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Prismatic Llama NM Linkshell Recruiting 45+ (Updated 3/5)Follow

#1 Jan 23 2011 at 1:26 PM Rating: Default
The Prismatic Llama NM LS is looking for new players to join for notorious monsters to replace two MIA members.
We are currently relaxing our recruitment with special preference to Rank 40+

Our raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with a gathering time of 8:30pm Central Standard Time (9:30 EST)

At this time requirements for joining have been raised.
The Trial membership has been reinstated.

Here is our website event calendar

Our website can be found at
Our FFXIVPro can be found at

Our rules:
Other Non-NM linkshells are allowed during non-NM hours.
Wearing another NM LS will result in a broken pearl
Attendance is mostly optional, using a DKP system to distribute loot to those who attend
Real Life > Game
No Drama
Teamspeak required for NMs (talking is not, but listening is)
Play your job the way it's supposed to be played, and occasionally the way we tell you to play it at events.

Loot is distributed to players to whom the item is Favored to their class, and the highest rank. So a Marauder will not loot Lancer gear, and vice versa (as an example).

This linkshell is good, tight community. Players know each other by first name, and most have grouped with each other from launch.
Come join us and play FFXIV the way it was meant to be played! With other players and not Coblyns!

We fight lots of NMs, and our videos can be seen here (World NMs) (first NM night buffalo and wolf) (buffalo) (The other NMs)

The trial period lasts two weeks, or four NM runs. If during those two weeks you attend less than four NM nights you will be removed or your trial may be extended, or alternatively if we like you we may lower you down to a Social Member which means you won't be kicked but at the current time your not reliable enough to be considered a raider.

Lastly as always, the prismatic llama allows all players to join the social/leveling component of our LS. Applications are for becoming a Llama Raider only.

Our applications page can be found at

While our recruitment status can be found at

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#6 Jan 30 2011 at 2:59 AM Rating: Decent
Not shown in a video but we've also downed Uraeus. With a Marauder tank nonetheless :D
(Ok it was actually a Pug and a Marauder standing together but it still happened).

Congratulations to
Eadieni and Krysallis on Barbarian's Bardiches
Yoli on Aeolian Scimitar
Kigome on Harlequin body
Kaede on Most of the Buccaneers gear
and much more! (Total NM drops up to 14 now)

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#7 Feb 08 2011 at 5:09 PM Rating: Decent
We're lowering recruitment availability due to getting new members and having a good crew.

We will always make exceptions for crafters 35+ or highly active players and friends though.

Our schedule is Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday for NMs, we do Leve Grinds every other day, so Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday, and Grinding at any time.

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#8 Feb 18 2011 at 1:35 AM Rating: Decent
We'll still accept a couple more members, we have a very solid core group, but I'd like backups for people to be able to take off and not feel so obligated to stay just so we have a full party :D

For a list on who we are, and what we do, our website has been updated to show our recent kills and recent drops on the right side.
We're rocking the loot tables right now and have completed several NM weapons.

We're starting to have drops without players for them to go to so, now's a good time to join if you want to kill NMs and want to enjoy FFXIV the way it's meant to be played.

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#9 Feb 21 2011 at 10:51 AM Rating: Default
Hey I wanted to ask you if you could use a 50 Pug / 50 Lancer / 42 Armorer in your LS. (I have other jobs but they are alts). I grouped with your LS the other day and you guys are very pro, that fluid execution of battle regimens was something I dont see in pts very often. Most ppl are like "brs are stupid and pointless". I'm currently in a endgame LS in ur server but they keep canceling nights, inconsistent schedule, and they keep causing mobs to rage.
I tried to app to your website but it was down yesterday :(
I like that you guys have a consistent static raid calendar that from what your members tell me always has good turnouts.

If you still have room pls reply and tell me what I need to do next and if you need any references.
#10 Feb 21 2011 at 11:02 AM Rating: Decent
Yeah I suppose we could fill in a slot or two.
What you do is visit our website, and there is a login panel on the left side. Create an account there, drag the slider from left to right to prove your human, and it will send you an email activation. Post on the forums your job level or link to your lodestone profile and give us some background info on yourself.

If nobody has any objections we should get back to you in a few days. Of course I say a few days but since apps get sent to my phone and the LS is always active we can usually get the process done quickly.

Before you apply, it's important to check our time zones and calendar to make sure those raid times work for you. Most of our members have 90-100% attendance and if your missing the same run every week it won't look good. Our calendar is on the site on the left of the home page.

As for the site being down, we were having a 20KW solar installation on the roof of the office. (Prismatic Llama is hosted at my job on a dedicated server). Unfortunately to connect the panels the power had to be cut to the building for about 6 hours, so even a UPS couldn't keep the website on. Now that it's done and working shouldn't ever be down again though.

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#11 Feb 25 2011 at 7:58 PM Rating: Decent
All slots are now closed except:
Crafters 35+

Linkshell is getting relatively full and we're low on slots, don't want people to sit out. These jobs are high priority. Friends can still join but join with the understanding that they may have to sit out.

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#12 Mar 05 2011 at 5:12 PM Rating: Decent
Due to a massive influx of members lately, we're reinstating our trial membership.
It's a two week trial for NM kills, with slightly restricted loot policies (Basically you can't outbid a normal member). During this period your on a 1 strike your out policy. This primarily applies to drama, or running with another endgame LS and stuff like that.
Social members have no trial, and may later apply to be a raider with reduced requirements via the membership area of our forums.

We'd still like to have anyone who wants to join llama, but what we're doing is differentiating between people who are in llama to raid, and people who are in llama to do leves and quests and socialize exclusively.

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#22 Jul 21 2011 at 8:32 AM Rating: Decent
With the new patch coming out today, we're going to reopen recruitment.

We'll accept all level ranges with the release of the new dungeons and content.
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