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Good day all! A couple of months ago I started work on this fanfic which was based off of my FFXIV character and was a direct sequel to a previous fanfic Vana'diel Chronicles - Light and Shadow which I co-wrote with a good friend during my FFXI days. While FFXIV has its own story interwoven in that is the player's own experiences. Their story. I would love to write more in my spare time and update this post when I do! I don't consider myself to be that good of a writer, but I do enjoy creating stories such as this and draw inspiration from the many games I've played and from my own personal experiences in life. Please enjoy and hopefully I've helped made the wait til phase 4 & 8/27 a little more bearable. Smiley: wink

This is the first chapter of the tentatively titled Fanfic - To Not Be Forgotten set in the Pre-Meteor timeframe I also plan on adding the "Shadow" portion of Vana'diel Chronicles - Light and Shadow which provides more background on Blk's character.

Chapter 1

"How long has it been?"

Blk's head stirred feverishly hearing himself utter sharply the words that awakened him from his peaceful slumber. His eyes opened slightly squinting to adjust to the dimly lit room. His gaze drew towards the ceiling a low murmur vacated his lips.

"Every day the same vision. Every day the answer eludes me."

Slowly rising to arch his small frame against his headboard Blk tried to decipher some meaning to his plight.

"All I can do now is keep going day by day."

A small nightstand stood to the right of Blk's small wooden bed. A beautifully ornate lamp provided an alluring amber light that warmed the room. A small piece of parchment and a tiny quill placed within an inkwell complemented the small nightstand. It was these items that Blk carefully reached for in his half-sleep state.

It is my hope that somehow within these many parchments. That I might recover what was lost. That I might find that which I seek. To live each day not knowing, constantly searching. I grow weary of the struggle. I tire of the fog which has enveloped me.

A subtle knock interrupted Blk's thoughts. A quaint but sturdy wooden door nestled towards the back of the room creaked open slowly just enough to allow a sliver of light to escape and expose the darkness on the other side of the door. A frail voice hovered across the darkness and broke the stillness in the room.

"Blk Mgflarearu do you not hear the Elementals wailing?"

Blk's name. Even now hearing it Blk could not help but feel as if something was not right about it. It was a nagging sensation one that seemed to tug at his heart and as he sat with quill in hand a deep sadness enveloped him.

"There is trouble a mist in the woods and you have been summoned to investigate the cause and mark the twelve one of our brethren has gone missing as well. What with the Empire already spied within our territory we can't stand to take anything lightly. Much woodsin already lies among us. I shall prepare a cleansing at once for your return. Go now and upon your return report your findings to the head conjurer on duty at the guild desk."

Blk's reply was mechanic, firm and clear.

"As you wish Matron Eluna."

Matron Eluna a frail yet formidable woman well versed in the ways of magic and wise well beyond her
years. A woman of upmost respect and power among the conjurer's. To her Blk owed his life even
though his memories of their meeting he could not recall. This he did know as much. He respected her
and admired the qualities she possessed.

Matron Eluna quietly dismissed herself and once again the room was bathed in light with no signs of

Blk arose and walked towards a small table adjacent to the door. An oval shaped mirror adorned the
table. Blk bent forward slightly gazing at his own reflection. His caramel complexion complimented his
slightly rounded face his eyes the color of coal seemed to hold such uncertainty and sadness.

"I can hear them...the Elementals are in fact wailing and their cries are filled with hatred. What manner
of misfortune is befalling this peaceful nation. This is somehow connected..."

Blk rummaged through the folds of his robe and procured a simple thin silver chain. Intertwined
midway through the chain was a charm of sorts. A small peculiar stone that appeared to be a piece
from a much larger stone completed the necklace and added a mysterious quality to the object. Blk
carefully placed the necklace around his neck.

" this."

Blk rubbed his fingers amongst the charm that hung midway across his chest. A sense of familiarity
caressed him. Blk feeling himself get distracted quickly remembered the task at hand. Carefully tucking
the necklace under his robe. He began the incantation that would teleport him near the entrance to the
woods. In a few moments Blk's image upon the mirror slowly began to vanish. The sudden change of
gravity caused the table to shake slightly making the mirrored image appear distorted like ripples upon a
lake. Soon all was still. Basking in the warm amber light.

* * *

Chapter 2

Blk materialized in the Plaza a few feet from the giant Aetheryte crystal located northwest of White Wolf Gate.

Word travels fast.

Blk thought as he surveyed his surroundings. A small crowd of citizens and adventurers had gathered near the gate guard demanding to know what was going on.

"What do you mean we can't leave the city?"

"Just what exactly is going on here?"

"Didn't you hear? The Garleans have been sighted and are making their way to the city!"

"Everyone calm down. The situation is under investigation by the conjurer's guild. We'll know more once they have completed their investigation..."

"I saw them with my own eyes! Men in armor the likes I'd never seen with weapons far superior to our own!"

Blk figured this was as good a place as any to start his investigation so he carefully took account of everyone before him. Many he recognized as citizens of Gridania from their attire, while several adventurers wore garbs similar to those worn in the merchant capital Uldah and the bustling port town of Limsa Lominsa. To the west of the guard was the exit from the plaza that opened up to an intersection of a well traveled road. One could easily get trampled from the adventurers making haste from the plaza back to the Adventurer's Guild to take on new jobs or a quick peaceful respite until the next influx of jobs become available. Blk's focus shifted slightly when his gaze fell to the middle of the road before him. A young hyur woman stood in the middle of the road. Seemingly unmoved by the commotion around her. The woman appeared to be waiting for someone as she swiftly dodged travelers her gaze shifting casually to her left and right. The young lady stood out amongst the crowd. Perhaps it was her long bronze colored hair fashioned in a ponytail that appeared to glisten in the light of the morning sun. Or how eager she appeared to be as she stood in the street refusing to be moved by those around her. At any rate Blk could not take his eyes off of her. There was something about her as if they had met before. Blk knew he had never seen this woman before and yet without knowing he had begun to approach the young lady.

Who is this woman...and why do I feel like I have seen her before...?

Blk now was within arm's reach of the woman who's back was now turned away from Blk. Blk began to motion to tap the woman to get her attention when he heard a young Elezen shout.

"Jade! J-ade!"

The now startled woman quickly turned around to find Blk behind her letting out a small scream in surprise.

Quickly feeling embarrassed Blk bowed swiftly to the woman out of respect.

"Pardon me ma'am. My apologies I had mistaken you for someone else..."

Blk was not convinced that the woman understood what he meant by the puzzled expression on her face.

"Again my apologies I shall take my leave now."

And with that Blk hurried in the direction of the gate flustered and disappointed in his lack of tact.

What was I thinking! I knew I didn't know that woman! But maybe...maybe this is some kind of sign? No! I mustn't allow myself to be distracted from the task at hand.

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Cool, I used to write fanfics on Of course I only ever did one for a favorite game. I've usually written stuff spun off from movies and books I've read =P
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Thanks! You'll have to point me in the direction of some stuff you've written!
Striving to help the world ~ One N/PC at a time.
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