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Since there isn't much going on in this forum besides speculative arguments with little to no basis, I'll give you guys something to sink your teeth into. A thought exercise; A game, if you will. The rules are simple. The world is coming to an end, and you're in charge of creating a group to combat it over the course of a forty plus hour role playing game. Pick characters you feel are accurate for the position, the only limit being no generic choices. No "black mage" for your black mage, but maybe Vivi from FFIX or Shantotto from FFXI. A brief or expansive explanation of their abilities and reason appreciated, but not necessary. I'm sure we'd like to know why you chose who you did and what they bring to your group, after all. Minor alterations to characters are allowed, but must be in line with the character. No "Superman, but he can cast Ultima and summon Knights of the Round." Characters can only be used in one slot. No multitasking. You can mix and match from any and all sources, provided they match where you're placing them, or you can use a theme. For instance "All Women," or "Single Universe," or anything. If you want to go further and write a scenario for your game itself, a reason why your particular heroes have chosen to group together, or even the entire story from start to finish including the main villain they fight. Go ahead. Go nuts. The world depends on you.

You can upload your pictures on imageshack or whatever and link it in your post. Or from Zam and post it here that way if you have the capability to do so. The template is here. I used MS Paint and some creative resizing, so pretty much anyone can do it.

Though not necessary, I've chosen to be detailed in my explanation. Without further ado, here is mine. I've chosen to use characters from Marvel comics exclusively.
My RPG Group Image - 
	Hero:			Scott Summers, Cyclops 
	Useless Princess:	Hope Summers 
	Black Mage:		Dr. Stephen Strange 
	Healer:			James Bradley, Dr. Nemesis 
	Knight:			Anthony Masters, Taskmaster 
	Fighter:		Daniel Thomas Rand-K'ai, Iron Fist 
	Support:		Tony Stark, Iron Man 
	Rogue:			Frank Castle, The Punisher 
Powers/Skills - 
	Cyclops:	Optic Blast - Beams varying width, height, and intensity of red light that do not give off heat,  
 			but instead deliver concussive force without recoil. 
			Spatial Awareness - An uncanny sense of geometry, in this sense used to describe his observation  
			of objects around himself and the angles found between surfaces of these objects. Used to 
 			reflect Optic Blast off reflective surfaces and hit intended target(s) accurately. 
			Master Tactician and Strategist - Cyclops has spent most of his superhero career as the leader 
			of either the X-Men or X-Factor and has developed exceptional leadership skills. According to  
			Nick Fury's files, Scott's abilities are at their best in tense situations. Fury notes that the  
			less time Cyclops has to think about a decision, the better that decision is. 
			Expert Combatant - Extensive training in martial arts and unarmed combat, holding black belts  
			in judo and aikido. 
	Hope Summers:	Power Mimicry - Capable of copying the powers of anyone near her. Normally it's just mutants 
			near her, and no limit, but for this exercise she can store any metaphysical ability but at 66%  
			maximum effectiveness, and can only use them one at a time. 
	Dr. Strange:	Sorcery - draws power from several mystical entities, such as the Vishanti (Hoggoth, Oshtur,  
			and Agamotto) and the Octessence (Balthakk, Cyttorak, Farallah, Ikonn, Krakkan, Raggadorr,  
			Valtorr, and Watoomb). These entities usually lend their power to a particular effect, such as  
			the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, which are used by Strange to entrap foes. 
			Strange can use magic to achieve virtually any effect he desires, such as flight, energy blasts, 
 			teleportation, astral projection, telepathy, the creation of materials such as food and water, 
			and others. 
			Combatant - Trained in several martial arts disciplines 
	Dr. Nemesis:	Evolved Intellect - Instinctively-intuitive scientific & technological genius. A polymath who has 
 			made major advances in handheld weaponry, medicine, chemistry, genetics, interdimensional travel, 
 			computer programming, and robotics. 
			Enhanced Physiology - enhanced eyesight, allowing him to see genetic anomalies, and enhanced 
 			immune system. 
			Twin Handguns - Fires hypodermic projectiles containing dangerous narcotics.  
			The projectiles were tailored to pierce body armor. He developed a sedating truth serum for  
			use as an investigator. 
 			Healing - Advanced knowledge of chemistry to create healing compounds through hypodermic 
 			needles from twin handguns. 
	Taskmaster:	Photographic Reflexes - This ability is linked to his muscle memory allowing him to instantly 
 			replicate the physical movement of peak-level humans, making him an exceptional martial artist, 
