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#1 Jan 29 2013 at 4:12 PM Rating: Excellent

The Lodestone Crafting Recipe Page

Official Response (and Original Post)

Okipuit wrote:
Good evening,

The new version of the Lodestone site will feature as much in-game information as possible when it comes to things like crafting recipes! You'll be able to see more detailed information like the items level and stats and such and not be left guessing anymore! You'll also be able to easily search for recipes using updates to the search criteria, too!

Blog Updates

Original Post

The original post was just some praise for the night time screenshots. The meat of this pick is that the official response indicates we should be getting more blog updates.

Official Response

Okipuit wrote:

We're glad you're all enjoying seeing Gridania at night in the latest developers' blog post.
If you're anxiously awaiting the next blog update, you'll be happy to know that we spoke to the project manager who told us that she would be doing her best to update the blog 1-2 times a week, which means Ferne and Pinurabi better stay on their toes!

Knockback Abilities

Original Post

The original post here kicked off a discussion that turned towards Knockback Abilities, which the devs responded to.

Official Response

Rukkirii wrote:
Knockback Abilities

We know that there were some requests from users who also wanted to have access to knockback abilities (if for nothing else than to get revenge for all the times you've been knocked back in version 1.0!), so we wanted to give you a brief update.

We've actually begun implementing knockback moves into the game and there were even some featured in the Alpha version! Of course, enemies that use similar abilities are still around, and they even have other abilities to able to draw you in. You can expect that there will be a variety of ways your enemies try and attack you!

Enemy Sign Functionality

Original Post

Arcell wrote:
In FFXIV we have been giving a wonderful system for marking enemies with symbols. Unfortunately it is incredibly restricted and useless outside of leves. Some things that I feel would make this system an integral part of combat:

1. Make it usable outside of leves. This one is a no brainer, why was this ever restricted to leves? There are many situations outside of leves (NMs with groups for one) where this would be useful.

2. Remove a mark only if the same person attempts to apply it twice. I've been in quite a few situations where the mark has been removed by separate people trying to mark the same target. This can lead to a bit of confusion or at the very least taking extra time to re-apply it.

3. Give us a macro command for targeting specific marks. This would help increase their effectiveness in battle. When their is a group of monsters, especially when they converge on a single target, it can be difficult to pick a specific one out of the group.

4. Add a more diverse choice of marks. A few more marks for things like bind, sleep, no WS, kill order, etc... would be helpful. Yes the group could specify that Diamond means sleep, Spade means no WS, Heart means secondary target but they're not universal symbols and can vary from group to group causing some unnecessary confusion.

All in all I believe the marking system is fantastic, it is just restricted to a point of being useless in most situations. With dungeons coming up soon we could really use this marking system.

Official Response

Okipuit wrote:

I'd like to give you all an update on the status of the marking feature we have been working to revamp.

Enemy and Ally signs will be combined into one category
Only party leaders will be able to mark targets
It will be possible to use these freely -- no more Guildleve or other content restrictions!

What's with the drought?

Original Post

AkiRouscelia wrote:
I hate that I have to be this guy but isn't it almost too quiet? Understandably the development team are up to their necks with work but I honestly think we should be seeing tidbits for the upcoming beta.

As much as I like seeing the internal workings of the team in the blog, it leaves one wanting.

What ever happened to the Benchmark program? And those region previews?

Official Response

Yoshi, via Rukkirri wrote:
Hello everyone. This is producer and director Yoshida.

There hasn’t been much information to disclose and I'm very sorry for making everyone wait. At this point the development team is working on the final stages of beta test phase 1 (myself included) and each day is passing by insanely fast. With each thing there are so many things to do -- The blog! The letter! -- and I'm sorry I haven’t been able to get everything up and going like I planned.

For the Final Fantasy series, I'm extremely concerned about the quality of information as well as screenshots and artwork that are to be released. You wouldn't believe what we have to go through even when we want to release something to our fans! (lol) With that said, before something is released I need to check it, so the promotional team cannot take it upon themselves to release assets.

While there was already a reply from a Rep about this, we are currently working on the official site to make adjustments to the readability and add information to coincide with the start of the Beta Test, and there are tons of tasks alongside this for development, promotion, and the new Lodestone. With that said, we appreciate your patience.

Once I send the next letter the day after tomorrow, I will be focusing on the current blog and will post some new Beta-related material.

Within the next couple of days I will be performing the final checks for the first benchmark "World volume”, and then it will undergo the final QA check. We would like to distribute this right before phase 1 of the Beta Test begins, but I think it's looking pretty good, so please look forward to it!

