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what qualifies as "geared"Follow

#52 Nov 20 2013 at 6:07 PM Rating: Good
Viertel wrote:
IKickYoDog wrote:
Our first problem was positioning. I think we've gotten that part taken care of. I also HT + RoT Phase 1 and single-target the rest of the encounter, I was speaking vaguely before.

Our transition from phase 2 --> 3 could be better. We still have the last soldier and knight at about 25%-40% HP when 1st Dreadnought drops. We get through it and kill the big guy, but the next phase with the bugs + the guys that cast Pox (can't remember their name atm) take too long, usually because they are too spread out and not taking all AoE. TP has been an issue a time or two as well. I think we'll get it; we've only attempted on 2 different occassions. Unfortunately, we're spread across PST, CST, EST, UK and Aussie time zones, so coordinating is hard as hell and we won't get another chance for about 2 weeks. Boo.

Speaking from the Dreadnaught tank perspective, once the first one dies just collapse all the way in the center again and stack up. Rooks don't really hit hard at all and whoever has hate just faces them away. Plus, don't worry about having health left on at least the last solider/knight as it's normal for working through it: if it's the melee mob the BLM can just shift to the Dreadnaught and start on it, and if it's the caster mob you as the DRG can shift to the Dreadnaught to get started (debuff and whatnot) while your three ranged finish it off.

We actually split our damage on the double knight/soldier/P2 so the DRG's on the OT's magic guy and the other three (MNK, BRD, BLM) work on both of my mobs, blow something up the second a stoneskin drops, and then clean up. I think we still have about 40% left when the Dreadnaught drops which is fine because that gives me time to feed him all four bugs and build a bit of hate as any damage dealt to the Dreadnaught prior to feeding is pointless since he just heals.

Phase 4 (Rooks and bugs) is a good time for one of the bards to pop Paeon for about 20~ seconds. He can still AoE and boost the other bard's and yours TP regen rate, while the BLM does whatever AoE rotation he prefers. If you have a bug or two still left (like 10-15%) when the Dreadnaught drops don't worry about it since you've got stuff to kill in the center first on Phase 5 anyway before you move on to the big guy.

Hopefully mana's not an issue with your healers (make sure your tanks aren't flashing knights and soldiers!).

You guys sounds fine, just in our same boat we're having with Turn 5 -- attendance and barely getting in a night a week. It's the only thing sucky about MMOs around holidays for endgame groups.

I'll see if they want to try a couple of those things. In P2 we start where we all attack the main tank Soldier. Then the BLM moves on to the next soldier while the 2 BRD and I kill the main tank Knight. Then we move to the off tank Knight and clean up accordingly.

In P4 the tanks each grab a Rook and everyone AOE's except me; I take out the Rook that is on our WAR, then the 2nd one, then the highest HP bugs in descending order. That's about as far as we have gotten atm.

EDIT: Spelling.

Edited, Nov 20th 2013 7:08pm by IKickYoDog
#53 Nov 21 2013 at 5:53 AM Rating: Good
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Have your BLM focus the soldier only. Tell him to watch his threat. If he is about to pull off the tank on one of the soldiers, tell him to switch to the other soldier that the other tank is on at that point. Usually I toss a thunder 2 and fire 1 at it then switch back to MT's soldier.

Three of you kill the knight, BLM attacks the MT's soldier. Your knight will die first, move to the BLM's soldier. Kill it. Move to the OT's knight and you three focus it while the BLM is focusing the soldier.

When the dreadnought drops, stack on its butt. Everyone should be doing this. Let the spiders absorb. Blow CDs on the dreadnought. When the 2nd set of AoE trash comes down, I wouldn't bother with the AoE rotation. Frankly, two BRDs and a BLM for AoE is overkill. Can easily be done with 1 BLM and 1 BRD.

You should be using LB on the rook. This video is about a month and a few weeks old...but watch what our MNK does and emulate him:

We haven't changed our strategy really: people have just refined their rotations.

Edited, Nov 21st 2013 7:11am by HitomeOfBismarck
#54 Nov 21 2013 at 9:40 AM Rating: Good
Hitome, I'm at work and can't view the video. What phase does your MNK LB the Rook? Phase 4, right after the Dreadnought?
#55 Nov 21 2013 at 3:20 PM Rating: Good
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So after the soldier/knight + dread pop up, you'll see that we focus down the two as usual and then DPS the dread a little after they die. You'll see our OT (Lo) get into position for the rook, soldier, and knight pickup. I take the spider to the two dreads. Our MNK LBs the rook at that point. You can see that the BRD pulls aggro on the rook interrupting his first attempt to get the LB off.

All DPS focus the rook till it's dead (very fast) at that point then it's a race to get the soldier and knight down before your MT goes splat. :P Good timing of hallowed grounds at this point can alleviate strain on your healers. After that, you'll see we split the dreads up and it just becomes yet another DPS race.
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