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#1 Nov 02 2010 at 9:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Hello, fellow Karnakians. I have been playing for 2 weeks now and am hoping that we can all share tips with each other based on experiences, learning curves, helpful input, etc..

I'd like to start this thread off with a few opinions and some helpful tips to those who are just starting off:

Repairs: In each of the starting cities, there is an npc who will repair your items for a cost. With the "Weathered" starting gear, the repairs are quite affordable, although the npc only repairs items to 75% of its max durability.

Fishing and Cooking: Both my fishing and cooking are rank 10. A great way to do this is simply catch a bunch of fish using lugworms (in Limsa Lominsa you can fish right there in the city), then use the fish you caught to level up cooking. Lugworms can be puchased from npc's for very cheap.

Leveling up more than one DoW (Disciple of War): I am a Pugilist rank 10 and Marauder rank 11. What I've noticed is that you can mix up abilites from each of the DoW's. In other words, I can use my healing abilites from Pugilist, while I'm out grinding as a Marauder. While I'm out grinding as Mike Tyso... err... a Pugilist, I can use the "Trunk Splitter" ability from from my Marauder. I think this is definitely worthy of its own thread (probably already out there, I'm sure). Imagine being a dps, with some decent healing abilities, or vice-versa.

Retainers: Retainers are the mules of FFXIV. If you're a pac rat like me, and love to hoard items, this is how you do it. Retainers can be obtained in each of the starting cities. Each account starts off with one free retainer. Additional retainers can be purchased through the account management for $1.00 per month per retainer. Each retainer holds an additional 80 items, I believe.

-- As far my posting here, please be constructive in any criticism you may have to offer. I'm completely new to posting so if this thread would be better located somewhere else, I apologize. I hope to hear from others as we create an all-in-one-place for getting new players on the right track.

My FFXIV character name is Pure Insanity.

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#2 Nov 02 2010 at 12:56 PM Rating: Good
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Nice idea! Here's a tip off the top of my head:

Linkshells: I've noticed on the whole most people do not talk much in /say or /shout except the occasional "Looking to buy this" and "I'm selling this!". So my tip is to try and join a linkshell when you get the chance. I know I don't talk all the time, but I talk enough that I want to do it with others which at the early state doesn't really happen unless you are in a linkshell. If you are not sure how or what to do to join a linkshell then there is three ways I would say to do so.

1. Try partying or asking people if they want to do leves with you and then eventually a friendship can be formed and maybe you join their linkshell.

2. Simple /shout that you are looking for one and for sure someone will send you a /tell to scoop you up.

3. Check back here for anyone posting recruitment threads about their linkshell. Post on the thread that you wish to join.
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