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Question about Fate Parties.Follow

#1 Sep 09 2013 at 8:03 AM Rating: Good
So, it seems everywhere I look there are more and more people shouting for FATE parties, and I just wanted to ask why? I participate in FATEs all the time, but never in parties. Seeing as how during a FATE we are all automatically in a "party" so I was just wondering why people want to be in actual parties to take on FATEs. Exp bonus? Special stats?

Thanks in advance!
#2 Sep 09 2013 at 8:04 AM Rating: Good
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In a party, it is easier to hit the damage requirement to get gold. That's about it. Just easier to get a gold medal and therefore more exp and seals.
#3 Sep 09 2013 at 10:58 AM Rating: Decent
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The problem I'm starting to see regarding Fate parties, is when you get these large roaming bands of players all following a particular Fate cycle, you run into a situation where stragglers, or random people, like me, that join whatever particular one pops near you (them, me) are not able to really contribute because tbere are 30 people already on top of it. I don't see that they scale to accomodate a large influx of participants, and most times, the mobs look like they are getting two shotted from the overabundance of people and the lagg it causes. I don't believe SE intended for such large groups of players to zerg farm them. Another example of how most aspects of mmo's get twerked by the players and end up being abused. However, before somebody says it, no, it's not the players fault. Developers should learn by now to anticipate ancillary behavior on the part of the player base.
#4 Sep 09 2013 at 3:18 PM Rating: Excellent
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I've been in one fate party, that was last night, at level 50, just to ***** with the Massive group, with 2 other FC people.

I reached 50 without a single Fate party.

If it's a single target mob, and I can get there before 80%, Stone II will carry the gold as long as I maintain target.

If it's a Multi-spawn, it's tricky without an AOE attack, but if you skip a few fates here and there, you can get ahead of the next one, and gain the advantage. Think of it this way... You can run yourself ragged getting 10,. 1000 point nibbles. or take a 13,000 point win while relaxing.

Once WHM Hit 45 and Holy, (AOE + Stun) I could wade into those crowds, wipe out 1/3rd to half of them before Stoneskin and HP were chewed through, Sprint out, Pop Shroud for Refresh, Stoneskin again and head back to wipe them out. A whitemage with Killing power is not a pleasant sight.

I just wish the GCD didn't prevent us from Emoting during casting like in XI... Holy REALLY needs the /laugh motion mid-cast. (keeps text spam out, just the sound)

Mind you, you don't NEED to kill that much for a gold... but it certainly puts a smile on your face when the fate ends as the lagfest rides up, breathless after crossing the entire map on chocobo.

On Svara... Bittervets remember the Nidhogg fights, Watch where the chocobos gather as they seem to pop in first, stand in the middle and hope you aren't in front. Svara will pop, Lock it, stand just inside where the cone attack starts and follow him.

The lag is only a problem if you have to load everyone in first... Make them load YOU.

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