			swordsman, and accurate marksman. Using the reflexes also allows him insight and predict 
 			opponent's next attack. Only copies physical abilities, not metaphysical. 
			Weaponry - A stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. device that is able to create various forms of weaponry  
			(such as swords, shields, bows, arrows, etc) using solid energy. 
	Iron Fist:	Iron Fist - allowing him to summon and focus his chi (or natural energy) and enhance his  
			natural abilities to extraordinary levels. His strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, 
			reflexes and senses can all be greatly intensified, making his already formidable martial arts 
			skills even more so. The ultimate expression of this focus is the ability to concentrate his  
			body's natural energies into his hand, manifesting as a supernatural glow around his clenched 
			fist, making his fist "like unto a thing of iron". So concentrated, this "iron fist" can smash 
			into its target with superhuman hardness and impact, while his hand becomes impervious to pain 
			and injury. However, the feat of summoning the power required leaves Rand physically and  
			mentally drained, unable to repeat the act for a time, as long as even an entire day in certain 
			Master Combatant - Master of all K'un Lun's Martial Arts, and several of Earth's. 
	Iron Man:	The Iron Man Armor - powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight,  
			and an array of weapons. Can be switched out to suit the situation. Some examples, but not  
			limited to a stealth suit that utilizes light-bending and holographic technologies to appear  
			invisible, as well can alter its own appearance in order to impersonate others. Lacks shields 
			or offensive capabilities. A Heavy Duty armor, a large bulky suit that focuses on firepower. In 
			addition to regular repulsor weaponry and unibeam, also possesses a large rotary cannon and 
			gun turret. The suit also sports a personal force field. Lacks mobility. 
			Inventive Genius - Mastery of electrical and mechanical engineering, capable of inventing and 
			creating devices out of minimum materials. 
	Punisher:	Multi-Disciplinary Military Training - From this training, Punisher is proficient in not only 
			basic infantry skills, but in special operations, which includes the use and maintenance of 
			specialized firearms and explosive ordnance. He is highly trained in infiltration into  
			heavily-guarded enemy territories and structures for the purpose of assassination, capture, and 
			military intelligence. Also, he is trained in various forms of camouflage and stealth. 
			Mental Prowess - Complete control of his mind and conscience, where psychic and telepathic  
			powers are rendered useless against him. 
			Expert Combatant - Trained in several military martial arts disciplines. 
			Pain Resistance - Years of being tortured and field work has left him with a high threshold for 
			pain. While not capable of shrugging off damage, can continue to operate as if not damaged. 
Reason -  
	Cyclops:	Skilled leader and single minded to complete whatever goal he is tasked with. Moderate at all ranges. 
	Hope Summers:	Mutant Messiah, tasked with reigniting a dying people. Essential Red Mage; Jack of all trades 
			but master of none. 
	Dr. Strange:	Sorcerer Supreme, tasked with protecting the world from the dangers of the arcane. Highly 
			skilled mage, highly intelligent, and compasionate. Offensive magic and transport. 
	Dr. Nemesis:	Extremely talented physican, healer, and smarmy. 
	Taskmaster:	Exceptional combatant for hand-to-hand and weapon based combat. Captain America level shield 
			skill, Swordmaster level sword skill, and Hawkeye level marksmanship. Essentially the "tank" 
			of the group. 
	Iron Fist:	Exceptional hand-to-hand combatant, both physical and metaphysical. Fast and strong at close 
			combat. "Monk," or "Pugilist" of group. 
	Iron Man:	Variable armor used to support group through devices. Affect enemies with status effects, 
			assist group, and provide area of effect ranged attacks. Can switch to "stealth" to attack from 
			behind, or "heavy" to stand in front and absorb damage. 
	Punisher:	Single minded to complete whatever goal he is tasked with as well, but will turn on allies 
			should they prove detrimental to that goal. Unlike the leader, will do absolutely anything 
			to accomplish goal. Also provides accurate ranged support through rifles.

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- Apocalypse [Marvel comics]
- Onslaught ^
- Juggernaut ^
- Galactus ^
- Superman [DC]
- God [the Cristian Bible]
- God [Star Trek V]
- Captain Falcon!!
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JonnyWolf wrote:
- Apocalypse [Marvel comics]
- Onslaught ^
- Juggernaut ^
- Galactus ^
- Superman [DC]
- God [the Cristian Bible]
- God [Star Trek V]
- Captain Falcon!!

Well the only one who can beat this is....

