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#1 Mar 03 2013 at 4:38 PM Rating: Excellent
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Let's have some fun!
I'm sure some of you remember things from 1.xx that were, in hindsight, absolutely hilariously stupid,
but widely accepted as "the way it is meant to be played". Or something that makes you cringe in shame or laughter,
or some idea that was great on paper, but horribly implemented?

I will update this post with the best memories once per day for a week or so, and I think it will shorten the time until the
next beta for some of us! Let me start with some things I remember...

Do you remember the time, when...
...the most efficient way to EXP as a mage was to have your whole party run around naked and force them to stand right in the middle of all AOE attacks they could catch? (1.0 beta until some months after launch)

...raising shield skill was only possible by being attacked, having your shield arm up, being lucky enough to block, and then lucky enough to proc the skillup? (1.0 beta until some months after launch)

...the trip from 10 to 50 was a winding path paved in different shades of Coblyn? (about half a year into 1.0)

...the simple act of getting your equipment repaired required you to sell your firstborn either to a crafter that happened to have exactly the required materials on him, or to the repair NPC that asked ten times the amount of gil that was in the whole damn game - and then stopped at the 50% durability mark? (until about half a year into 1.0)

...failing the same leves over and over was the best way to skyrocket to 50? (I forgot exactly when that was...)

Additions 2003/03/04
...we all bought collectors editions to be the first to experience the sweeping improvements since the beta, just to find out there were none? (credits to MrMissile)

...we literally had to rummage through the pockets of every single retainer zombie in the market wards, just to discover that every single one sold marmot meat? (Kierk reminded me)

...the Thaumaturge ability "punishing barbs" allowed you to single-handedly kill the whole Eorzean fauna by simply getting smacked? (GDLYL)

...SE still felt confident enough to actually ban customers for "abusing" the broken healing EXP mechanics? (desmar)

...when people started to realize that even renaming "surplus EXP" to "bonus EXP" didn't change the fact that after a few hours of playtime, up to 90% of your efforts were transfered to TANAKALAND, never to return? (LebargeX)

...making a LV5 hammer required a LV 20 recipe? (TwistedOwl)

...the wish to wear a green robe made people mine for colorbugs, and rage in agony after they found out that finished canvasrobes could not be dyed anyway, and the respective hempen parts required not colorbugs but colorleaves... and the latter came only in red, brown, and shocking pink? (also TwistedOwl. Man, I shed a tear of laughter there!)

...Aldgoats could literally SNEEZE you to death, because SE had no idea how to explain the mandatory ranged attack every monster was equipped with in any meaningful way? (DamienSScott)

...the road from Ul'dah to the Limsan ferry was lined with LV∞ ants that had nothing better to do than to 1-shot innocent damsels after appearing out of thin air? (Xoie)

...the best way to sell your marmot meat was to use a lag exploit to place your Galka retainer directly in the middle section of the "Fighter Weapons" marketward? (own memory)

...lag in open beta was so bad that you could (LITERALLY! I tried!) attack a sheep in La Noscea, then make a dozen squats before it even turned red (own memory)

...after a typical day, your inventory was full with 100 markot meats, 25 marmot meats +1, 7 marmot meats +2, and some super-rare marmot meat +3. Which meant that poor NPC vendor "Pimelle" in burning hot Ul'dah was constantly surrounded by hordes of vailant adventurers frantically battling the lag while trying to get rid of their half-rotten mole intestines. The stench. (own memory)

Additions 2003/03/05
...powerleveling became the norm, and normal EXP parties the last refuge for red-haired stepchildren? (credits to catwho; luckily I quit before that happened!)

...leveling a craft to 50 required mainly two things: a turbo controller and a healthy appetite for TV series? (GDLYL)

...rabid fans went as far as to produce private commercials in order to somehow justify the broken fatigue/surplus/bonus EXP system? (thanks, Montsegurnephcreep; see for a prime example; I wonder what that guy is doing right now... working in the PR department of Shinra Inc.?)

...main scenario bosses could literally be prattled into submission with the parley system? (own memory)

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#2 Mar 03 2013 at 4:54 PM Rating: Excellent
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... I bought the Collector's Edition on the day of 1.0's release, only to find zero evidence of improvements since Beta.

Hilarious. Smiley: mad
#3 Mar 03 2013 at 5:56 PM Rating: Good
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The lack of an Auction House...haha good times.

