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NA Guild Recruiting For Tonberry [JP] Server!Follow

#1 Aug 22 2013 at 3:07 PM Rating: Decent
Looking for a guild of experienced online players willing to both help new players progress in skill and veterans progress in end-game?

[Banana] is that guild for you!
NA EST Guild

Banana was a recently established guild with a set focus on accomplishing many goals within FFXIV: ARR

History of Banana:
Founded by a group of 4 friends, Banana is a continuation off of many other popular MMO's we've played as a group (WoW, GW2, WAR, etc.)
Our history is both brief, and glorious.
Banana was not the original name of our guild. Solidarity was the first established name we used throughout the games we have played. Our goal through each MMO we played as a group, was to become a powerhouse and contender for top ranked guilds within each game.
Our latest achievement in the MMO scene, was being the founders and leaders of one of the strongest guilds on Guild Wars 2.
Upon a merge with another top guild, Elite Solidarity was the biggest running powerhouse guild on Jade Quarry around release of GW2 and was the reason Jade Quarry was in the #1, #2 spots for a very long time. (Still to this day)

After playing GW2 for an extreme period of time, we as a group decided to take a break from MMO's and just enjoy various online games to pass time until a new MMO would release. (Content killed it for us on GW2.)

We've anxiously been waiting for FFXIV: ARR to release, and we're finally excited to be opening our recruitment doors to this amazing game.

Why Banana?:
Throughout our time playing online games together, we've always brainstormed for great names. Serious names that looked powerful and made us look like hardcore gamers. After some time of brainstorming for FFXIV: ARR, we've decided not to take that approach.
We're a serious group of gamers when it comes down to it, but we're not always like that. We like to laugh, have fun, joke around and socialize just as much as other players. A guild name is just a name you display to represent a group of people you play with. It could be whatever your mind could think of. We wanted to have fun with it, and because of this..
Banana was formed!

Why [JP] Tonberry Server?:
At first, we were eagerly waiting to play on the Leviathan server. After some further research, and ping comparisons, we found that Tonberry was a great server to play on! (Also found out that a large NA community will be on that server as well)

Interested In Joining Banana?:
Our doors are currently open to all players over the age of 17 years old.
Usually we feel 18+ is a more appropriate age grouping for our guild, but we decided to give some of the younger folks a shot with us.
We mostly keep the age restriction for play time purposes, different levels of communication, etc.
(No offense young guns)

Here's some other things we'd like from players (These are not required, but would benefit greatly if you came prepared with them.)

- Headset, Microphone (This guild will use Voice Chat heavily to communicate)
- Ventrilo, Skype, other forms of Voice Chat (2 of the most common ones we'll be using)
- An active play schedule (We'd like to see players on consistently each day if possible!)
- A sense of humor (If you just don't laugh at jokes, you're a robot.)
- No robots allowed

We don't have an application process or a guild website.
We've made too many websites, and paid for too many services only to realize that a guild doesn't need to run off a website to be successful.
It mostly needs a structured voice chat, and organized guild in-game in order to run efficiently and be productive.

Applications WILL most likely be added in the future for PVE purposes if need be.

So if you're interested in joining Banana, please reply here on this forum, and if you can, please give us a brief explanation as to why you'd be interested in joining us! (Always nice to hear)
I'll actively be keeping an eye on this thread and will reply letting you know how to get in contact with us/onto our Voice Chat server so you're prepared to go when Saturday comes around and the game launches.

Thanks for reading!
Hope to see some new players join us soon!

Guild Leader,

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#2 Aug 23 2013 at 9:00 AM Rating: Decent
Hey everybody!
One more day until the early access, we hope everyone is excited to jump into the game.

If you're still looking for a guild, come give Banana a shot!
We're a close group of players that welcome all others into the guild equally, and provide direct social-impact to all of our members.
If you'd rather be noticed by few, then sit as just a number in a group of many, then come join Banana!
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