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Moon Tree (LS): Now OpenFollow

#1 Jan 05 2011 at 12:37 PM Rating: Decent
    Hello and good Day to you all. My name is Lulu Nagasaki and im the leader of the (LS) "Moon Tree" On Selbina Server. We are a family LS that has been together for years moving form game to game. [ul] We 1st started out on FF11-Ifrit / EQ in 2004 we then moved form EQ to PWI in 2009. Why at the same time the FF11 family was still up and moving.Last years 2010 "Moon Tree" closed down on FF11 & PWI and as been that way for some time. But now we are looking to open the door one more time. Here and now on FF14 were it all started ( on FF ) We have never been a Big all out Endgame tip of family. We are just simply a lil family (LS) looking to have a fun time & geting to know more ppl. We as of right now DO NOT have plans for Endgame but that is not to say we will never do it.

    We do have a Froum but it is in need of work. (It's been down for over a year)We do not have a date/time to when we will have the forum back up and runing.So for right now we are useing the FF14 Lodestone (LS) forum. If you would like to see what the "Moon Tree" forum did look like here is the URL(like iv said it old as of right now). We do have one Big Rule next to the many others that most LS have. We ask ppl not to talk about FF11 and how it was better. We all know it was. But "Moon Tree" IS NOT the LS to take about what you Dont like about FF14 there are Forums for that.. and iv read them all so i would know lol. OK Other then that if you would like to join the "Moon Tree" family post here or PM me in game or here on ZAM. (I have no life as of right now so i will most likey get back to you asap)

Edit- For got to post Moon Tree Rules:

RULE ONE:Everyone is an equal and is a Family Member. No one here is better than any one else - and treating others poorly for any reason, is NOT Tolerated. This is a LS filled with many different kinds of personalities. We're not expecting everyone to agree or get along with everyone. If you have a dispute with a fellow LS Member, please do one of the following:
o Try to work out the problem with that member privately.
o Talk with an available Officer to have them atempt to resolve the issue.
If the dispute continues, we will act accoriddly; Either by warning or kicking.

**Keep it out of LS & Forum Chat: Do not use Chat to argue, call people names, etc.**
There are Officer's available to help you settle this.

RULE TWO: Vulgar Language is limited. Such things as profanities, racial slurs, derogatory terms, and anything else generally frowned upon are usually considered vulgar. Use your best judgement

RULE THREE: Share what you earn with the Family, because they will do the same for you. If you are broke, ask for help. Someone may have the ability to help you. Do not bug a fellow LS Member to buy you something.
**If you are in need of equipment/repars and lack the skill to craft your own items,Just collect the materials needed and ask one of the LS Crafter's to assist you**


Remember: Follow the rules, Have fun, and Enjoy the Game!

Thank You - lulu

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#2 Jan 05 2011 at 2:56 PM Rating: Decent
OK iv been geting some pm asking about Endgame & why we will not do it.....
1st: There is not Endgame in FF14 atm.(and most liky wont be for sometime not with all the bug's/Add's SE need to fix be4)
2nd: I never said we will never do it.. just said we do not have Plans as of right now to do it but that did not mean we will never do Endgame.
3rd: We are a LS more for family ppl. Just here to have a fun time & not be told when were & how long just to do something. PPl many come & go for LS like this but there are ppl out there who just want to have someone to play with and a good time for now.
We will do Event's at some point when we get more ppl & have the forum back up and runing.

Thank You- Lulu

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