Linkshell Management in 2.0

Original Post

Polive wrote:
Has there been any word out on what the Linkshell management system will be like in ARR/2.0? As of right now, it's kind of awful.

Will we be able oust/promote/demote people who are not logged in? Currently, inactive players taking up space in the linkshell is a rather major problem.

Can we get some kind of function where we can tell when the last time a player has logged in? Much like your friends list in Steam, for example. This would allow LS leaders to gauge with accuracy the activity of their LSs and members.

Can we get a function to sort linkshell members? Alphabetically by name? By rank? Perhaps even manually sort them so the people you interact with the most are on top?

FFXI let you see the location (by zone) of every member in the LS. It was useful to see if LS members are currently participating in certain events or to just get a general feel for what the LS is doing at large. Can this function be implemented?

Will Linkshell messages be making a comeback? This function was very important for notifying LS members of upcoming events.

Just asking out of curiosity, and if these things have not been addressed, I will then move on to requesting the above functions for ARR.

Official Response

Rukkirii wrote:
For those of you asking if the same management tools for removing inactive and offline players will be implemented for linkshells as well, the answer is yes!

We also have a few more details to share with you.

The dev. team is currently looking into the possibility of allowing players to leave messages in the LS and FC (ex: /lsmes). They are also thinking about implementing a feature for free companies to leave comments for members. On top of member comments, they plan on allowing leaders to customize different ranks and access levels within their free company. Lastly, free companies will have their own chat so there is no need to create a linkshell for your members to communicate with each other.

Get rid of eorzea time and just use real time

Original Post

Alhanelem wrote:
One of the primary reasons for both FFXI and FFXIV having game time is because the servers were all in a central location and people from a wide range of time zones around the world connected to the same servers, so game time helped make things consistent. But FFXIV is moving to regionally-located servers, so I think it would be a good idea to just have day/night match real life, with servers in each region being set to the time zone they're located in (most likely PST in the US, JST in Japan, GMT in europe).

This would also eliminate confusion between the two time systems e.g. "Is that over the next real life day / jp midnight? or is it just one game day?" and prevent the ingame date from going drastically out of line with the time the game as originally set in as the years go by (in FFXI, the game started in the 900s C.E. and the current date in game is 1166 C.E.).

I'm not really sure whether most people like this or not. What do you think?

The main idea here is simplifying the process of figuring out when to do things. It can be a little confusing having 2 time systems to think about, and the immersion breaking of NPCs having to specifically name "(Earth Time)" and "(Eorzea Time)."

No official response here, but it was a good discussion. People overwhelmingly favor keeping game time in the thread itself, for various reasons (And the OP has updated the original post to reflect that lol). This one is near and dear to my heart since I had the Windows 7 widget and Logitech G-series timers, and I really want to resurrect those for 2.0 with a lot of new info. I will also be including the Switchblade UI devices on my list of targeted peripherals, so Razer Blade and Deatherstalker Ultimate owners can get in on the action.

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#2 Jan 30 2013 at 7:57 PM Rating: Excellent
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Why would they ever get rid of Eorzea time? The devs just made a blog about the cool day/night cycles; and furthermore, given that peak play times are in the evenings, it would obviously be terribly shortsighted to allow most players to experience only Eorzea at night -- to say nothing about the fact that the servers are across time-zones! There's talk about the "immersion-breaking" instances of an NPC saying "(Earth time)," but those who say that neglect to consider how little sense it makes for NPCs to use Earth time all the time instead! Smiley: lol

A funny little debate, but I see no good reason to get rid of Eorzea time. As far as I'm concerned, it's a fun and interesting feature that only makes the world more unique and immersive, and also solves any problems related to peak server times, allowing people to see all times of day for themselves. Oh, and it means that I'll never be able to run across a 10 mile desert in 8 minutes -- talk about immersion breaking! Smiley: rolleyes
#3 Jan 30 2013 at 8:57 PM Rating: Excellent
Yeah I don't think he thought it through when he came up with the idea.
#4 Jan 30 2013 at 10:51 PM Rating: Decent
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They could still use Earth time easily enough just by running 2 Eorzea days per Earth day. Then 7:00 is still 7:00; everybody gets to see nights and days more or less.
#5 Jan 31 2013 at 6:50 AM Rating: Excellent
That's not what he was suggesting though. He wanted in game time to reflect earth time (I assume at his time zone, or whatever timezone the server is in).

Eorzea time does use earth time, I could show you the algorithm for finding it, but that's a trade secret Smiley: wink
#6 Jan 31 2013 at 8:15 AM Rating: Decent
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I have to give you props Wint, this was a really good post that put some interesting information together, thanks.
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