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#1 Jul 24 2013 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
Nox Aeterna is a European semi-hardcore free company.

We will be rolling on a non-legacy server and fully intend to ravage all the content FFXIV: ARR has to offer. We are competitive and driven.
Nox Aeterna exists out of a merge of 2 guilds that had done numerous collaborations in the past; Project Machina and Trix Lorena.
We stand for a small core of dedicated players who strive to be the best.
We do not wish to grow into a big company (40+) members, we are expecting to have around 30 – 35 members.
We believe in team cooperation and individual skill. Team Speak is our chosen form of communication and are on it at all times (when online).

Project Machina

Project Machina consists of core members who all met while residing on a PvP server called Perento. Xaia Masters (Creator of the legion) decided to start a new legion, after considering this idea to a long time member (and Co-leader) TheTrailer, after much careful thought, a new legion was born consisting some of the original members of "Distorted Reality"-

Trix Lorena
Trix Lorena was formed for the release of Guild Wars 2. The guild consisted of around 35 members and was a very successful guild in all aspects of the game (both sPvP, WvW and PvE).
Before GW2 we played Aion (where we first met Project Machina) and after that Tera.
With the release of GW2 some of our members left but our core survived and we later decided to merge with Project Machina since we had the same goals and ideas.
Our main focus was dominating the game.

Nox Aeterna
We are a company with a competitive yet very laid back spirit. Having fun always comes first with us.
We maintain a healthy and friendly environment for our members to stay in. Nox Aeterna should be seen as an online family or a place to hang out if you don’t go out on that Friday/Saturday night.

Our focus in Final Fantasy XIV is that we want to shine at every aspect of the game.
We are competitive and aim to be one of the most skilled companies on whichever server we choose.
We love theory crafting and are not afraid to spend endless nights exploring the fast worlds of any game we play.

Our goal in one sentence would be: Pro-Active endgame content clearing.

We do not allow botting, hacking or any other nonsense.
We abide by the game's rules and violating these rules will result in immediate removal from the company.

Other than that we strive to have as much fun as possible both during the game and when socializing on voice communication.

For most of use the FFXIV 2.0 will be a brand new game while others have played FFXIV 1.0.
We are looking for people who are willing to embark on a new adventure with us who are also new to the game as well.
Have you played 1.0 and still find us interesting then you are more then welcome to apply.

Voice communication
We use the Teamspeak 3 as our way to voice communicate with one another. We believe it’s essential for a guild to have a voice communication server in order to coordinate groups more effectively and easily. It also adds a more personal feeling and can strengthens member’s bonds.

Playstation 3
If you own a playstation 3(4) and would like to join us. We only ask of you to be online on teamspeak.
As it is sometimes very difficult to communicate with a keyboard alone, let alone using a controller

Nox Aeterna is currently open for all classes and jobs. This does not mean we will simply accept everyone. If you are interested in applying to our company, we encourage you to do so.
However there are a few things you should be aware of if you wish to apply to our company;
1. If you do not fill out your application with care and thought, give weird or vague answers, we will decline your application.
2. It is utterly important to us what type of person you are.
3. We are semi-hardcore. This means that when you are online you should strive for as much progression as possible (both for yourself and the guild).
4. If your attitude is crap, you are disrespectful or do not put any effort in your game, you will be removed from the guild after one warning.
5. We do not have time to babysit or spoon-feed our members.
6. You will only receive one warning when it comes to an offense against the guild, whether you act like an ******* or are being disloyal.
7. If you are playing on a PS3 we expect you to also be on Team Speak, communication is of essence.
#2 Aug 04 2013 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
Still looking for more victims- I mean friendly people to join us! :D
Doesn't matter whether you're a guy, a girl or a cat. I'm happy with all.
#3 Aug 23 2013 at 8:30 AM Rating: Decent
Aaaand bumping again! The priority of classes are at the moment: Bards, Healers (WHM/SCH) and DPS!
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