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This is the entire transcript starting from when Bartel asked for quiet time, and ending when he left to deal with his personal life.

I'm highlighting his lines in another color to make them easier to find.

[20:00:54] [FC] Bartel Hayward:I'd kindly ask that you not talk in FC chat until the end. If you have questions, save em for the end please
[20:01:00] [FC] Urzol Thrush:and 2500xp for BOT
[20:01:32] [FC] Turks Forever:is it in vent?
[20:01:50] [FC] Bartel Hayward:Ok,so we only have about half of our members online or in vent, so this will be a brief meeting
[20:02:03] [FC] Elzbeth Stargazer:is it meeting time yet
[20:02:03] [FC] Bartel Hayward:we will have something more in depth once the servers get sorted out and more people can get on
[20:02:07] [FC] Ronyn Olorin: /
[20:02:08] [FC] Bartel Hayward:starting now
[20:02:47] [FC] Bartel Hayward:Tonight we're just going to cover some of the more important topics such as leadership, guild direction, forums, etc
[20:03:05] [FC] Bartel Hayward:the first, and most important topic is guild leadership
[20:03:48] [FC] Bartel Hayward:My proposal, and this is subject to change based on all your input post-meeting, is that we have something like a council, where we elect 8-10 "officers" to run the shell on equal terms
[20:04:25] [FC] Bartel Hayward:They will be almost like departments for the shell, such as endgame, crafting, gathering, etc
[20:05:08] [FC] Bartel Hayward:we can discuss it further and really flesh it out after the meeting and during the next couple days/weeks
[20:05:34] [FC] Bartel Hayward:but realistically, we need to get some people into these positions very quickly, as it is a very difficult job trying to coordinate 200+ people
[20:06:27] [FC] Bartel Hayward:so as soon as this meeting finishes, we'll open it up to suggestions for who we think might fit this idea
[20:06:43] [FC] Bartel Hayward:if you think you'd like to be considered, put your own name in the ring
[20:07:01] [FC] Amarok Goodfellow:I would like to be considered
[20:07:04] [FC] Bartel Hayward:I can tell you now, I already have asked Thayos, one of the admins on ZAM, to help out in a leadership role
[20:07:28] [FC] Bartel Hayward:please save for the end, we'll have an open discussion then, thank you
[20:08:10] [FC] Bartel Hayward:For now, I plan to give full control of FC also to Thayos, to help out with donations, etc
[20:08:59] [FC] Bartel Hayward:So think about who you think would be a good leader,and we'll take some nominations after the meeting
[20:09:19] [FC] Bartel Hayward:Moving on, guild direction
[20:09:38] [FC] Bartel Hayward:This is a casual FC
[20:09:50] [FC] Bartel Hayward:however, there are those here who would like to do things like endgame content
[20:10:01] [FC] Bartel Hayward:and probably a fair number who are more hardcore than most in the shell
[20:10:16] [FC] Bartel Hayward:we also have a fair number of crafters, gatherers, pvp players etc
[20:10:51] [FC] Bartel Hayward:in order to accomodate all these types of players, I think it would be a great idea to use linkshells as a way to form smaller communities for certain types of play
[20:11:15] [FC] Bartel Hayward:for instance, an endgame linkshell, a crafting/gathering linkshell, a pvp linkshell
[20:11:27] [FC] Bartel Hayward:these can be used to coordinate events, and also work towards common goals
[20:11:47] [FC] Bartel Hayward:it will also give us a place to talk outside of FC so it is not constantly spammed
[20:12:01] [FC] Bartel Hayward:bah, need a 2 minute afk... fiance aggro
[20:12:12] [FC] Ronyn Olorin: /
[20:12:20] [FC] Marcy D'arcy:all hail Bartel!
[20:12:24] [FC] Urzol Thrush:lol Impossible to Gague
[20:12:25] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall: /blist add <fiance>
[20:12:26] [FC] Malloc Array:<grin>
