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[Malboro] Subsidium - Join the Family, or Else.Follow

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Subsidium is a small group of friends who are looking to make new ones.

Over the years we have formed or lead a range of different communities: large guilds, small guilds, competitive clans and massive networks covering multiple games on multiple platforms. While each has been met with success, at this stage in our collective lives we want to concentrate on a few core things:

  • Friendly
  • Mature
  • Good-humored
  • Dedicated

  • When our core team reminisces about the past, we always remember the times we spent with the people we truly enjoyed being around the most. The nostalgia was always strongest when we remembered the great times we had with good people, not necessarily the game or how successful we were at said game.

    A majority of a player's time in a serious guild is spent quietly existing alongside people they simply don’t want to be around. They either stick around to be with the few people they like, or because without a bunch of people they can’t raid or achieve the goals they want to.

    But it does not have to be that way, and I think at this point in our gaming lifespan we are ready to stop making those sacrifices and simply build a guild that is more like a group of great friends or even a family and let whatever level of success that we can accomplish come as it may. This may sound cliche, but I think many of us have found that this is a very difficult treasure to obtain.

    It’s not that we are becoming casual or family-oriented, we are just a few mid to late 20-year-olds who have been gaming so long that we are done putting up with the things that ruin the experience. The trash talking has gotten old and we don’t need to be super serious anymore. We’re ready to find good-natured people playing the games we enjoy.

    I am now going to expand on the qualities I mentioned earlier. These are the type of people we are looking to join our ranks:

    Friendly - Friendly people are inherently helpful human beings. Friendly people want their friends and allies to succeed as much as they do themselves. We've heard an endless amount of “your mom” jokes over the years and frankly we’re exhausted. We’re ready to hang out with people who have nice things to say, or are a bit more mature than the average player.

    Mature - Alongside “Friendly” sits “Maturity.” They are two sides of the same coin really. Maturity is the ability to respond appropriately to a given situation. Sometimes things get serious, or require everyone to remain level-headed. Maturity is the ability to keep calm and work things out without losing your hold on humanity.

    Good-humored - As much as we are trying to find people who avoid constantly belittling others (even if they are “just kidding”) it is even more important that we are surrounded with a jovial group of people that don’t take life too seriously. This is not to say that we want to put together a group of people that can never get anything done. But we like to think we are funny people (some more than others...) and we want members who can laugh “with us” and “at us” in equal kind. There is simply a fine line between belligerent and good-humored. Check your racism and sexism at the door.

    Dedicated - While we want to remain good-humored and not take ourselves too seriously, we do enjoy getting things done. This means we are looking for people who want to succeed, however this does not mean that we expect X-amount of time to be spent in-game. This just means that if the guild was to have a theoretical raid call and you sign up, then we expect you to be there. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to call people on the phone to show up for scheduled raids.

    But there’s more to dedication than just accomplishing in-game goals and avoiding tardiness. Dedication comes down to being a loyal friend and exceptional guild-mate. We want people who are dedicated to the <Subsidium> tag above their character’s head, proud of the guild, and looking to make some good f*cking friends while they’re at it.

    "Okay, fine you want to make some BFFFs, but what else does Subsidium offer its members?"

    As a graphic designer and someone who runs a successful Youtube channel I would go crazy if I was part of a guild that wasn't active in all of the social scenes and didn't offer all of the best tools that a guild could offer. It’s just my nature, even if that obsessiveness doesn't necessarily fit such a casual outlook on guild creation.

    So you can expect to always have a nice website to hang your hat on. You can expect our presence to be found in all of the social media outlets such as Twitter. You can expect content to be produced regularly, from news updates to videos of raids and other events. You can even expect guild streaming. We have it all set up and ready to use. Check us out:

  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Youtube

  • Join Us!

    If you feel like you might fit in with our little group and are looking to join an upstart group that is building from the ground up, then please apply with us.

    The FFXIV branch of our now two-branch community (a large focus is also being placed on Everquest Next & EQN Landmark) requires in-game communication, so please send a /tell or mail message to Ech Kirves in-game. If you'd like to speed things up you can also apply on our website:

    -Ech, Co-Founder
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