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[Vanguard] End-game/progression FC that isn't super-hardcoreFollow

#1 Jun 24 2013 at 3:41 AM Rating: Decent
Hi Guys,

I'm looking to create a brand new FC called Vanguard (although we can decide on a new name together if you want!), and I will get a website up and running as soon as I can find a co-leader to help manage the FC with me. (Let me know if you're interested in being a co-leader!) For the time being, you can find all general information about Vanguard in this post, and it will be detailed enough to help you understand if you are a good fit as this FC is for a VERY niche type of end-game player. No fancy fonts or anything used: just what you need to know in simple bullet points.

To get a better grasp of what type of FC I'm envisioning:

- Server: TBD although it will be a New Server, Timezone/Region: All players accepted from any time-zone as long as you are active and log at least 20+ hours a week. We are going to be looking for very active players! You do not have to have FFXIV 1.0 or FFXI experience in particular, although some MMORPG end-game experience from other games is highly preferred.

- Progression/End-game oriented while still keeping our humanity in check; we would like to be on par with (or even better!) than other end-game FCs to accomplish the higher-tier challenges on whatever server we end up on, although being first and best comes secondary to actually enjoying each other's company and having fun. Eventually, we will all move on with our lives to other games or other responsibilities after committing massive amounts of time to FFXIV:ARR, and in the end, friendships made in this FS will last... but your awesome gear and stats will not, which is why we will put friendship above everything else in this FC even if the focus of it is on end-game.

- With that being said, and this might be considered an oxymoron considering the progression/end-game element: we don't abide by any standard MMO rules that dictate item distribution from raids: we just take turns distributing item drops from each raid to whoever is in the party for that raid that has use for it in regard to their main class. So if two main THMs are in a raid party and a good caster item drops, one takes it and the other just gets the next good caster item by default. While hardcore MMORPG players will scoff at this lack of structure, it will work perfectly fine for a small FC with dedicated and friendly players that value friendship over in-game items and gold. We don't keep spreadsheets detailing time logged, how many raids attended, etc., and we never will. Anything that no one needs will be sold so we can raise funds to build a cool home for ourselves. ^^

- We will have weekly events, and do things together from time to time that really have no purpose in terms of progression once we get to end-game but do help built our sense of family: FATEs, item hunts, trivia, and anything else fun that is possible in FFXIV. If you are the type of player that is always wanting to raid to stay ahead of the curve and that is all you want to do all the time, then this FC might not be the best fit for you. We want to be ahead of the curve, don't get me wrong, but we won't sacrifice our sense of family in order to do so.

- If you are very competitive, that is okay, we can all be like that sometimes especially when it comes to gaming and it is never a bad trait to have when looking for end-game oriented recruits. However, this FC will be drama-free and we will always be courteous to another and supportive even when someone botches up terribly on a raid. This FC is perfect for those who are inclined to laugh off a wipe and try again rather than get angry or frustrated, but at the same time driven to push the limits of higher-tier content. No one should be inclined to think that the most pushy, egotistical, aggressive people are the ones who always end up on top in an MMORPG, as I've seen evidence to the contrary many times before. Being skilled at an MMO is great in regard to gameplay, but that should not be prioritized over basic social skills and common courtesies that every decent person should possess and exercise habitually.

- This FC will be capped at 24 players from beginning to end (edited: final cap number will be decided upon with co-leader). We are not aiming to be the largest FC out there, but we are aiming to be the most exclusive. What does that mean? We want the most driven, most active, yet also most friendly, players we can find in all of Eorzea. We aim to create a family, and our chemistry/loyalty as a small tightly-knit unit should be unparalleled if not for anything else to our peers.

- IN SUMMARY: We are not a super hardcore "first in everything" end-game FC, although with all else being said we are not casual either and we want to make a name for ourselves in regard to progression. We are right in the middle, and accomodate those players who are interested in pushing end-game content at a competitive/respectable pace without losing those casual, fun moments that really make MMORPGs enjoyable on a social level.

There are only two strict requirements to join this FC and be one of only 24 members:

1) You want to fully explore and push the end-game of FFXIV:ARR, and thus you command previous MMO experience/skill sets as well as the activeness required to do so

2) You are friendly and get along with other people very well, and will put friendship and the FC culture of family over the betterment of your own personal gain.

P.S. - Crafting maniacs are also welcome.

Anyone who is interested can just message me directly on these forums or email me at! If you are interested in being a co-leader, let me know as well and tell me what you're prepared to do to make this the most tightly-knit FC in all of Eorzea. Thanks ^^

- RK
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