[20:12:33] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:lol nighthawk
[20:12:38] [FC] Bartel Hayward:haha ok I'm back :P
[20:12:44] [FC] Egg Shen:how the mighty are laid low by the more powerful
[20:12:49] [FC] Ronyn Olorin: wb lol
[20:12:54] [FC] Bartel Hayward:and meeting is gonna need to be even shorter now, she wants to talk about wedding sh*t lol
[20:13:02] [FC] Autumn Klmbkvist:aww
[20:13:05] [FC] Deadpool Xrage:lol
[20:13:07] [FC] Michael Tyrael:/facepalm :P
[20:13:08] [FC] Luna Solarian:\o/
[20:13:11] [FC] Bartel Hayward:anyways...back to it!
[20:13:11] [FC] Deadpool Xrage:vegas
[20:13:13] [FC] Ronyn Olorin:I dont know how you manage
[20:13:18] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall: /run away <finace>
[20:13:20] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:Gil will be used to buy plots of land for your own home. Along with an FC HQ
[20:13:23] [FC] Bezzet Serlien:hey weddings are important D=
[20:13:25] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:bah mt
[20:13:37] [FC] Bartel Hayward:that's the basic proposal for linkshells and coordinating events
[20:14:25] [FC] Bartel Hayward:I'd really like us to be the best FC on Ultros, and I think this is a way to utilize the FC as the whole, while still giving each section of the game it's own place to get together
[20:14:49] [FC] Bartel Hayward:ok, next up, conduct and guidelines
[20:15:05] [FC] Bartel Hayward:if you haven't seen it yet, it has been posted on both zam and on our lodestone forums
[20:15:24] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:we have a lodestone forums?
[20:15:27] [FC] Bartel Hayward:it is an outline of the basic policies of the company, and some general guidelines I'd expect all members to follow
[20:15:48] [FC] Bartel Hayward:yep, if you log in with your character into the lodestone, you will see it on your character profile page
[20:16:03] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:thxs
[20:16:07] [FC] Bartel Hayward:Please make sure you read the guidelines carefully
[20:16:51] [FC] Bartel Hayward:If you aren't willing to follow them,I'd kindly ask that you drop the FC. We don't want drama in here, we just want a fun community to work together in achieving all of our goals
[20:17:26] [FC] Bartel Hayward:that said, if you have ANY kind of problem with something that happens in-shell or in-game, please contact me or Thayos via tell
[20:17:49] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:or any admin once theyve been voted in :D
[20:17:50] [FC] Bartel Hayward:we will do everything we can to fix the problem
[20:18:02] [FC] Bartel Hayward:yes, when that happens, definitely
[20:18:35] [FC] Bartel Hayward:If you have anything to add to the code of conduct that you think is appropriate, let me know and we'll see about getting it amended
[20:18:50] [FC] Bartel Hayward:ok, that covers that
[20:19:00] [FC] Cilia Maroth:First up
[20:19:03] [FC] Bartel Hayward:sorry if I'm going to fast through things,I want this meeting brief
[20:19:10] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:its all good
[20:19:16] [FC] Ronyn Olorin: /
[20:19:26] [FC] Cilia Maroth:When you say leader you mean like second in command types because I think everyone here thinks of you as the "Leader"
[20:19:44] [FC] Cilia Maroth:are you wanting us to put name forth for captain/commander type positions?
[20:19:47] [FC] Elzbeth Stargazer:agreed
[20:19:47] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:thats why I said Admin.
[20:19:54] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:think of leader as a supervisorly role yes/no?
[20:20:11] [FC] Bartel Hayward:Initially I hadn't planned on staying as the leader, but I am going to leave that up to all of you. If you'd like me to stay on in that capacity, I will gladly do so
[20:20:19] [FC] Bartel Hayward:we can discuss it after the end of the meeting
