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Overall thoughts on this game so far from low-mid levels.Follow

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I figured I'd make one thread to talk about everything rather than make any more specific threads. Smiley: nod Note that these are all purely my opinion, and some of it is critical, but feel free to disagree. I only include low-mid levels because I've not done any end game yet. I may make some comparisons to 1.0 and other games.

Alright, first up! Combat. So far, I'm enjoying it. It's a gigantic step up from the combat I remember from the first few months I played in 1.0, although a big part of that was UI lag. I was originally disappointed to hear that auto-attack was making its way back into the game, but with a fairly quick cool down on skills that doesn't seem to be an issue. So far it is seemingly fairly simple, although right now I will attribute that to still being in the learning stages of the game. I haven't become familiar enough with finer details like enmity management or the importance that various stats play on each character, but I'm enjoying what I'm seeing so far.

I've enjoyed dungeons so far as well, and even though I've only done lower level, light party dungeons, I'm excited to try out more. Seeing some bosses and missions that involve interesting mechanics is a nice addition IMO.

Now for crafting, I love some additions like the quick synthesis option, which makes crafting a decent amount of low level items to supplement other crafts no longer a chore. I also love that they added the crafting log into the game rather than putting it up on the lodestone as it was in 1.0. More methods of keeping information in the game rather than encouraging you to go check a web site is a plus IMO. Although I don't feel that the relationship between crafting and other classes is as strong as it once was. Between leveling being very quick, and items and equipment being obtained cheaply and easily through various means, it seems that many classes simply don't have as much incentive to purchase crafted goods, at least before end game (which I have no clue about, as my highest classes are still low 40s). Also, crafters no longer seem to even need a market, since tradecraft leves give absurd amounts of experience points. I touched on this in my other thread, but once everything settles, if things remain they are, it's likely that everyone who wants to level crafting will be able to get most, if not all, crafting classes to 50 in their spare time within a few months by simply saving leve allowances and burning them up. This seems to trivialize crafting classes, which I do find unfortunate since one of the original aspects of this game I was looking forward to was the heavy emphasis on crafting and gathering classes.

Alright now, dynamic eve-, I mean FATEs! This one I'm not so sure about. The concept of having things actually occur in the world is something I find pretty cool, but as they are now, it seems that FATEs are mainly used as a primary source of experience points where massive numbers of players group up to zerg around maps and take these down. Important actions involve ensuring "gold" status upon completion and claiming mobs to increase total experience points. This is certainly accessible, I will give it that. But I don't find it to be very engaging. I don't feel that my equipment really matters, or whether I play well or use my skills correctly matters, or anything that I would expect to matter for actually performing well. If I just show up and do enough to get my gold, I'm set. This mentality may be partially due to the fact that many of the zones with a decent amount of FATEs are just so highly populated right now due to the launch week, so I will leave this one up in the air for now.

Lastly, atmosphere. I like that the zones are more varied, and the Black Shroud not being a gigantic grid had to happen (on a side note, I just realized that this grid-like zone is right outside of GRIDania. Smiley: lol Well I thought it was funny...moving on!). There's a few things I miss from 1.0, mainly the soundtrack which I found to be beautiful in places like La Noscea, Gridania, Thanalan, and Coerthas. Speaking of Coerthas, I'm a little sad to see it in its current state. The original zone was serene, with music that had my jaw dropping and the eerie Castle just sitting there in the background. The new one feels fairly generic by comparison. There's nothing particularly wrong with the zone itself, but it just seems like, well, another zone, rather than the awe I felt when I saw the original.

Well, I think that's everything for now. Again, these are all my personal opinions, feel free to agree to disagree.
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It's probably bad to post such a small thing after you posted such a massive thing, but yeah. (woops, typed more than i thought i did)

Loving the game.

I too dreaded the return of Auto-Attack at first. But luckily it plays such a minor role that i couldnt care less about it. It's no longer the main focus of damage, with the occasional skill every 1000-1500 TP you gather from auto-attacking. It's a lovely (amazing) skill fest with here and there an auto-attack in between that you barely notice and that doesnt really hurt in any way.

I love the design of the new world. I kinda still hate that they divided the lands up in zones. I know it probably couldnt be done in any other way to streamline gameplay, but by the Twelve, they could have atleast kept the CITIES one zone instead of the zone-line mashup it currently is. Limsa for instance is tiny in comparison to some of the other area's in the game. There's no reason why they couldnt have made that into a single zone. Would have upped the gameplay value for me tremendously. I keep having to zone every few minutes when crafting because all the things i want or need are in diffirent zones.

That said, the amount of detail they put into this game is breathtaking. Not even talking about the amazing large scale of things, but the tiny insignificant things you'd almost have to look for. NPC's walking out of town, conversations being struck up when you pass a NPC, and even the way how FATE's start before they actually start. It's not just "woop! Fate", but a whole buildup of events before it switches over to a battle everyone in the vicinity joins. NPC couriers for instance actually start out in a town and walk out, before being ambushed in a FATE. Then there's npc's following you, there was one in Ul'dah actually trying to hand me a flyer. I tried to avoid him and he turned towards me to reach one out.

The names of FATEs and quests are hilarious, and i love seeing old familiar names from old FF characters and old FF places come by. While it looks nothing like it, Costa Del Sol and it's Flying Shark bar got a laugh out of me. A lot of silly little things like that.

The only thing that still midly peeves me after even three years is the race names... Mamool Ja are Mamool Ja, a lot of other names are exactly the same as previous similar looking people... but... what the hell is a Miquote? I still refuse to call them anything but Mithra, and people who dont understand what i'm talking about just have to deal with it. Same for Roe-whats-its-name. It's clearly just a Galka. Hyur i can let them get away with since that actually might be an improvement over Hume... but seriously. It's what i absolutely hated about 1.0. Doing things diffirently just for the sake of being diffirent, not being "better".

All in all, i like the game. I'm probably going to hang around for a bit till i explored every little part of the world, done every dungeon and seen most of the things there are to see if i havent found a solid group of friends by then.

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I feel that it was worth the wait.
#4 Sep 04 2013 at 1:35 AM Rating: Decent
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i still miss the open world dungeons frm ffxi (sea serpent grotto, gustav tunnel, eldieme necropolis etc). they added a sense of mystery, allure and compulsion all at the same time. i really hope they would re introduce them.
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