damage = higher healing?

2) When using Foresight is it +20% defence from armour or is bit included? (I'm thinking vit reduces damage received?)

3) When tanking in dungeons against multiple mobs is it best to chuck in a Overpower when possible to keep enmity or is there something else I should be doing?

4) With tanking is it a case having the best armour possible or is welfare gear accepted? (Welfare as in npc bought gears)

I hope these questions aren't too simplistic, they may sound stupid but I'm very new to tanking and would like help! Thanks :D
#2 Sep 13 2013 at 2:10 AM Rating: Good
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When using Bloodbath more damage returns more health, but overall I think I higher Vitality for more HP is better, Bloodbath only applies to the next successful hit. Foresight (as far as I know) is +20% to your overall defense (stats and armour), in dungeons use Overpower to get all the mobs on you, keeping hate (hopefully) off the other DPS and Healer. In the first few dungeons this isn't much of an issue as they are fairly easy. I would say, as tank, that it's important for you to lead the charge and mark the mobs in the order you want them engaged. Make sure your part know you'll be doing this and to follow your lead. Again, armour isn't as important in the lower level dungeons, but once they start getting interesting then the better the armour, the better your chances!
#3 Sep 13 2013 at 2:11 AM Rating: Good
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1) STR+DET will cause your attacks to do more dmg which will heal you for more when used with Bloodbath.

2) Foresight is +20% Overall PHY DEF, MAG DEF doesn't get increased, VIT only increases your HP nothing else.

3) I usually overpower until I'm down to 500-600 TP, try to use it with these abilities; internal release, raging strikes, berserk. You will have solid solid enmity on all mobs, then you can go from there.

4) Try to keep your weapon updated as best you can. Some people take gear very seriously, others value skill more. Just focus on *Holding enmity *Facing mobs away from your party *Timing CDs *Heal yourself during the 'oh sh*t' moments to take some heat off your WHM/SCH

I'd like you add that marking monsters makes people like you more too!

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#4 Sep 13 2013 at 2:31 AM Rating: Good
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Some good suggestions, but id like to add that if your against say 3 mobs, i usually do 1-2 overpower then start my heavy swing/skull sunder/butchers block combo. Hit your marked target with the combo 1st so the dps dont tank hate. Then use heavy swing on marked mob, skull sunder on mob 2 then butchers block on mob 3. Then hopefully the 1st will nearly be dead.

If your with good dps, overpower will not keep hate on the one they focus on.
#5 Sep 13 2013 at 3:13 AM Rating: Good
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There have been some good posts over on the Maurader page about tanking. Maurader Class Forum Page
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#6 Sep 13 2013 at 5:14 AM Rating: Good
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One thing I been doing in those low level dungeons is popping Foresight right after I mark the next group of mobs and Tomahawk pull. I been noticing the alpha strike dmg on my warrior/MRD is fairly huge when all three mobs are beating on you in the same time sequence...meaning they are all doing there regular attacks and specials at almost the same time which translates into a pretty big spike right off the bat. Noticed my health plummet right off the bat, so hitting the defensive abilities as the group is coming for you helps more than I thought. Once the first mob falls over, the worst is over and I can manage the rest with a healer and my hp abilities. I also have the GLA and LNC defensives for the times when foresight is down.
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