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#1 Sep 16 2010 at 10:24 AM Rating: Decent
Conviction - Into the Unknown

Conviction has been together over 3 years now. It was created to be an everlasting multi game community. We pride ourselves on having fun while being highly successful in every game we take on. Members in Conviction will have a minimum of 5 years of playing MMO’s and will have an advanced understanding of game mechanics and social dynamics within.

We have had great success in games such as LoTRO, EQ2, Warhammer, WoW, and League of Legends. In LoTRO we dominated Shadows of Angmar with all Raid World Firsts and many instance World Firsts. In EQ2 we put together a small group that leveled up and built an end game raid guild within a month of starting. In Warhammer we were the top guild on our server and recognized by Warcry for our efforts. WoW was kind of a side thing that no one really wanted to do but was the only option to keep us playing together but we managed a lot of success raiding together for the short time we played.

We are looking to build the community further with FFXIV. Conviction focuses on community first and the people that help maintain what the guild is. Members and even recruits alike can enjoy all benefits the guild has to offer. You will find that the people in the guild are the most helpful you will ever meet in any game and the atmosphere is second to none.

Conviction is an adult guild, we look for mature players with a sense of humor. If you are offended easily this will not be the place for you as we take trolling one another as a way to release the stresses of the MMO lifestyle. We are all avid gamers with great skill and look for the same in any new player we bring in. We expect everyone to have positive attitudes no matter the circumstance. We take losing as a learning experience, not a defeat.

If you are looking for a solid community that has been together through it all, Conviction is the place for you.

Who We Are

What to expect from Conviction:

We pride ourselves on the dedication shown by our membership and the relaxed atmosphere that is inherent amongst close friends. Without the membership the guild would not exist. It is for that reason that we screen our new recruits carefully in order to ascertain whether they properly meet our standards, both in terms of their ability and their personality. Thanks to these efforts we have had very little turnover since the guild was first formed in 2007; all officers have been around for over a year and most members have been around for well over 6 months.


Conviction does not utilize a broad infrastructure. Our philosophy is simple; we keep recruitment tight.


Conviction is an exclusive club. We do not believe in 'recruitment en masse' as being a foundation for a stable community. We maintain a guild forum post detailing who we are and our availability. Recruitment will always be limited, we will never recruit out of necessity, we would rather have the right people in the guild.

Loot Policy:

Each piece of loot obtained is an upgrade to the TEAM not the individual player. We work together to obtain these upgrades to ensure that our playerbase is as best prepared as possible. The better we are geared as a guild the greater our chances will be for continued dominance. We do not profit off one another. Also, loot drama is discouraged to the point of termination of a player's membership if it persists.


Our DKP system is tailored to the game that is played, the raids involved, and the quality of gear that is attained. The main objective when creating a fair system is to ensure that the gear is distributed based upon a member's level of activity. In essence, if you raid a lot you will be rewarded with an amount of gear that is commensurate with your level of contribution/attendance. Bench DKP is in place so that those who are asked to sit do not feel penalized for doing so.

Everyone is expected to be focused at all times during raids with absolutely no exception. We demand that our members put forth their best effort at all times while raiding. We love to have fun and joke around, but not at the expense of the raid's focus. We aim high and in order to be successful it requires equal measures of patience, perseverance, and skill. We require all of our members to learn each encounter to the smallest detail, so that everyone could, potentially, lead the raid. And lead it well.

The guild will provide consumables and food when learning content. This is to ensure that the membership does not feel an unnecessary pinch in their pocketbook or playing time when we push to learn new content. Guild funds will be obtained through master looting instances/raids and any donations. As long as you are an active member you will be able to take advantage of this method of distribution


Crafting plays an integral part of MMO gaming. Conviction ensures we have all crafts mastered by multiple members. There is no limit to who can be master crafters, yet those who are first to master their craft will be assisted along the way. The expectation will be that they will then be able to provide their products for use by both membership and the guild bank

Visit for more info

Thanks for your consideration
Indecent, Leader of Conviction
#2 Sep 16 2010 at 10:25 AM Rating: Decent
We will be taking a hardcore approach to not only adventuring but crafting as well. We will be looking for people that are dedicated as much to crafting as those dedicated to adventuring. We have always held an internal economy for crafters to succeed and this game will be no different.
#3 Sep 30 2010 at 11:05 AM Rating: Decent
Welcome all our new members, we have a very solid core starting up in this game with lots of ffxi experience.

We are still looking for more dedicated and skilled players to join our tight knit community.

High priority for hardcore leatherworker and weaver.

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