[20:20:47] [FC] Bartel Hayward:next topic is simply the forums.
[20:20:53] [FC] Bartel Hayward:the lodestone forums are "ok" for us
[20:21:03] [FC] Bartel Hayward:but they are pretty slow and rather cumbersome
[20:21:26] [FC] Bartel Hayward:I feel like for a group this large we really want to have our own unique forums, but I will also be taking feedback on that
[20:21:34] [FC] Bartel Hayward:after the meeting
[20:22:30] [FC] Bartel Hayward:Ok, so honestly thats just about it for the meeting for now
[20:22:42] [FC] Bartel Hayward:I'm sure I've missed things, I'm sure lots of you have questions
[20:23:13] [FC] Ronyn Olorin:good start boss... [02F0D8]
[20:23:16] [FC] Baha Sunfire:calm that fiance aggro
[20:23:19] [FC] Bartel Hayward:In terms of ideas for leadership positions, send me a tell if you're interested or if you think someone would be a good fit
[20:23:22] [FC] Cilia Maroth:Lets keep this orderly, first nominations for commander type people.
[20:23:59] [FC] Baha Sunfire:I think it would be appropriate to thank Bartel for his awesomeness
[20:24:00] [FC] Marcy D'arcy:what are the requirements for a leader?
[20:24:12] [FC] Ronyn Olorin:seconded
[20:24:15] [FC] Egg Shen:can't be a clown
[20:24:25] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:you pretty much need to be able to do the job and act like an officer
[20:24:25] [FC] Ealil Stargazer:Bartel you are great, stay as leader of Fc
[20:24:26] [FC] Marcy D'arcy:shoot...that leaves me out
[20:24:27] [FC] Cilia Maroth:activity should be good
[20:24:49] [FC] Duma Katosuki:chewe can be an officer!
[20:24:53] [FC] Turks Forever:does your lodestone log in suppose to be the same as your game log in?
[20:24:54] [FC] Duma Katosuki:i dont care to be
[20:24:54] [FC] Djakar Perihelion:Bartel should stay as FC Leader
[20:24:57] [FC] Bartel Hayward:the biggest need for a leadership member is someone who can keep a cool head
[20:25:29] [FC] Bartel Hayward:ok, so this is pretty cool,so far all of the people being nominated are the ones I was thinking as well,so it seems like we're on the same page :D
[20:25:34] [FC] Egg Shen:no Gordon Ramsey? >.>
[20:25:38] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:lodestone login should be the same as you use to get onto the SE management site
[20:25:46] [FC] Turks Forever:There are no characters on this FINAL FANTASY XIV service account. Use of the Lodestone requires an account with at least one character.
[20:25:52] [FC] Turks Forever:thats what i just got ><
[20:25:56] [FC] Bartel Hayward:ruh roh
[20:26:00] [FC] Valefor Almasy:Turks make sure you're on the new lodestone
[20:26:04] [FC] Valefor Almasy:and not 1.0
[20:26:05] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:yeah I don't have any characters either apparently....
[20:26:06] [FC] Egg Shen:you don't exist mate
[20:26:09] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:sucks to be me
[20:26:18] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:lodestone is hit or miss.... give it time
[20:26:25] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:not worried about lodestone
[20:26:43] [FC] Torokeru Senjo:Question from vent.
[20:26:55] [FC] Bartel Hayward:also, apologies if I don't respond to your tell, I'm getting quite a few :P
[20:27:01] [FC] Ronyn Olorin:I am here to contribute... let me know what you need and I will do what I can sir.. [02F0D8]
[20:27:02] [FC] Bartel Hayward:but I am noting them all
[20:27:03] [FC] Torokeru Senjo:Sister Fister: "You mentioned donations, what roll with this play in the FC?"
[20:27:05] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:you asked for them :O
[20:27:10] [FC] Ronyn Olorin:mt-ish
[20:27:22] [FC] Bartel Hayward:I know,I just mean keeping up with responses lol
[20:27:29] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:Members have the ability to Invite people still.. Can we change everyone from Leader to Member?
