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Crit Fail Evolution :
A Palamecia based crafting syndicate.

A little about us

Critical Fail Evolution is a new crafting based Linkshell, organised by some former members of Chroma, a long running well established Asuran linkshell in xi. We are currently opening up recruitment to complete our initial team of crafters.

Our aim is to bring one person from each Disciplines of the Hand together so we can help each other out. We want to create a tight knit group of people who are willing to be co-operative with each other, help each other level their chosen DoH and receive help in return.

The Linkshell will only ever be a crafting based one. We're not looking into any end game activites. Crit Fail Evolution is meant to serve as a secondary linkshell, most of us already have a main linkshell. Our intention is to build a small and close community who helps each other out. In the near future we will look at offering our services publically, offering repairs, commissions and sales. Ideally we would like people to think of us first when they need anything synth related.


CFE has a strict no drama policy. That is not to say we have no internal drama, no linkshell can expect that. What we do however expect from our members, is that they act in a respectful manner at all times. We do not want members who will get themselves a bad reputation and bring that over to the rest of us. As a whole we will not have many strict rules, but several guidelines.

For example, you should always help out another member of the group wherever possible (remembering that you will likely be in a position at some point to need help back). When dealing with a customer outside of the shell, no matter what happens you should act professional. Even if you dont feel you can work with that particular customer in the future, there is no reason to stop the rest of the group from doing so.

As the game is new and people are enjoying exploring, the first 6 months will be fairly relaxed. While you will be expected to be leveling your craft and helping (as well as recieving help) other crafters in the group, we will not expect anybody to spend all their time grinding until cap. After 6 months however we will start to be stricter and will eventually expect people to have their craft kept at cap as well as relevant sub crafts leveled.

One rule that we will have, is that we will require you to have a signature made via set as your sig for our group forums.


We are currently looking for people to fill 5 slots in our team. We currently need a Alchemist, Armorer, Carpenter, Cook and Leathercrafter. At this moment in time, sub crafts are not an essential requirement, but will become so in the future. We are not currently recruiting DoL but again, that may change.

Ideally you will have a solid crafting background (preferably from 11) and will have already made signifigant progress in your 14 crafting. You will be willing to help out other group members, safe in the knowledge that they will help you in return. Forum access is a must, although we will create a LS, it will be a secondary shell for many of us. Communication will generally take place via forums.

Any questions may be directed to me or any other CFE admin via /tell, PM on BG forums or PM on our own forums. If sending a /tell in game, please be aware that admin are often busy so may take a little while to reply. But we always will reply when possible.

Visit our recruitment section here:

Good luck to all applicants and thank you for taking an interest in our linkshell!


- Crit Fail Evolution Admin Team
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