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#1 Sep 05 2013 at 5:31 PM Rating: Default
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Well first off does ARC get anything aside from Emerald Carby (ive seen a topaz one before) and how/when do you get it?

Now as for the other thing.. everyone said targetting on PS3 or with a controller is horrible... I never had a problem with it until I tried to heal someone outside of my party while i was in battle.... I press the directional button and even tab on the keyboard and i target everything from monsters to even pets.. but i cant target people (hopefully that wont be the case in parties)

As first i thought it was just too many ppl or things on screen and the targeter was missing them (after all 10 mins before when I was running through the fields i targeted and healed a person who had low health just fine). So i get out of battle mode and stand there making sure nothing is attacking me or my pet isnt attacking anything, theres no enemies hitting me on my attack bar on the left side and no enemies red (so nothing claimed by me) then i started to cycle through the targets and this time i could target and heal players just fine. wtf SE? so I can target and heal ppl outside of my party when im not fighting but in battle mode it ignores them but NOT their pets? THAT needs to be fixed does anyone agree?

how do you target non party members while youre in battle with a gamepad so you can heal them?
#2 Sep 05 2013 at 5:47 PM Rating: Good
I also found this situation to be aggravating. Though, while I was poking around in the settings, I found something that really helps. I believe under "player(character?) settings" there should be a tab on the left regarding targeting. Here, you will be able to activate what I think is referred to as "advanced targeting." Basically, when you enter into battle, the game automatically sets up a list of targeting filters which doesn't allow you to target non-party PCs. By changing the settings around a bit, you'll be able to change the targeting filter manually and allow yourself to target to your choosing.

That probably isn't the best of descriptions, but your answer is definitely in the settings menus. I'd suggest messing around with it and figuring out what works best for you!
#3 Sep 05 2013 at 5:52 PM Rating: Decent
Character settings --> Filter tab

In there you can change the filters for when you have your weapon out or sheathed. You can also change it so that you can change the type of filters whenever you want by pressing L1/LB + one of the face buttons.
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DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
Well first off does ARC get anything aside from Emerald Carby (ive seen a topaz one before) and how/when do you get it?

Minor nitpick: ARC is Archer. Arcanist is ACN. That's the official abbreviation in the game on stuff like gear and abilities, so it would be good to get used to it.
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