[20:27:29] [FC] Autumn Klmbkvist:donation of the fisting kind...
[20:27:32] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:that's a good question... after the FC housing, our money has to be good for something :P
[20:27:34] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:And then make new ranks?
[20:27:41] [FC] Turks Forever:dont really see a 2.0 lodestone it just sends me to the other one
[20:28:21] [FC] Bartel Hayward:ok, donations for the time being will be for housing
[20:28:27] [FC] Bartel Hayward:if we have an excess
[20:28:36] [FC] Luna Solarian:Might I also recommend making "Class Leaders"? These should be members that people could go to if they need help with their class.
[20:28:38] [FC] Egg Shen:strippers?
[20:28:54] [FC] Valefor Almasy:I used to run a pretty good sub system on donations a few years back. I can post up on forums for that though
[20:28:55] [FC] Bartel Hayward:we'll figure out what to do with it at that point
[20:29:05] [FC] Deadpool Xrage:set a new goal
[20:29:09] [FC] Ealil Stargazer:how close are we to the house?
[20:29:21] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:don't know how much it's going to cost... best guess is a mil
[20:29:29] [FC] Valefor Almasy:Dead, large houses are around 1 mil estimated, we have 350k so far
[20:29:41] [FC] Egg Shen:extra gil shall be sent to me and I will host parties and the guild house... plenty of coke and mithra to go around
[20:29:44] [FC] Torokeru Senjo:Sister Fister: I took donation to mean IRL money. Should we elect to move to our own forums how will we finance this?
[20:29:54] [FC] Apollo Theos:i gotta head out for the night, Thanks Bartel, great first meeting... stay leader in my opinion. Take care all, see you all on in the AM!
[20:29:58] [FC] Deadpool Xrage:yea, just set milestones
[20:30:07] [FC] Bartel Hayward:I was still thinking free forums, just slightly better than lodestone
[20:30:18] [FC] Bartel Hayward:there are some very good ones out there that are free
[20:30:18] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:I'd imagine that depends on what kind of expenses we incur.. forum or voip server rentals, that sort of thing
[20:30:22] [FC] Janni Jovi:I can host forums if you'd like.
[20:30:30] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:I saw somewhere, I think it was on BG. that SE said housing would cost as much as leveling 3 classes to 50. Which is about 250k gil per 50
[20:30:38] [FC] Ronyn Olorin:afk
[20:30:46] [FC] Bartel Hayward:ok Janni, I will keep that in mind, thank you
[20:31:15] [FC] Bartel Hayward:does anyone have any thoughts on the proposal for the leadership council? Does that make sense for everyone?
[20:31:28] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:just to keep it reasonably sized
[20:31:29] [FC] Droxy Durango:makes good sense
[20:31:36] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:I also LOVE the idea of class leaders. So we can help each other out. But mainly if its your main class.
[20:31:39] [FC] Valefor Almasy:8 seems reasonable
[20:31:40] [FC] Turks Forever:whoever gets lvl 50 miner first gets leader, He who has the most patience :)
[20:31:40] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:8-10 people seems like a good estimate
[20:31:42] [FC] Ealil Stargazer:makes sence to me and Betty, so we say go for it
[20:31:46] [FC] Bartel Hayward:Yes, I absolutely agree on class leader idea
[20:31:58] [FC] Torokeru Senjo:Sister Fister: Do you plan on having IRL meet ups for the LS/ FC? I've been to some of these in other games and find them fun.
[20:31:59] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:including the leader
[20:32:08] [FC] Marcy D'arcy:class leader is cool
[20:32:09] [FC] Egg Shen:oh dear god
[20:32:26] [FC] Torokeru Senjo:xD
