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I think ARR will succeed.Follow

#352 Mar 18 2013 at 9:45 AM Rating: Decent
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Sounds to me like unused content which should be updated to have, you know, use. Even something simple like giving a sizable XP bonus for killing mobs in the area. Isn't that what Fields of Valor is supposed to be? So I can only assume that if an area is unused, it's because the XP rewarded isn't enough. So wouldn't the sensible thing to do be to increase the XP reward?

Kind of sad to think how the developers still flounder with that game's balance. Hell, I will retract my earlier statement if for no other reason than having the old designers on board would spell the doom of any MMO.
#353 Mar 18 2013 at 10:31 AM Rating: Good
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Wint wrote:
Kiipo wrote:
catwho wrote:
[quote=Kachi]. Also, SE screwed up a lot of the old camps by dumping level 100 mobs into them for the people who didn't purchase Abyssea to have a place to exp. .

Wait. what? They really did that?

I'm not sure Dangruf Wadi is a place you would go to XP...but yes they did revamp some of the low level areas with higher level mobs deeper in. For example in Dangruf Wadi, if you go to the upper level where that one spout drops you off there are now high level gobbies there instead of the lower level versions.

I used to xp in the wadi pre-abyssea. It was a decent place with a lot of relatively safe mobs to get to around level 15-16 before going to the dunes. I'd xp in s gusta making my way toward the bees and crabs just outside the wadi, and then go inside after that and xp on things toward the north. It was more forgiving than the highlands and monsters were more plentiful.

Of course, those days are long since over since everyone just goes to gusgen for half their leveling career. Still, I miss the old days. I feel like they could have added without necessarily taking away... but in the end I quit anyway so. yea. Nostalgia, but overall my little sanctuary in the wadi was a small price to pay for greater accessibility to the game for others.
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