Felix the Cat
#4 Apr 19 2013 at 6:23 AM Rating: Default
Wait. I don't get it. Do they have to be teenagers?
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whoops, this wasn't supposed to post. See my next post.

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#6 Apr 19 2013 at 7:03 AM Rating: Good
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Video games only:

Heroine: Tera, FF3 (US)
Useless Princess: Princess Peach, Super Mario Bros.
Black Mage: Bleu, Breath of Fire 2
Healer: Alice Elliot, Shadow Hearts
Knight: Frog/Glen, Chrono Trigger
Fighter: Dekar, Lufia 2
Support: Rikku, FF10
Rogue: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Assassin's Creed 2


Tera: Aside from having an Esper form that makes her crazy strong, Tera is also an incredibly badass heroine. Properly equipped, she can attack 8 times in a turn, or cast double spells for almost zero MP. She's incredibly versatile.

Princess Peach: Doesn't get more useless than a Princess that seems to get captured in every game.

Bleu: The ultimate BLM. Most people never realize that if you keep leveling Bleu, she basically caps every stat in the game. She also has some devastating group spells, and her Shed ability means that she is basically unkillable unless you can 1-shot her.

Alice: Ok, so maybe part of the reason I picked her is because she's really hot. So what. She's also an awesome healer that can actually still put out some damage. Her Arc ability is a full group heal. Resurrection completely restores a character with full health/mp. Advent is a remarkably strong holy attack that hits all enemies.

Frog: Probably one of my single favorite characters ever. One of the most loyal characters you'll find, he's also quite strong, has some minor healing abilities. Also, since we have free reign on this, he's going to bring his Dual and Triple Tech abilities to the table and mix and match them with other characters.

Dekar: Crazy strong, super brave, incredibly dumb. Fits the mold pretty perfectly for a fighter. Willing to sacrifice everything to save others, Dekar is the ultimate team player. He's also an excellent meat shield.

Rikku: Her mix command is one of the single coolest abilities in any game. Being able to combine pretty much anything is not only useful, it's creative and fun. And since the combinations include curing, restoring, buffing, debuffing, status effects, and massive damaging abilities she is incredibly versatile.

Ezio: Can you really go wrong with the master assassin? Has the ability to go sight unseen whenever he wants, is a master of many different weapons, has unmatched agility, and has the ability to fall 100's of feet and be completely fine as long as there is some hay available. What's not to like?

Overall, I think this is a pretty balanced team. Lots of damage, lots of curative ability, a couple jack of all trades characters, and some muscle.

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#7 Apr 19 2013 at 7:23 AM Rating: Excellent
My challenge: This, using only characters from shoujo mind@#%^ series. (Shoujo Mind@#%^ is the grown up version of "magical girl" shows. The magical girl often ends up getting emotionally tormented, half the cast dies by the end of the series, and there may or may not be a happy ending. Notable examples include almost anything by CLAMP besides CCS, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and more recently Mawaru Penguin Drum and Puella Madoka Majicka.)

Hero: Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth - 14 years old, naive, super innocent, incredibly determined, heart of gold. Gets a giant flame mecha with which she can be a Hero, and an evolving sword. A bit short for a heroine, but her body length braid makes up for it.
Useless Prince: Dios from Revolutionary Girl Utena - Sits in his tower and does nothing but inspire the Hero. (Unless you want his grown up form Akio, who is walking sexual harassment.)
Black Mage: Yuuko the Time Witch from XXXholic - The Time Witch. Immortal, at the price of not being able to leave her shop. Just drop any enemies in her private dimension and have her obliterate them.
Healer: Mitsukake from Fushigi Yuugi - Burly guy healers are uncommon enough that I had to include him. Can cure most things with his palm.
Knight: Yoko from Twelve Kingdoms - She could have been the hero, but she's also a brilliant military tactician so I need her coordinating the team more than being a showoff.
Fighter: Kanba Takakura from Mawaru Penguindrum - Sometimes you just need a good pair of fists. Oh, and yakuza connections.
Support: Hotaru from Gakuen Alice - Physically weak, Hotaru is a genius inventor and can keep everyone armed with enough awesome gadgets for an army.
Rogue: Kyoko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Majicka - The third feisty red head on the team can be the one who does all the dirty work.


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X-Men Edition

Hero: Storm (Ororo Munroe). Exceptional tactical and leadership ability. Able to control climate/weather at will. Seems to be able to "tune in" to the natural environment around her. Mixed martial arts training and flight.