[20:32:32] [FC] Bartel Hayward:If people are willing, IRL meet ups sound good to me
[20:32:35] [FC] Boj Bgood:Nobody will ever want to meet me
[20:32:39] [FC] Torokeru Senjo:Dorgon: Aye makes sence
[20:32:41] [FC] Bartel Hayward:but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it
[20:32:42] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:lol
[20:32:48] [FC] Egg Shen:and they never saw him or his lalfell again
[20:32:53] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:I live in Indiana! Where are all mah midwest peeps at?!?!?!
[20:32:53] [FC] Torokeru Senjo:09/01 20:32:39 Rocio Giret: Will you be able to handle 8-10 of them?
[20:32:56] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:lol
[20:33:15] [FC] Egg Shen:indiana... north or south?
[20:33:23] [FC] Ealil Stargazer:also for endgame content will you be making a 8 man and a 24 man leader?
[20:33:23] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:Naptown
[20:33:25] [FC] Bartel Hayward:what are peoples thoughts on the linkshell idea for different facets of the game? Does that seem like the best option?
[20:33:28] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:Indianapolis.
[20:33:32] [FC] Turks Forever:ha i live in kentucky lance :P
[20:33:39] [FC] Duma Katosuki:that sounds good especially for pvp
[20:33:41] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:Midwest meet up!
[20:33:47] [FC] Elzbeth Stargazer:gencon
[20:33:48] [FC] Valefor Almasy:yeah, it works well with how the new chat systems are set up
[20:33:51] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:Ealil, the instances are tiered, odds are you'd need 3 8-man groups clearing coil and then joined up as a 24-man group for tower
[20:33:52] [FC] Bartel Hayward:I'm thinking endgame will probably have several leaders, like an overall leader and possibly each of the class leaders if they are willing
[20:33:54] [FC] Michael Tyrael:yes definitely, keep everything organized
[20:33:56] [FC] Egg Shen:pittsburgh here, gf in Chicago though
[20:34:03] [FC] Valefor Almasy:won't have to switch between FC and ls
[20:34:07] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:End Game, Crafting, PVP. Those are the main linkshells.
[20:34:11] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:it does, only thought will be coordinating with the endgame one and pvp for events when people are in many
[20:34:12] [FC] Djakar Perihelion:different aspect LS idea is very good
[20:34:16] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:Bartel, makes sense... it's bass-akwards because that's what FCs are for, but for our situation it makes sense
[20:34:17] [FC] Luna Solarian:Linkshells are a good idea. They're so diverse that you could have class linkshells, activity linkshells, etc.
[20:34:30] [FC] Janni Jovi:Well there is a limitation to linkshells.
[20:34:39] [FC] Rayve Mendicant:or maybe a separate rank for them
[20:34:46] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:You can also store more than 1 linkshell. So being in all of them is fine. You'd just have to color code each one
[20:34:46] [FC] Luna Solarian:True.. you can only have 8...
[20:35:00] [FC] Rayve Mendicant:aww my FC chat is lagging behind =/
[20:35:05] [FC] Torokeru Senjo:Sister Fister: I like the idea of multiple specialized LSes. I am concerned for how the end game LS and PVP LS will handel their particulars in regards to loots and how to obtain them
[20:35:26] [FC] Bartel Hayward:the loot system for those groups will be decided by the groups
[20:35:33] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:loot systems are a bridge that can be burned later
[20:35:39] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:we aren't at that point yet
[20:35:48] [FC] Bartel Hayward:and yeah, we'll cross that bridge when we get there also
[20:35:50] [FC] Ealil Stargazer:agreed, loot should be left to those groups only
