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Best dungeon for leveling?Follow

#1 Sep 10 2013 at 7:44 AM Rating: Decent
Hey all, before I start this is my brothers forum account (he said I could use it lol)

I'm looking to level up my character in the game (currently level 15), I've chose to do this via dungeons as I love dungeon crawling! :D, what I want to know is.. What do you think the best dungeons in the game (exp wise) are?

Also, is there any specific dungeon to get good gear for a Mage class?

Thank you!
#2 Sep 10 2013 at 7:46 AM Rating: Good
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The first 3 dungeons (you're only lvl 15 so you only get access to Satasha atm) have the same loot, so yes they have gears for mage. Just go for the dungeon of your appropriate level if you want to level, but you would probably need some dedicated group.
#3 Sep 10 2013 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Copperbell mines is not so good. It requires a lot of teamwork to get through, and a lot of players you will get linked with won't be able to figure out the strategies.
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#4 Sep 10 2013 at 9:49 AM Rating: Decent
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I didn't have any trouble with the first 3 dungeons with the exception of my very first run through Sastasha and that was the fault of a lone LNC that refused to take any advice. We got all the way to the end with little fuss (stupid LNC pulls didn't help but we managed) but the last boss ROFLstomped us a few times because the LNC refused to do anything but attack the boss. He wouldn't kill adds, or click bubbles (as we later learned) and he didn't know how to use his LB so we had a double LB just going to waste. Eventually I popped my defensive LB and we rode the storm out, but we only won via luck. I was 1 hit from death for the last 10% of the boss, and a good grouping of parries and dodges saw us through.

That is as close to a bad experience as I have had yet... now I run with a fairly standard crew and we wreak house, so no worries there. When I do PUG, it isn't terrible... the only thing I can't get passed is the impatience of people. I mean FFS, let me catch a breath and mark a target already!
#5 Sep 10 2013 at 9:50 AM Rating: Good
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In general there will always be one (and only one) dungeon appropriate for your level up to level 50. Starting at 20 you get a new one about every 3 or 4 levels.

At 15 you only have Sastasha available to you. Do that and follow the story, and you'll open up Tam Tara Deepcroft and then Copperbell Mines. This all happens as part of the story questline.

The first optional dungeon is Halatali which is unlocked via a quest in Vesper Bay. That's at level 20, don't miss it because the next dungeon isn't until 24.
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#6 Sep 10 2013 at 10:58 AM Rating: Good
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If you want to exp mainly (or purely) from dungeons, keep in mind that if even one member of the group is doing the dungeon for the first time, everyone gets a significant exp bonus when you clear. So rather than trying to set up a static where you just repeat the same dungeons over and over together, you might want to look for opportunities to run dungeons with people who haven't done it before. A good LS or FC might help with that.
#7 Sep 10 2013 at 3:07 PM Rating: Good
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Probably not what you'll want to hear, but if you'd like to level in any degree of a timely manner, doing it solely in dungeons won't be very fast. Some might argue FATEs give too much EXP, but they also lack the gear dungeons offer (I don't feel like the pre-50 GC gear is very seal efficient). So tweaks on either end would basically justify adjusting the other.
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#8 Sep 10 2013 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
you'll have problems in that you HAVE to do the story quest to UNLOCK new dungeons.

FATEs are by far the fastest. Short timers and plenty of EXP.

use Fate for exp
use story to unlock dungeons
use dungeons to get gear.

or you can enjoy the game, take your time (i usually just rush to max level then work on gear). You can get all classes + professions to Lv50.
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