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Ex Crystallum - Community-Focused, Heavy (optional) RP!Follow

#1 Oct 06 2012 at 3:01 PM Rating: Decent
Ex Crystallum is now recruiting for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

Server: Balmung (To be re-evaluated for A Realm Reborn)
Primary Time Zone: Eastern; Looking to build our EU base as well!

Who We Are

Ex Crystallum is a community-focused, heavy-roleplaying-encouraged Free Company founded by friends, some of whom have been playing MMOs together for nearly a decade, and all of whom have an appreciation for the days of player interdependency and strong, tight-knit communities. While the jury may still be out on FFXIV:ARR, we're already fans of the current game and firmly believe that A Realm Reborn will be the optimal place for us to develop the kind of Free Company that truly stands out: something more than a chatroom and a raid schedule, but a community that truly supports one another while engaging the game in all its aspects.

While we don't require that all of our members be roleplayers, we do classify ourselves as "heavy" roleplay and there will be plenty of it, though our primary Free Company chat will be kept out-of-character. All we ask is that our non-roleplaying members respect those of us that do and our desire to include roleplaying elements in most aspects of our Free Company. If you're curious about roleplaying but haven't yet taken the plunge, we also welcome applicants to take advantage of our roleplayer mentorship program; we'll try and help you get started!

Of course there's plenty of game to be enjoyed as well, and our goal is to participate in as much content as possible while also devising new activities of our own for our members. We have our share of competitive endgame players too, so if you're interested in being at the top of your game without turning it into a second job, there's a place for you here as well.

Being a part of our community means more than just sitting in chat and showing up at events. Built on the Invision Power platform, our website offers a place for our members to create their own blogs and image galleries to share their thoughts and experiences with the free company. Our chat room is regularly active as well, and makes for a great place to kill time and get to know everyone in the interim between now and ARR's launch.

Our Roleplay

As Dalamud draws nearer, the Seventh Umbral Era seems all but inevitable. Eorzea is gripped by uncertainty and panic, tremulously praying to the Twelve for salvation. The wicked sow doubt and the faithless accept the red moon as their god. Yet there is calm amidst the chaos; a scholar who seeks out the stalwart and the brave, the builders and thinkers. Together they pledge to survive by any means necessary, to carve out the future and ensure that the cycle continues, and man sees an astral era by his own hands.

Ex Crystallum doesn't claim to begin with any great power and prestige, nor do we have any extravagant history. We begin at the ground level, fueled by our missions to chart the renewed Eorzea and take vengeance on Garlemald. Going forward we plan to expand and focus on a variety of meta-goals, but starting out we will be defined by the roleplaying experiences shared by our members and with the community at large. We think it's more fun that way!

Our roleplaying style is one that draws heavily from the setting of the game and it's playable aspects. To us, creating a character in an MMORPG is no different from creating one in a Pen-and-Paper game; the developer gives us the setting and rules, and we create our characters to fit within that context. The fact that we don't want any half-vampire dragonkin isn't about us wanting to restrict creativity; it's wanting to experience the environment of the game as it's been given to us rather than the way one individual feels it should be modified to suit their character concept.

If intricate, evolving roleplay drawn from the game rather than imposed on it sounds like your thing, then you've come to the right place!

Signing Up

Interested in becoming a part of our community? Begin by visiting our website, taking a look at our rules, and submitting your application. We'll do our best to process each application as quickly as we can, but bear with us if there's a small wait - and feel free to yell at us if it's a big one! Once we've had a chance to look over your application we'll probably have a few follow-up questions, so be sure to check in regularly. If everything checks out, we'll arrange out-of-character and in-character interviews depending on whether you plan to roleplay with us, and take things from there. You can find a more detailed description of our application process directly in the application template.

Don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions!

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