[20:36:05] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:Once we have enough people who CAN even raid.. then we will talk how loot will work.
[20:36:13] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:But as of right now I think Im the only one even able to.
[20:36:23] [FC] Bartel Hayward:exactly, i think lance is the only 50 we even have so far :P
[20:36:30] [FC] Ealil Stargazer:damn you Lance you being awesome
[20:36:35] [FC] Bartel Hayward:so unless he wants to solo raid, we'll wait a bit :D
[20:36:35] [FC] Duma Katosuki:im 44! :(
[20:36:37] [FC] Boj Bgood:II Turk
[20:36:40] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:AND I have a 36! Step it up folks!
[20:36:40] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:hes suppose to be PL the rest of us but is slacking
[20:36:41] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:LOL
[20:36:45] [FC] Djakar Perihelion:him and his fancysauce
[20:36:51] [FC] Delyne Nitsu:44 aswell
[20:36:56] [FC] Boj Bgood:is 50
[20:36:57] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:his sauce is made in New York City
[20:36:59] [FC] Droxy Durango:get some sleep Lane!
[20:37:03] [FC] Droxy Durango:*Lance
[20:37:04] [FC] Bartel Hayward:Ok,does anyone have any general questions about anything else?
[20:37:05] [FC] Dahlia Pridewarden:trying right now, still 38 :(
[20:37:10] [FC] Ealil Stargazer:NEW YORK CITY?!
[20:37:14] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:Sleep is for the week
[20:37:16] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:Weak
[20:37:17] [FC] Egg Shen:lane.... lmao
[20:37:19] [FC] Lance Fancysauce:Wow Im tired
[20:37:35] [FC] Ronyn Olorin:I'm clear...
[20:37:59] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:Bartel, doesn't seem like it... anyone who doesn't already visit the Zam forums should make an account over there too. Until we get our own set up, that's a good place for ideas to be bounced around
[20:38:15] [FC] Valefor Almasy:clear. think we'll have a lot more once we're all on here more regularly
[20:38:20] [FC] Marcy D'arcy:yeah i got a question about the class leader. What does that person actually do? Or be responsible for
[20:38:38] [FC] Luna Solarian:Probably helping people out with questions regarding the class
[20:38:42] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:Marcy, a class leader should be an expert on their class and job(s). They should be able to assist and help other members of their class
[20:38:47] [FC] Bartel Hayward:mentoring others, answering questions about the class, possibly coming up with guides, etc
[20:38:59] [FC] Janni Jovi:There's just one concern I'd like to bring up -- it'd be nice if we could revert to using LS chat over FC chat.
[20:39:01] [FC] Luna Solarian:For example: WHM/CNJ > Healing rotation, gear advice, etc.
[20:39:07] [FC] Bartel Hayward:it needs to be someone who is an expert on all things related to that class/job
[20:39:07] [FC] Egg Shen:ORCHID
[20:39:12] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:Janni, LSes are limited to 128 people
[20:39:17] [FC] Marcy D'arcy:i c
[20:39:26] [FC] Janni Jovi:oh, good point
[20:39:42] [FC] Egg Shen:whm gear? lmao... they are lucky we are healing the party
[20:39:50] [FC] Zalnier Azure:a bit off topic but does anyone know of resource online listing all quests by level?
[20:40:01] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:xivdb will eventually... right now it doesn't
[20:40:10] [FC] Ghost Orchid:Wowza I'm here! Hello friends!
[20:40:12] [FC] Nghthawk Evenfall:not sure of any solid one yet with only a week into release
[20:40:21] [FC] Callinon Soulforge:you missed it Ghost, we already ate all the bacon
[20:40:22] [FC] Bartel Hayward:ok,I'm gonna go deal with fiance aggro, if you have any other questions either mail them to me, or post them on the forums in the meeting post