Seriously, retainers could have been made into a decent mini game, but jeezus that was a broken and somehow defended idea by many.
#4 Mar 03 2013 at 6:06 PM Rating: Good
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That first to 50 race, and how much drama it caused. People keeping the best leveling places a secret Smiley: lol. Also, leaving people behind who were "naughty." OH why did you nerf mah barbs! I remember fighting Raptors in Coerthas in a 4 man party and getting 5 adds. Totally won too! Barbs = da bes. Oh and thaums being better tanks that glads. Smiley: grin

I think the the Conjs ******** about melee not getting hit enough trumps all though. My brain can't and probably never will process that assbackwardery. "Come on guys, you need to take more damage!" Smiley: disappointed Oh Tanaka. . .
#5 Mar 03 2013 at 6:24 PM Rating: Excellent
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Or when people were banned because they healed too much and the exp from healing was really high. They ended up hotfixing the healing after day 2-3, but still sucked if you were doing what you were supposed to be doing and getting banned/suspended in the process :(.
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#6 Mar 03 2013 at 7:00 PM Rating: Excellent
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How about bonus XP? Who remembers that debacle?

Edit: Stupid phone posting

Edited, Mar 3rd 2013 5:05pm by LebargeX
#7 Mar 03 2013 at 7:38 PM Rating: Excellent
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Potential Customer: Hey, can you craft me a red one of these? I have the mats.
Me: Those aren't the right mats. And that doesn't come in red.
Another frustrated, confused, & disappointed customer.Smiley: frown

Lots of complexity in those original synthesis recipes. Plus many of the low-mid level items people wanted we couldn't make until much later. Because it was a higher level craft and/or took a higher grade mat no one had yet. Some of them were just straight up broken too.
#8 Mar 03 2013 at 9:43 PM Rating: Excellent
Abandoning leves gave better rewards for a time than actually completing them.
#9 Mar 03 2013 at 9:44 PM Rating: Decent
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Wasn't there a point where almost every monster in the game had a ranged attack for no reason?
#10 Mar 03 2013 at 11:20 PM Rating: Excellent
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DamienSScott wrote:
Wasn't there a point where almost every monster in the game had a ranged attack for no reason?

Nothing like traipsing past a gaggle of high level antlions in Thanalan guarding the only bottleneck on the way to the level 10 - 20 camp and getting an invisible hadoken from one of them for 9999 damage, forcing you to walk all the way back from town to do it again. Smiley: oyvey
#11 Mar 04 2013 at 4:13 AM Rating: Decent
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OP updated,
#12 Mar 04 2013 at 3:06 PM Rating: Good
By the time I joined, getting into a non PL party was downright impossible.

"Stand here, and let this level 50 who volunteered do all the hard work. Just keep dropping him and re-adding him to the party every pull."
#13 Mar 04 2013 at 4:09 PM Rating: Good
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I wonder if they'll make any changes to the Collector's Edition perks or will they keep it as is?
#14 Mar 04 2013 at 6:40 PM Rating: Good
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I also remember when you got 100-120 sp per synth when you hit 40-50 on certain crafts. 100,000/100 sp was a netflix moment. Thank you Jack Bauer for keeping me sane.
#15 Mar 04 2013 at 6:55 PM Rating: Good

That's always the first thing that comes to mind...boy did this video have me convinced.

#16 Mar 04 2013 at 7:27 PM Rating: Good
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LOL!!!! I remember that! Smiley: rolleyes It made so much sense. Too bad there was ZERO content while you were recharging your fatigue. Oh Tanaka. . . Smiley: disappointed
#17 Mar 05 2013 at 2:39 AM Rating: Excellent
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GDLYL wrote:
LOL!!!! I remember that! Smiley: rolleyes It made so much sense. Too bad there was ZERO content while you were recharging your fatigue. Oh Tanaka. . . Smiley: disappointed

You would have thought that the guy would have learned from XI...

Forget about all the technical problems XIV had, but some of the obvious omissions during XIV's initial launch make me scratch my head.
#18 Mar 05 2013 at 3:50 AM Rating: Decent
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OP updated.
#19 Mar 05 2013 at 9:10 AM Rating: Decent
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I remember when EXP partying was impossible because 1 person would always randomly not get SP at the end of the fight, despite having SP notices show up on hit... Happened in any party 3 or greater.


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