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Comparing the PC and PS3 user interfacesFollow

#1 Jul 11 2013 at 11:09 AM Rating: Good
Having started beta on PS3, I found it difficult (impossible) to get the PS3 UI the look and act right.

This round of beta I've been on PC so I'm seeing all the HUD, UI, and resolution customizations options that PC users have.

I'm going to list all the customizations options that the PC has that the PS3 did not have during the last round of beta. Then I will log into PS3 tonight and find out if those were actual improvements to UI customization for both systems since the last beta, or if the PS3 is still limited on options.

On PC you can:
1.) Separate the chat logs so that "Battle" and "General", etc. are docked on separate parts of the screen.
2.) Change the size of chat fonts.
3.) There is a whole string of mini icons always on-screen for every in-game menu, such as "Character", "Inventory", "System Menu" etc.
4.) Customize the location and number of hot bars on screen.
5.) Customize overall screen resolution.
6.) The ability to set each controller button to whatever function you want.

In the last round of beta I could not [figure out how to] do the following things with the PS3 UI:
1.) Separate the chat logs.
2.) Customize font size (locked to one size option).
3.) There is not a string of mini-icons, even though I was using a mouse and could have utilized it.
4.) You could only chose the controller based L1+button/R1+button hotbars. No option for regular hotbars. No option to have 10 hot bars on the screen.
5.) Customize screen resolution.
6.) I could not customize each button on the controller.

I have no idea if the PS3 UI has updated some of these since the last beta weekend. I will print this list, check when I get home, and reply back later.

As it stand now the PS3 version is lacking a great deal of customization options that clearly could be utilized by a PS3 user with mouse and keyboard. I don't see why the UI options are not identical, since the available input devices are identical for both platforms.

On a side note - chat difference:
On the PS3 version, typing on the keyboard immediately sends you into the chat bar (without pressing enter first.) This limits the effective keyboard keys you can set to Keybinds to the number pad and functions keys. In Ver 1.0, hitting Enter, or not, to start chatting was a setting that you could toggle. For ARR, toggling this is not currently an option. PC = hit enter first to chat, PS3 = typing starts chat immediately. (It was actually easier to chat during crafting or battle on PS3, because sometimes hitting the Enter to start chat on PC would effect what I was doing instead of opening chat, depending on where I was in the menu/battle.)

If anyone else has used both UI's, I'd like to hear your impression of the varying options.

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#2 Jul 11 2013 at 12:40 PM Rating: Good
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I have played on both PC and PS3 and I agree with you that the PS3 UI is seriously lacking in customization, and you can get a nicer looking better functioning UI on PC. You are very limited in what you can move around and even then you can not at this time re-size any of the UI elements and I personally find them to be to big and take up to much of the screen (I play on a 32" flat screen, soon to be 42").

If they added something simple like allowing PS3 users who plug in a mouse and keyboard to use the standard PC UI that would be great. I do know that I have seen this topic and targeting on PS3 talked about the most and I hope they can do more to address these two areas, if not I will still continue to enjoy the game non the less.
#3 Aug 23 2013 at 10:12 AM Rating: Default
This should totally be a bigger, more prominent issue than it (seemingly) is! I completely agree with you guys. I played on PC for the first portion of the beta, but then had to switch over to PS3 (sadly my computer just couldn't really handle it that well), and the UI customization options on the PS3 are very lacking!

I would appreciate it-- at the very least-- if they would just allow you to resize the screen elements. It feels very crowded! I am glad to know that other people are experiencing this issue, simply because this way I know it's not something to do with my monitor.

I would post this in the beta forums, but alas I have waited too long to bring up the issue and now the forums are down at the moment, no doubt in preparation for early access launch tomorrow.

I will say though, I did figure out AT LEAST how to change the font size in the chat window (they may have added this feature since the original post here), but aside from that, I can't find much else that has been added to address these concerns.

I say we raise a ruckus about this! lol But as was also brought up, I will still enjoy the game none-the-less if these issues aren't addressed :-\
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#4 Aug 23 2013 at 10:16 AM Rating: Good
Considering that the core fans in Japan are mostly playing on PS3's, I'm sure the UI will become more customizable with time. If I recall the font size at least was customizable in Phase 4?

Unfortunately, they have already confirmed that the exact same UI as the PC is not possible on the PS3.
#5 Aug 23 2013 at 10:18 AM Rating: Good
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Since that post was made, the PS3 version has been given the option to resize UI elements. Small, normal and large.

And font size was locked to 14 or 16 before, now you also have size 12.

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#6 Aug 23 2013 at 10:20 AM Rating: Good
Yes this is a post Phase 3 / Pre-Phase 4 thread in the first place. It probably does not do any good to have it pop back up right now.

I'm thinking we should wait to discuss this again after the release UI is known.

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