I tried to make that stand out, but it might suck on a really light-colored background. Can't tell.. I use the dark grey style.

EDIT: Changed the green text to large. I tried to find something that worked on all the Zam stylesheets but came up with nothing.

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Yeah, i have decided to work on my Excalibur char until server transfers open up in a couple of weeks. Then' i'll be back on ultros. So thanks for keeping us updated with stuff like this. :)
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Yeah, i have decided to work on my Excalibur char until server transfers open up in a couple of weeks. Then' i'll be back on ultros. So thanks for keeping us updated with stuff like this. :)

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Would have been awesome to attend.

Unfortunately some of us didn't win the lottery of the 1017 and as a result cant take place in any Kraken Club japery.

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I wanted to stay awake for this so badly, I just couldn't keep my eyes open any more. Smiley: frown
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linkshells for gathering/crafting, lvl50 events, lvl 1-45 fate LS, lobby LS.
these r 4 i could see being very useful
should look into it in the next week to cut FC chat to a min asap.

people could have mentor status and have their names listed for questions concerning jobs/crafting. but im not sure having a "leader" for each job would be best. people get big heads and others get butthurt cause the leaders are first in line for loot.
just my 2cent to consider maybe.

a leadership role should be in my opinion, someone who is selfless while playing and gets more out of helping others with their free time then furthering their own goals. i owned 2 LS's in my 7 years in ff11 and know how rewarding it can be, but life has me where i can only play 2 days a week and could not offer my help, just my advice. plz inquire if it's needed.

love the idea of a FC fund for housing and meds for endgame later on.
but that will be LS supported i'm guessing.
could devote 1 page of items in the FCsafe to each LS
#8 Sep 02 2013 at 3:43 AM Rating: Excellent
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fiancee aggro, the hardest boss of them all.
#9 Sep 02 2013 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
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lol fiance aggro, thats a good one. alright good read....not much discussed really so I guess there is going to be a part 2?
#10 Sep 02 2013 at 9:44 AM Rating: Good
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I can't read the green contents. If the green is what you highlighted, Its too bright and can't read it. Maybe putting it in a larger font and not hightlight?

Edited, Sep 2nd 2013 11:45am by Grandmomma

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World: Ultros
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Good ideas about splitting linkshells for different areas. Don't really have any other input at this point in time since I've been afk all week, but def a good direction.

And 2nd that the bright green text is a tough color to read

Edited, Sep 2nd 2013 12:45pm by GongJr
#12 Sep 02 2013 at 10:52 AM Rating: Decent
Sorry if this is not the place to ask but I'm just started out, lvl 11, and wanted to know are you guys still accepting members? Thanks.

Edited, Sep 2nd 2013 12:52pm by kkinase
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Grandmomma wrote:
I can't read the green contents. If the green is what you highlighted, Its too bright and can't read it. Maybe putting it in a larger font and not hightlight?

Edited, Sep 2nd 2013 11:45am by Grandmomma

^ this. I'm not even in this FC or server, but was bored.

that green was a bad high light color. Use the Large font or just bold his stuff lol. I had to high light with my cursor to even read it :p green was killing my eyes.
Sandinmyeye | |Tsukaremashi*a |
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my zam theme is the black one so it was fine for me but i can see how the green could make it hard for others.
#15 Sep 02 2013 at 10:59 AM Rating: Good
What game gives a black theme?
XI's is blue
XIV's is white
Normal ZAM is white
WoW's is Tan.

Sandinmyeye | |Tsukaremashi*a |
#16 Sep 02 2013 at 11:01 AM Rating: Good
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Oh its not called black,though i thought it was lol It just makes everything darker, at the top of the page next to where it says zam network I just clicked on theme and dark.

Edited, Sep 2nd 2013 1:02pm by crazy0taku
#17 Sep 02 2013 at 11:04 AM Rating: Good
oh my . . .

I come through normal ZAM page, so I can see the front page that covers bunches of stuff.

KAO I see you.. why doesn't Normal ZAM have this option!?
Sandinmyeye | |Tsukaremashi*a |
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I can't find our Free Company page.

Name: Ghost Orchid - LEVEL 50 Bard, BLM, WHM, SMN Craft Level 7 Lucis, 6 4-star crafts: CUL, MIN, Wvr, Bsm, Gsm, Arm, Lth, Crp (Fishing and Alc at level 50)
World: Ultros
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Changed it to large. It's a bit harder to read, but it should at least work on all the stylesheets.

