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Hammer & Scythe; Crafting/Gathering LS Info Inside.Follow

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Hammer and Scythe is a collection of both Disciples of Hand and Disciples of Land, brought together with the common purpose of pursuing their chosen craft.

Those who are seeking our services please refer to our roster for available crafters.


The mission of Hammer and Scythe is to provide the citizens of Eorzea with high quality goods and services while uplifting and protecting the interests of its members.


-Encourage the free flow of craft knowledge and experience between guild members to better serve the citizens of Eorzea.

-Create an environment where crafters and gatherers can network to facilitate the flow of goods without the need of extensive Market Ward trudging.

-Unite disciples of Hand and disciples of Land to allow each member to achieve a level of craft competency beyond what is single handedly possible.

How to Join

Hammer and Scythe is recruiting from all starter towns, contact Amiya Shishi in game or in this thread!
You may also contact our recruitment officer Derrick Forte in game!


Ultimately, the members of the guild will determine how casual, hardcore, or social the linkshell will be. Leadership positions are in place to provide members with the opportunities and assistance they need to successfully pursue their chosen craft.

As such the structure of Hammer and Scythe will be similar to a democratic republic. Important decisions directly affecting the livelihood of members will be voted upon by members themselves. Important decisions directly affecting the livelihood of the guild will be decided upon by leadership with consideration of member input. Daily activities and events will be decided upon by general consensus and facilitated/supported by leadership.

Leadership positions are available as they become needed, direct interest in applying for a leadership position to Amiya Shishi.

Rules & Guidelines

-Members are permitted to share basic trade and craft knowledge with other crafters with the purpose of encouraging the growth of undersupplied trade crafts. Sensitive information related to crafting such as data mining results, extensive test results, and rare raw material locations discovered by the guild, are considered intellectual capital of the guild and publishing of this information to the general public is subject to the approval of H&S leaders.

-Any member displaying inappropriate conduct towards customers or fellow guild members will be dealt with accordingly. (Please no racist or offensive remarks to other guild members or any other player for example.)

-Disputes between two parties that cannot be settled will be arbitrated by an unbiased member of leadership. Should one party feel that the decision is biased, the dispute will be deliberated upon by a total of 3 members of leadership, majority opinion rules.

What is encouraged but not required:

-All members are encouraged to make use of the Hammer and Scythe website

-All members are encouraged to maintain an agreeable trade relationship with other members, and to trade goods for goods if possible, and if not possible, maintaining a fair price to build equally beneficial relations.

-All members are encouraged to maintain a cooperative pricings strategy as to not drastically diminish guild members’ profits and incentive to produce similar goods. (However it is intended that members should consider prices competitive in the general market.)

-All members are encouraged to share crafting and gathering knowledge and experiences to contribute to a strong and capable guild community.

-All members are encouraged to constructively voice opinions and suggestions on Linkshell matters.


Why should I join Hammer and Scythe?

-Being in a group of like minded crafters and gatherers will hopefully allow one to easily network with other crafters and gatherers to ease the complications of collecting the large amount of supplies needed to finish completed goods. Also it creates a place to contemplate and discuss advancements in our understanding of crafting, and to use those discoveries to create a competitive advantage.

Am I the right kind of person for a Linkshell centered around crafting?

-Chances are, if you’ve read this far then you might be! This Linkshell is mainly for those who are intent on creating and selling goods and services relevant to their chosen crafting class. Many different dedications of crafters are welcome, from those who entertain the idea of a crafter or gatherer a “main” class or co-main class to support a DoW class, to those who are leveling all of their crafting classes!

So if I am interested in Disciple of War classes, is this the Linkshell for me?

Ultimately most players are going to play as DoW classes from time to time, this Linkshell is not solely for those who are playing crafting classes only, however if Disciple of War/Magic classes are your central focus and concern, you might not benefit from joining this particular linkshell.

Is role play allowed?

-Due to the nature of the linkshell, light RP is allowed. Extensive character backgrounds and story based role play is beyond the scope of the linkshell.

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Just so you're aware, there's already a LS like this on Besaid, called the Crafter Consortium.
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Yes, thank you. We are a linkshell already established with 30+ members and are aware of the many other crafting focused linkshells residing on the Besaid server including The Crafter's Consortium. We are looking for players who are interested not only in a crafting centric network but also those who are seeking a friendly environment to socialize in with other members of the non-combat community.



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Don't worry bout it, I'm good with other crafting shells! Perhaps Hammer & Scythe and the Crafter Consortium can work together?
#5 Oct 20 2010 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
We're looking into the possibilities of linkshell alliances in the future considering the possible implementation of SE's "Company" system. I encourage our members to collaborate with the crafting community on personal crafting projects and welcome those who seek to collaborate with our members to do so as well. :)

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