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#1 May 29 2013 at 11:42 PM Rating: Excellent
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Check out the video at right around 26:00... I don't know if this is new or not? If it isn't my apologies...

It looks pretty awesome though.

Ohhh... and I want to wear a mortarboard around at work, game developers get all the fun Smiley: bah

Here's a non-official translation... If this has already been posted here let me know and I'll take it down.

First the test broadcast stuff... It's super rough version, didn't change, fix anything just went along with the video so as usual might be missing some stuff.
I have to get to some work stuff so I may come back later to fix it up a bit but since it's test broadcast version don't expect too much from it.
1) They will sell Distant Worlds album on 6/26
2) They will sell FFXIV - Before Meteor sound track with 104 tracks which is over 6 hours - Has all the previous version XIV sound tracks in blue ray music disk format.
3) If you buy Before Meteor sound track it will come with Dalamud minion
4) Since sound track is blue-ray disk, they also will include MP3 version inside so you can transfer to your portable device to listen.
5) Video recap of 1.x primal battles stopped half way, YoshiP comes in an scolds Soken and Mocchi, asks what the hell is Soken wearing on his head, Soken says he can't answer but YoshiP kept on saying Scholar. PR tries to stop him saying that info hasn't been released yet, but YoshiP get's pissed off at PR and tells them they are as bad as him and makes the PR guy also get in seiza stance and to leave a comment for FF14 players.
7th Producer Letter Live - Test Broadcast translation
m; to all of you watching test broadcast good evening
m; this is test broadcast for tomorrow
m; wondering if many is watching this
m; as usual we would like to check if there is any mic/sound issues so please let us know
m; through twitter, please leave those comments with hash tag
m; seeing lots of, it’s just right
m; you can’t see on screen but usual members are here, say hi
others - hi
m; they don’t have enough strength (laugh)
m; is it big/small/breaking up?
m; it’s good
m; how about you soken-san?
s: mmm
m; you’re curious?
m; oh because of many comments?
m; i was bit worried, but it’s good?
m; sound seems good, looks good. Thank you everyone
m; well since we got this chance, lets call Soken-san
s; really? This going to be okay?
m; if something happens you just need to get out and fix
s; oh yeah
m; well it’s the usual two
m; oooh what’s this
m; Mocchi & Knee: Soken... Test Caster...
m; they are testing stuff we haven’t been told about
m; it’s okay
s; for those watching nico-chou event, i was to apologize, i should of done something more fun, was too serious.
s; if you made some funny faces i would of taken picture and posted it but you were serious
s; when someone asked to take pic with me, i did make funny faces
m; should of done the opposite
s; i see
s; let me fix that
s; I’m not good with language
m; well your status is for music
s; you got beard, its long
m; mmm
s; i see
s; got announcement
m; you brought it?
s; last time susan caloway the one i messed up, i leaked it right? that became a product. Uematsu-san is posing like this inside. This is blue-ray, dvd? Blue-ray.
s; This is coming out June 26th, Distant Worlds, music from Final Fantasy celebration
s; it was good i leaked, maybe if i leak it becomes a product
m; you got something else.
s; if it’s just that people from 14...
s; i got more important information
s; because of some stuff, some information spread out, and yesterday, FFXIV CE it has different stuff.
s; it’s close to deadline but the guys over there brought some stuff and we’re going to have sound track and stuff.
s; and the master for the sound track finished last night, that’s this. It will have 6 tracks and people may say that’s too short but each part is long.
s; With 6 tracks it’s pretty much full on the CD, we were discussing what to do since it was over and we didn’t want to cut it at the wrong part.
m; suisho no shirabe - 11min 15sec its long
s; it’s long
m; seion no mori - 5min 51sec
s; about 6 seconds
m; 3rd track limrulain no vail
m; 8min 54sec
s; you probably can guess where this is
m; nishikaze ni nosete - 5min 19sec
s; 5min 19sec, it’s long
m; Sabaku no houseki - 12min 40sec, this is the longest one
s; this one was great
m; shakunetsu no chie - 6min 35sec
s; this one is in the walkthrough
m; total play time 50min50sec
s; i made it go go 14! (5 reads go)
m; you were talking you couldn’t get it in the cd, but you were actually playing as usual
m; please look forward to it
s; got some more stuff
s; yesterday some info leaked but previous xiv, world that was burned by Eorzea
s; before meteor, complete sound track, sound track that has every track from previous XIV has been confirmed
m; you put everything in?
s; yep, it’s going to be on sale, it’s going through mastering right now.
s; has 104 tracks, total playtime is over 6 hours
m; so you play start and it will play for 6 hours?
s; yeah
m; so you play in the noon, it will end around the time for dinner
s; it’s long
s; first we were talking about getting it in CD but to get it in it will be about 7 CDS? 8? more? I see
m; reminds me of old playstation games
s; The cost to produce is high, and putting disk 2, 6 and stuff will get annoying so were blue ray disk music, music industry is taking about switching to that direction so
m; so catch that wave huh
s; yeah, that’s what Inatori decided
s; in one disk
m; so 7disk became 1 disk
s; yes, but you will need blue-ray drive, was thinking if it’s better as CD but since if its 8 disk it’s going to cost a lot we chose the blue-ray disk.
s; people might say what the hell, I can’t listen to it anywhere
s; so in the disk there is the mp3 version where you can transfer to portable device and listen
m; that going to be OK?
s; i think it’s OK, Inatori over there is saying ok
m; can’t see him but it’s really him
s; also one more reason, blue-ray disk, if it’s CD it’s done by 44.1 sound but this time 96khz 24bit - if you put that in numbers, it’s about 5 times greater.
m; I’m not good with numbers, but that just means it’s great right?
m; if you listen, you’ll know the difference right?
s; tested it out in the studio to compair but it’s different
s; also brought jacket
s; this is bad, this didn’t pass, and in the end came to this
s; yoship been wearing meteor survivor t-shirt with this.
s; see it says Before Meteor
s; For those of you that buy this CD you’ll get a minion, like finger and stuff, but for this cd if you buy it you’ll get... I took this
s; This (shows image of Dalamud)
s; We have size comparison
m; oh yeah?
s; this
m; who’s next to it?
s; it’s that old guy
m; it’s you right?
s; i got a larger image here
m; soken-san.......
m; soken-san.......
s; m-san told me to bring this ball, this dalamud ball
m; looks same
m; something is stuck inside dalamud... that’s you
s; this one is bug
s; this is actual one, probably this one removed
m; ah
s; we just stuck it on with glue...
s; It has everything so Ifrit, Moogle, Garuda, Darnus, all of it is in there, answers in there also, right?
m; told him it’s ok to talk but he doesn’t talk
s; I believe there are many wanting to see old images of XIV so wanted to show video of it
m; you worked hard huh?
s; made it 30min ago
stops half way
s; looks like it stopped half way... so we started broadcast in seiza stance...
m; well at least we were able to test it so make sure it doesn’t happen tomorrow right
s; yeah
shows video again
m; well we went through a lot in previous version
y; it’s long!
y; long
s; long...
y; and why was the broadcast stopped?
s; we didn’t know it stopped and kept on going
y; after this i have to record after this to make the commentary, i haven’t slept, and i can’t move
s; can I borrow your shaver
y; what’s this?
m; this is osute stuff we put on you
y; yeah, and what do you have on?
s; I can’t say it from my mouth...
y; it’s Scholar right?
y; you want to say Scholar right?
y; I’ll say it again, this is Scholar right?
s; Yes it’s Scholar! other - that’s not good, Scholar is not good.
y; i want to tell the PR guys, we get in trouble but you guys are leaking Arcanist and Summoner, battle team is really pissed off and I have to treat them Yakiniku after this.
y; you telling me it’s not good now, it’s not bad, all those customers are following up and where people are asking what the hell is that, others saying just think about devs and keep quiet.
y; you should seiza, you haven’t done at all
y; alright please leave a message for 14 customers
PR: Today, I’m sorry I missed the perm (hair),
s; that’s not it!
PR: even if I messed up my hair, 14 will succeed so please support us!
s; nice
y; alright that’s it for test broadcast,
m; tomorrow will be from 22:00
m; today was bit off from our scheduled time.

