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FFXIV Crafting and Gathering Guide From Professional Player Follow

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Gathering can be divided into gardener, miner and fisherman. Gardening is almost the same with mining, that you can start gathering in the open field when you get main-hand and off-hand gears. Then you can get some tools (tools are divided into NQ and HQ, which mean normal quality and high quality separately). As for fisherman, you can go fishing as long as there is water. There are many kinds of fishes as well, but SE has not updated the usage of the fish so we have no idea what we can do with it yet. We just know that part of the fish can be used as cooking materials or used to make fish oil.

In the World of Final Fantasy 14, NPC won’t sell you something great, so you have to get most of the items through your own hard work. This is the set to gathering in the game. Gardening is to cut trees and grasses so you can get some woods, and materials you need for Alchemy and Tailor. Mining can get you something line mines that you need in heavy industry. As a result, we call gathering the first line of industry. Players who do not like crafting or who do not know crafting can make ffxiv gil through gathering. It is not a smart choice to farm gils through combats as combat classes are the most in game.

While gathering, you need to know several attributes: gathering, it is the successful rate of your gathering. The maximum rate is 100%. Perception: the rate to gather high quality items. The maximum rate is 15%. It can reach up to 20% if you have bonus. GP: it decides how many skills you can use in a gathering. You can get 5 points back every one time, so be cautious while using it.

Crafting has many professions as well, they are tailor, Leather, Blacksmithing, Metal Plate, Carpenter, Alchemist, Culinarian and Goldsmith. They are responsible to make all things that the world needs. For example, Leather tailor is responsible for making cloth. Carpenter and Blacksmithing are responsible for making weapons. Metal Plate is responsible for making arms, Culinarian makes food and Goldsmithing makes ornaments. You need many materials to craft and level up. You can choose to farm by yourself or to get some from your friends. Every time you craft you need to spend some crystal of fixed numbers. You can gather crystals very easily in game. So, we can say that gathering and crafting are depending on each other very much. Crafting is a great choice to earn ff14 gil for you even through the cost is a little high. If you are lucky, you can get gears that are much better than the loots you get in dungeons through crafting.

After knowing these classes better, then we can go on with the procedures of playing this game. New players should get familiar with the method to play first and then go on upgrading and following the main-line of the game. You can enter into large cities, finish class quests and start to challenge bosses in dungeons and open field and so on. Gradually, you can get gears you like. The level gap of the gears is huge. We can see it that there is not only gears from level 1 to level 50, there are also gears from level 55 to level 90 which are all for players of level 50. A 50-level player with 90-level gear and 50-level gear are so different. It is difficult to get class gears of course. You can get gears up to level 55 by doing quests, and through dungeons and crafting, you can get gears up to level 70. Gears of level 90 is not available now, that we can just admire it.

Dungeons of high levels require gears of high levels as well. What’s more, the dungeons in FF14 has time limits as well. If your gears are not good enough, it may be too difficult for you to enjoy contents in dungeons. We suggest you to get some class gears after having some gears, just like what we have said, it is not easy to get class gears. But once you are able to get it, it would be the best weapon. There are many things you can do, and there are plenty of content for you to enjoy. New players who are staying in the old server have better chances to experience the game content of the later period. Players who have been playing this game since 1.0 edition have more advantages in game. Players in the new servers are easier to find companions with the same progress to enjoy this game better. You can not see old players with high-end gears everywhere which make it possible for you to enjoy this game more flexibly. Enjoy your FFXIV journey, my friends!

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Gathering doesn't need a guild. Ir's layout is pretty self-explanatory.
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