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What are the odds of being a MT in raidsFollow

#1 Sep 05 2013 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent

I am going to start playing Realm Reborn and I was thinking about doing a PLD, however, is this going to be like WoW where we get 1-2 tanks in raids?

If it is, the odds of getting a spot as a MT in a FC will be horrible...
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This isn't a game where you can only level one class or job. Your odds of being main tank in a raid will be exactly 1 in however many people are in the raid, but the fact that anyone can level any job means that you'll likely rotate tanks anyway.

I wouldn't expect to be in a FC and not fill the role you're asked to or that you need to if someone doesn't show up or can't make it to a raid that night. I also wouldn't expect to be asked to an FC without the ability to play another role, at least not an FC worth their salt.
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This is one of the things I like about this game! If you are ever having trouble fielding a raid because you can't get enough healers or a tank to log in, you can get people to swap roles. So long as they are competent players, there shouldn't be any reason they can't fulfill the role. Perhaps not as well as a person that does it as their primary role, but if the skills are there, then making raids should be much easier.

It is weird how times have changed since my days in EQ. I can remember having to get 72 people online and ready to go... and doing it 4 nights a week without fail and this was before instances where we had to fight other guilds for content on 7 day timers. Nothing was guaranteed like it is nowadays. Now, in most of the other games I play we have a hard time getting 16 people to log on at the same time, much less the 16 we need, because often times we are short a healer or two, or short a tank (never DPS though, go figure). I really do miss large scale raids... this 8 - 16 man crap is dull.

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