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#2 May 30 2013 at 12:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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Well don't know if its new but i haven't seen it before. But i am known to not follow all the news. >_<

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#3 May 30 2013 at 1:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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Thanks for posting this up, was a good read :)
#4 May 30 2013 at 6:04 AM Rating: Good
I'll be at the airport when the live letter starts Smiley: mad
#5 May 30 2013 at 12:53 PM Rating: Excellent
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electromagnet83 wrote:
I'll be at the airport when the live letter starts Smiley: mad

Going anywhere cool?
#6 May 30 2013 at 1:10 PM Rating: Excellent
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This is the live letter test from yesterday.
#7 May 30 2013 at 1:13 PM Rating: Excellent
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Louiscool wrote:
This is the live letter test from yesterday.

Yeah... they all but confirmed scholar in it lol Smiley: smile
#8 May 30 2013 at 1:31 PM Rating: Excellent
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Parathyroid wrote:
Louiscool wrote:
This is the live letter test from yesterday.

Yeah... they all but confirmed scholar in it lol Smiley: smile

You think?
#9 May 30 2013 at 1:38 PM Rating: Excellent
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Louiscool wrote:
Parathyroid wrote:
Louiscool wrote:
This is the live letter test from yesterday.

Yeah... they all but confirmed scholar in it lol Smiley: smile

You think?

Smiley: lol
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