For those people asking about the dark style I was talking about, check the Themes menu at the top of the page. The XIV stylesheet supports light, dark, and blue which mimics the FFXI color scheme.
svlyons wrote:
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Thank you for posting this for those of us unable to log in (Damn you 90000 and 1017). As much as I would like to be more involved with the FC and leadership as I have in past MMO games life tends to take up to much of my time these days. I would also add that I am always up for helping people with dungeons runs or whatever is needed but I am horrible at watching the chat box and tend to miss everything so just send me a tell.
#21 Sep 02 2013 at 1:03 PM Rating: Good
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Couldn't log in last night. So I just ended up hanging with the family for the night. Thanks for the post hopefully we all can get something going and become the best FC on Ultros :)
#22 Sep 02 2013 at 1:53 PM Rating: Good
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IKickYoDog wrote:
Teneleven wrote:
Yeah, i have decided to work on my Excalibur char until server transfers open up in a couple of weeks. Then' i'll be back on ultros. So thanks for keeping us updated with stuff like this. :)

NOOOOOO!!!!! Don't bring more traffic to the server!

just kidding Smiley: tongue

I'm already on the server ><
"FFXI is DYING!!" -2009
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#23 Sep 02 2013 at 1:57 PM Rating: Good
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Phoenixlite wrote:
Thank you for posting this for those of us unable to log in (Damn you 90000 and 1017). As much as I would like to be more involved with the FC and leadership as I have in past MMO games life tends to take up to much of my time these days. I would also add that I am always up for helping people with dungeons runs or whatever is needed but I am horrible at watching the chat box and tend to miss everything so just send me a tell.

You can make a seperate chat box that will only have FC chat in it. I made a seperate window that has fc/linkshell/tells only while removing those from every other chat. Don't know if it will help but you can try.
#24 Sep 02 2013 at 1:59 PM Rating: Good
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Thank you for posting this Cal. Much appreciated. For those trying to access the lodestone forums, they can be found here:
#25 Sep 02 2013 at 2:54 PM Rating: Good
Thank you for the info sounds like we are getting off to a great start Smiley: nod Unfortunately I haven't been able to log into Ultros for days so I'm leveling on another server until they get things sorted. It's quite lonely though. Look forward to seeing you all soon.
#26 Sep 02 2013 at 10:42 PM Rating: Excellent
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Thank you for the transcript, Callinon.

As for the topics at hand, the idea for separate linkshells for differing aspects of the Free Company is a pretty sound one. With a rather sizable Free Company, planning certain aspects in the main chat probably isn't going to work too well, so segmenting them to make them more manageable will help out immensely.

Having a "tribunal" of sorts seems like it would work. One person doesn't bear the responsibility by themselves, there can be more upper-level representation on at different times (potentially), and most of the important aspects will probably be voted on anyway, so diverting responsibilities will probably benefit everyone in the end. Also, the odds of someone getting "big-headed" is probably lessened in a situation such as this, 'cause they're only one (wo)man among many in charge, and their opinion alone won't be able to sway anything. So, I don't think there's any reason to worry about someone getting too big for their britches.

For forums, I'd say using these forums would be a little too cluttered, since not everyone here is going to be involved in the Free Company, and threads that might be important will get lost/buried eventually. If it can be segmented like the linkshell one is, then that would probably work, since almost everyone will be posting on here anyway, but failing that, a low/no budget option will work. Keeps the main board clean, and puts the specific focus on the Free Company where it can be easily located. As for the Lodestone, its a real unknown at this point, and there's no telling how stable it is or will be.

Guidelines I touched on in that thread, but they are pretty commonplace and common sense.

Anyway, yeah, that's my bit on it. Apologies for not making it to the meeting itself, but I sat in the character screen for an hour and a half, and immediately got 1017 upon trying to log in, so...yeah, it wasn't meant to be... Smiley: bah
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