(Not So) Useless Princess: Marvel Girl (Jean Grey). Exceptional telepathic/telekinectic abilities. A penchant to disrupt relationships of the men around her causing undue drama inside the dynamic of the team. Will eventually become possessed by a near omnipotent alien entity and completely muck everything up.

Black Mage: Magick (Illyana Rasputin). On and off ruler of an alternate dimension called Limbo. Young but able sorceress with the ability to teleport large teams of people at an instant.

Healer: Forge (Forge). Brilliant Inventor that can create just about anything while also having a competent ability in shamanic mysticism. With an ******* of weaponry for healing, buffing and enfeebling he may be an unorthodox healer but he will certainly get the job done.

Knight: Colossus (Peter Rasputin). Able to turn himself into organic steel. A near indestructible powerhouse immune to all forms of magic. Moral balance of the team and sometimes overly protective champion of his younger sister Illyana.

Fighter: Wolverine (Logan). Mixed Martial Arts Master. Tactical Expert. Enhanced tracking senses. Healing ability with claws that can cut through most anything. Enhanced skeleton offers him superhuman strength. Ability to temporarily burst into a blind rage when things get bad causing him immunity to status effects and damage repercussions.

Support: Rogue (Anna Marie). Flight and super human strength. Ability to steal anyone's powers, abilities and memories with a touch while also potentially paralyzing the mob she steals from.

Rogue: Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner). Master Acrobatic. Mixed Martial Arts training. Ability to teleport instantaneously and in extreme succession allowing him to pummel mobs while successfully remaining on their blind side.

Certainly not the most powerful team but I'd sure love to play it ^^
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This sounds interesting! I have one, but it's very random. Not very detailed though... I'ma lazy sumbish right now :P

Hero: Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin) To this day, there is no anime I like more than this one. From story to art, nothing tops Kenshin in my mind. He's not so big, but dont let his build fool you. He's extremely powerful, agile and accurate.

Useless Princess: Fat Princess (From well... "Fat Princess") I counter the earlier post of Princess Toadstool with this! Only thing worse than dead weight is well.... really heavy dead weight... that you have to carry -.-

Black Mage: Vivi (Final Fantasy IX) It sucks that the OP mentioned him as an example... I would have felt like .01% more original, but he immediately came to mind when I read the explaination. My favorite Black Mage of all time, from any game/anime/comic/etc out there. He' s a tiny little guy, sure, but he's got mountains of heart... and should that mountain of heart ever fail him, then he'll just summon... a mountain on your head. Or meteor, fine =\. Or fire. Or any one of a bunch of powerful magics he has.

Healer: Cheria Barnes (Tales of Graces f) One of my favorite healers story-wise. She has lots of very useful healing spells, as well as powerful light/divine magics. A real angel (not literally) devoted to her comrades' well being and feelings... but if you anger her, or bring harm to her friends, then see "Fighter" below (without the transformation, mind you :P).

Knight: Balmung (.hack//SIGN) A very strong, reliable front-line Knight. His trust isn't won very easily, but once you are considered his friend, there is nobody more reliable to have your back. With some magics also at his disposal, one might also consider him a Paladin.

Fighter: Dr. Bruce Banner - The Incredible Hulk (From... >.>) HULK SMASH! Need I say more!?

Support: Fix-it Felix (From "Wreck-it Ralph") This lil' guy needs but lovetap anything with his little golden hammer and poof.... good as new!

Rogue: Hatake Kakashi (Naruto) - Only thing cooler than an unseen ninja is one who can copy your every move and add it to their already extensive ******* :D

A very diverse team, I know.... but it suits me well ^^

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#10 Apr 22 2013 at 12:49 AM Rating: Decent
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JonnyWolf wrote:
- Apocalypse [Marvel comics]
- Onslaught ^
- Juggernaut ^
- Galactus ^
- Superman [DC]
- God [the Cristian Bible]
- God [Star Trek V]
- Captain Falcon!!

I'd like to add that the final boss of this game is MEGA BATMAN.
#11 Apr 22 2013 at 7:40 AM Rating: Good
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Hero: Sasuke Uchiha
Useless Princess: Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicles)
Black Mage: Sieg Hart (Rave Master)
Healer: Orihime Inoue
Knight: Spawn
Fighter: Toriko
Support: Wolverine
Rogue: Batman

Im sure every one of these people.. except the useless princess and healer are capable of saving teh world by themselves... so all of them together = practically unstoppable.... if they can learn to work together and not kill eachother first.
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