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#52 Mar 22 2013 at 1:57 AM Rating: Decent
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Even so, Eve Online is not a typical F2P design where the publisher is trying to cash in on selling in-game gear and shortcuts as their primary source of income. It's more of an anti-RMT measure where subscribers can sell the time they paid for to hardcore players who are willing to trade their in-game currency to play for free.

Objection. Aren't there special drones you can only buy with real life money?
#53 Mar 22 2013 at 2:04 AM Rating: Excellent
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Nope, and what would be the point drones get shot so easily so its a waste of money even if they were. What they do have is the aur store that you can buy with plexes and real money and what you can basically do with them is dress your character "nicer" . Something that is totally useless of course since the only time your character walks is inside your private quarters and that almost never happens. They introduced that when they were trying to push an expansion for allowing the players to walk in stations. But because there was a HUGE uproar about what the direction of CCP was they apologized about it and focused in other aspects of the game.
#54 Mar 22 2013 at 2:31 AM Rating: Excellent
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Poubelle wrote:
Wint wrote:
If you can keep the d-bags out, you build up a fairly decent community. Take XI for example, the server idiots are usually weeded out (a few usually remain) and you start forming relationships with the regulars, even if you aren't friends or in the same LS. I would like to see that same sense of community with XIV. Of course if it ends up like the official forums...Smiley: frown

again, I really don't know what fantasy world you're living in where d-bags are incapable of paying 12 bucks a month.

I really don't know what fantasy world you were living in where FFXI had no d-bags! or maybe my server was just junk. tons of drama, tons of stealing, every top guild using hacks and bots, guys pretending to be girls for a year+ to form relationships and steal items/accounts, and other stuff. lol

Edited, Mar 20th 2013 6:36pm by Poubelle

Well now through these forums we know 1 d-bag who used to play FFXI. I'll give everyone a hint, check your sub-default filters and you may find this person.
#55 Mar 23 2013 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
Torrence wrote:
Ostia wrote:
I dont see how GW2 or AION are F2P disasters Smiley: dubious

I wasn't trying to imply that in and of themselves, ANY of them are bad games. I rather like TSW personally - they literally had the most awesome mmo concept I have seen in years and gosh, I really wanted to love that one - but in the end there just wasn't enough to keep interest and they had to go f2p. GW2 is an awesome game and you'll hear me singing its praises to Thayos all day long - but as a "home"... It just doesn't have what Vana'diel had. Aion I never got beyond the first month or so, but as I recall, that was a sub game before f2p as well and it ultimately couldn't sustain the model

So of the games I mentioned, only one didn't even try to be a subscription game, and ironically, that was probably the one with the highest chance of succeeding at that model.

I disagree on the GW2 subject, if you want a "Vanadiel" Feel, XI is up and running, you will never get that feeling you got while playing FFXI for the first time, assuming it was your first big MMO, just like i will never get that feeling of exploring Norrath for the first time, first time i played WOW, i disliked it, because it was not NORRATH it was AZEROTH! And i wanted to play EQ in WOW, which kinda messed my first experience in wow, later on i played WOW for what it was, an entierly different MMO, and i enjoyed it for what it was, and i was able to see the things that WOW did better than EQ or FFXI (while still holding EQ dear to my heart.)

I am not by any means picking on you or suggesting you are wrong on how you go about playing your MMOS, but i have often found that people just want to replay and old MMO in a new MMO and when their expectations are not met(And how can they ? is a en entierly different MMO) they all get pissy and moody XD!
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