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How to FFXIV - Dude, Where's My Guild?Follow

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How to FFXIV - Dude, Where's My Guild?

So the most common question I'm seeing from people in-game is where to go to find X class they want to play but didn't start as.

Some poking at the character creator will help with the combat classes, but I thought I'd lay them all out here for people to use as a reference to finding that one thing they wanted to try out but can't quite locate.

I'm going to use the names that appear on the in-game map under the assumption that anyone looking for one of these places, probably doesn't have the aethernet node unlocked to just warp there.

Physical Classes
- Gladiator - Ul'dah, The Coliseum
- Pugilist - Ul'dah, Platinum Mirage
- Lancer - Gridania, Wailing Barracks
- Marauder - Limsa Lominsa, Coral Tower
- Archer - Gridania, Quiver's Hold

Magic Classes
- Thaumaturge - Ul'dah, Arrzaneth Ossuary
- Conjurer - Gridania, Stillglade Fane
- *Arcanist - Limsa Lominsa, Maelvaan's Gate

Crafting Classes
- Carpenter - Gridania - Carpenter's Guild
- Goldsmith - Ul'Dah - Goldsmith's Guild
- Weaver - Ul'Dah - Weaver's Guild
- Alchemist - Ul'Dah - Alchemist's Guild
- Leatherworker - Gridania - Leatherworker's Guild
- Armorsmith - Limsa Lominsa, Naldiq & Vymelli's
- Blacksmith - Limsa Lominsa, Naldiq & Vymelli's
- Culinarian (Cooking) - Limsa Lominsa, The Bismarck

Gathering Classes
- Botanist - Gridania - Botanist's Guild
- Miner - Ul'Dah - Miner's Guild
- *Fisherman - Limsa Lominsa - Fisherman's Bottom

* = Arcanist and Fisherman are not available in the beta, though their guilds are still in the game.

Classes by City
- Limsa Lominsa
-- Marauder, Upper Decks (11,6)
-- Arcanist, Lower Decks (4,11)
-- Armorsmith, Upper Decks (10,15)
-- Blacksmith, Upper Decks (10,15)
-- Culinarian, Upper Decks (9,8)
-- Fisherman, Lower Decks (7,14)

- Gridania
-- Lancer, Old Gridania (14,5)
-- Archer, New Gridania (15,12)
-- Conjurer, Old Gridania (6,10)
-- Carpenter, New Gridania (10,12)
-- Leatherworker, Old Gridania (12,7)
-- Botanist, Old Gridania (6,8)

- Ul'dah
-- Gladiator, Steps of Thal (9,11)
-- Pugilist, Steps of Nald (9,10)
-- Thaumaturge, Steps of Nald (6,12)
-- Goldsmith, Steps of Thal (10,13)
-- Weaver, Steps of Thal (14,13)
-- Alchemist, Hustings Strip (9,13)
-- Miner, Steps of Thal (10,14)

To unlock a class is as simple as visiting the guild in question, talking to the receptionist at the front counter who will give you a quest AFTER you agree to join the guild. Accept the quest, talk to the guildmaster who will give you a starter main-hand that corrisponds to the class. Equip the main hand he/she gives you and you're golden. Currently every class in the game is unlocked in this manner.
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Awesome post, thank you!
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(((HUGS))) xxxxxxx

I can't even tell you what I went through today. The maps need a little work from devel team, but in the meantime this post is gold. thanks.

What do the numbers in the (***) mean? Thanks.

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I registered just to say that the last paragraph of your post is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
If they only said as much inside the game itself!
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damnit someone necroed this. whatever only a few months late with my witty comment.

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